Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


It might be regeneration bringing up some nasty stuff from your subconscious memories that you may have to resolve.


Ok, so she is asking a lot from you? What are you asking from her?

Is she asking the same when you are not healing? Is it only a perception or she really is asking more?


Im asking nothing from her but im noticing her flaws loke crazy lol
She only gets like this when im healing no other time.


You listening to subs is changing your thinking and responses to her. You said she’s been demanding stuff from you. You’re seeking some room to breathe–to grow as a man–and it scares her. Women fight since fears rise up telling them all negative possibilities, most of which are not true.

She wants you to stay the same so she has some security. You may even become more dominant around her. You’re changing the rules of the relationship, so I’d let her know what you’re doing. She may be uncomfortable with it. Tell her some short-term goals using subs PLUS some long-term goals so she knows what to expect.

Anytime a person grows-whether for good or bad–it affects every relationship in their lives.


It’s really wierd. But I’m sure there is some factors, something you are projecting, something in your tone of voice, bodylanguage, whatever that makes her nagging. An aura, someone’s behaviour doesn’t change like this for nothing.

@pacman Just a small edit here. This is not to point a finger at you or anything. Not trying to find who is to blame. The point here is trying to find something to grow from. You can’t grow from “she is acting like this”, “she is doing that”. Isolate and identify the factor (or factors) that change in you, analyse them and use them to increase your knowledge about yourself.



First, I would encourage you to read all the replies thus far. REALLY GOOD STUFF IN THERE! Below are just some examples.

Second, when a loved one doesn’t seem to be facilitating or supporting the changes I want, ouch.

I’ve wondered if reconciliation also manifests externally by people being, well, irritable towards me. Just as I might feel irritable when experiencing reconciliation, I wonder if others might react that way to me as well. I think similar to what @King might be suggesting.

Also relationships I think tend to want to maintain a status quo. When one changes, the partner consciously or unconsciously may attempt to sabotage, or at least try to get the person back to how they were. Similar to what @subliminalguy and @Floridianninja might be suggesting.

I wouldn’t try to romanticize this as a sh_t test. If you dislike what she say or does, her tone of voice, her words, any facial expressions of contempt, her stirring up conflict, or whatever else you dislike, then you dislike it.

I’d also like you to consider the not so comfortable possibility that maybe, just maybe, you feel irritable when she does things because you feel irritable because of your own reconciliation. I think @WhiteTiger gave some points to consider regarding this. He also commented if there was a common theme among your fights. I think that would be worthwhile to think about.

Sometimes with girlfriends, a simple question of “What is it that you want that you think you’re not getting?” and then I just listen. Sometimes there is a bit of insulting speech, and I try to keep in mind it likely has more to do with her mood than with me. Sometimes they would calm down and start saying something more reasonable, including talking about any fears or insecurities they might have.

I would encourage you to look at books by Dr. John Gottman. He’s been studying long-term relationships for over 35 years. Some of his books have “marriage” in the title, so unless you’re thinking about marrying her, perhaps see if the library has it and only read it there. Or get one of his other books without “marriage” in the title.

I don’t know if I can definitively give you any solid analysis. But I hope I’ve given you some things to think about to help you make a decision that will be best for you.


Bro i would suggest you to watch Eddie Fews on youtube about advance but simple stuff. Hes not like other PU artists like do this pew pew pew… He gives solid advice added with spiritual stuff. Try it once if you really wanna know about female psychology and deep game.


No worries @WhiteTiger
She says i got no way of talking lol
As im saying this only happens when healing not sure why
When i run ascended mogul etc its fine


Yes it could be that also


Last week she kept asking if i dont see other ladies lol …so some insecurtity there



I’m wondering if it might be helpful to reduce the number of loops.

If I was in this situation, I think I would sit my girlfriend down and just make it clear I am making some changes. Explain what subliminals are. Talk about what I’m doing. Show her the product’s website.

This might bring up her fears of abandonment. She might think or ask questions like “why do you want to do this”; “what’s wrong with being you just as you are”; “what does this mean for our future”; etc.

Although it’s possible listening to Khan might create conflict and distance with you two, it’s also possible it could make you both closer. It’s also possible you now have to deal with your reconciliation and a girlfriend who is freaking out on you. Not easy.

I wish I had a simple check list for you, or a step by step guide, or some profound words of wisdom to clarify.

This might be one of those ambiguous times of life that occurs when you really would have preferred support and clarity.

Whatever might be going on, if it would me, I would stay with the general plan of continuing Khan. Probably reducing the number of loops per day. And start trying to sort out how much of this is my reconciliation and how much of this is her and then come up with a plan to try to soothe any of her fears or insecurities about abandonment, that I’m changing because I want to rather than because of her, yet making it clear I would like to stay with her and that things need to be more pleasant in order for me to stay around. That’s where I’d start.



I just had a thought. Are you listening to Khan over speakers as you are sleeping with her, or when she could hear it? If so, she might be getting influenced by Khan.


Nope i use head phones only


Hey everyone!

One thing just occurred to me. Other couples now or in the future might have a similar issue. This part of @pacman 's journal could potentially be used as a “case study” to help sort out issues that happen in couples when one starts listening to subliminals.

This is a chance for all of us to create a helpful milestone for now and the future.


A wise precaution!:wink:


That’s true wisdom @RVconsultant. Learning from other’s successes and mistakes. A beautiful idea.


I think i figured out what was going on…
The amount of power that Khan was giving me was very new to me. I had never that this amount of power before.

So i was even acting so different that i didnt know i was. Thus i was being so dominant and bossy with my partner. My voice seems deep heavy and loud…so that was also intimidating her alot. I also think that my aura has changed which is also comfusing her alot…

This similar kind of thing occurs when i used pheromones…

Im done with khan stage 1 for one month so far.
I will be continuing with khan stage 1 and adding in stage 2.
Will start with stage 2 in the morning then stage 1 afternoon.


@pacman this video is for you bruh Skip to 10 mins


Had some female tell me 'dont be nice to me it feels weird’
What the hell does that mean ??


Maybe you lack presence cause that’s what happened with me but I was using EQ during the early stage… We used to fight a lot, like way too much but I realized I just need to relax and be present.

Here’s how you do, look her in the right eye with both eyes (not in a creepy way ofcourse nor sexual), empty your thoughts, and just listen…

Not to give answers or defend yourself in anyway.

Keep in mind, women have this tendency to blow up every now and then, bringing up shit y’all already solved.(so you think) so just listen, it’s that simple.

Just doing so made her feel understood, that resulted into her falling deeper for me.

We still dating and we in too deep now, all because of that and some, I learned it from David Tian Rock Solid Relationship… if you wanna learn more you check it out, been on Module 2 for some time now.

Anywho, try out the presence, lemme know how it went.