Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


If i turn up the loops that means i need to really turn up the action or else i go straight into reconcilliation


Are you sure? I did 5 loops + Elixir today with minimal reconciliation. Though I did run Commander in the morning so I was doing a lot.


Swipe is the technical term for “Sample Ad”. I was asking for examples of successful ads by freelancers.

To illustrate, you may google “landing page swipes” or “facebook ad swipes” to discover respective samples of those.


I did read up on swipes @Simon
I basically create my own ads on photoshop

Thanks to you the knowledge of swipes made me structure my ads properly.


I get super angry with more loops lol


same here reconciliation, dont let it kill your day, see it recognize it for what it is then chill


RebithU is helping me alot buddy…

Aftet i run khan stage 1 i feel angry when i run rebithU that feeling goes away…that anger.


@pacman - is the anger directed at anyone in particular or anyone in the vicinity or just a general jumble of emotions?


Im getting angry at parents my partner lol almost everyone nothing so intense but its there. More especially when people are not taking my advice.


LOL, I know the feeling. I got a huge burst of it yesterday and today but it vanished when I just forgave them.


Why does that happen lol


@pacman - Am a priest, I guess lol (mumbles “your sins are forgiven”) :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel the pain buddy, angriness, sadness. Try not to use the Ultimas to alleviate those symptoms. Let’s man up.


Why do u say feel the pain @sex?

How will i know if a situation needs my intervention thats why its making me angery?



The pain of the emotions, the pain of the destruction/breakdown/demolition.

When I feel angry is because the things are not they way I want or because subliminals are helping me to change for the better (Reconciliation), but these last days I try to think before acting, for example I could be more aggressive/angry with people because I’m the shit or because I’m really right in what I do/say/think and people don’t/can’t see it.
But, Would fighting physically/verbally give me happiness? I think the real dominance/power comes first from dominating oneself first in every aspect of life. Besides that, angriness is a very useful feeling if you know how to use it, imagine all that energy being directed in an useful way.


Well said @sex
The next time i get angry i will think of sex :smiley:

On a serious note you got some really good points. Its similar to testing …pushing you in the deep end and forcing you to swim then sharks appear …



I’m happy you didn’t put an @ before sex in this sentence.


3 loops of khan stage one and i feel absolutely emotional. My body is also hot. Its like i can feel emotions all over my body…lol not sure if that makes sense.
Feel sad and as if i lost something. Like sorrow feeling.
Its extremely hard to explain this feeling…


@pacman - I remember feeling low on certain days when I ran Total Breakdown. A sadness for losing the old things, I believe. Keep at it though. You will grow through that pain.


Its like a part of me is crying but not me lol