Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


@pacman - exactly! It’s a funny feeling alright. I felt something like “my heart area was sad but the rest of the body was numb” wtf


Exactly! @raphael
All i knw is i once felt like this before when things were not good at all…maybe after a break up or failing an exam


Hmm. Sounds like releasing old pains then?


Yes seems like…
On the 2 of November it will be one month of stage 1


Only a few more days to go. You planning to go stage 2 then or continue ST1?


From the emotions i feel now i feel i got lots of healing to do…
I rather spend more on healing and enjoy the fruits later that the other stages bring.


@pacman - yes. There’s always rewards in delayed gratification and emotional healing.


I wonder what’s going on… recently a lot of us are switching to healing :thinking:


Better foundations better results long term


I am reading Limitless by Jim Kwik.
All i can say is those of you who have not read this book please get hold of it as soon as possible. Your mindset will shift drastically.


I badly need to manifest something like this.


There are lots of rich people are fat.


Yes thats true…
Why be them? When you have a choice to be better…:blush:


Oh, my point is you don’t have to be fit to be rich. :slight_smile:

Anyway in some societies, being fat is a symbol of prosperity.


I heard that before also lol


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Others feel free to comment as well
I noticed when ever i do some healing me and my partner end up fighting non stop.
For some reason when ever i heal she does lots of things to make me angry from the way she responds to me etc. When i ran regeneration before i had the same problem. Now on stage 1 im experiencing the same thing.
The fights are so intense its fights that we never had before.

Could someone explain whats going on?


That could be a sign that maybe she is wrong for you … It could mean while you want to change she is ok with being who she is or maybe just doesn’t want better in life. Honestly it could mean a “million” other things.


The truth is she doesnt want to change a small bit for the better …


I’m sure there is some common denominator between all your fights. Something that trigger’s it. Maybe it’s your aura. Maybe there are some stuff she says of does that trigger’s you. Maybe she gets triggered by something.

I’d probably start to explore and observe the phenomenon. What changed? Patience, topic of discussion? Did you notice something? Maybe it would get you some insight regarding your own internal challenges!


From what i see its like shes demanding so much from me she thinks im superman…
What ever the topic can be she responds to me in a disrepectful way… no matter how i talk to her…

Talking about arua i noticed men keep looking at me im not sure of the aura is becoming too dominant thats what she gets intimidated about…