Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


Thanks @Myster for your advice.
Will def read that book.


Its a course, a bit pricey but worth it



Okay a few new thoughts:

and also Phermones XS products Xist and Boyfriend.

Stand by for more thoughts…



Okay so let’s supposed you and your girlfriend tend to be in rapport. If you are not feeling good, she may not feel good.

If you have a distressed look on your face (because of reconciliation), she might start to feel distressed. And before you know it, you two are bickering without knowing the true reason why you are bickering.

Emotional contagion might be another way to put it.



Congratulations! You looked in the mirror! That’s not easy to do.

This seems like a reasonable explanation. Insight is good to have!:grin:

How did you figure this out? What changed so could come to this conclusion?


Yes thats also another possibility…
When im running stage one im not aware that i may be the one thats irritable and i get upset or angry at normal situations…

I realised that im using an Alpha sub…my dominance is def gping to grow from what it was. So all that i accepted before is now changing and im becoming the alpha. Iv also looked at people that meet me for the first time and dont know me…they seemed intimidated at first and ladies seem attracted…so my partner just needs some time maybe to get used to the new me. She maybe also feels that im growing and that she will lose me…so maybe insecurity creeping up on her as well.


Lots of people are shwoing interest in my business and im getting clients almost every day. Its at a point were i dont have time to complete some work for people lol.

My parents and others seem to think i can do anything and everything. They give me so much to do for them that my day is so full. This basically shows me that trust and faith in me is rising. Some one only gives you something to do when they arent capable of doing it themselves or you can doit better.

Im noticing that with khan stage 1 if i notice someone stepping into or cutting my dominance i try to leave it and ignore but then it starts troubling me later until i go back and resolve it…
Theres something that pushes me to go and sort that issue out or else i get extremely angry.
Fear and intimidation is fading day by day.


I would think this is likely, too.



Seems to be working, as you are working to make it even better! Action.


Kindly pardon my follow up question @pacman

Great advice, and I was intrigued, may I ask why the right eye? I seem to recall reading from somewhere that it’s connected to the left part of the brain but my memory is very fuzzy now; and when you say right, did you mean her right (left for me looking out)


Yes, this is the reason.


I think I will settle for Ascended Mogul until the end of the year…

Aftee reading your journal.

Well done.


Give it some time to kick in and its insane productivity…


I was thinking about something today…

Why do we spend time chasing ladies…when we can use that time for self improvement and self development and make ourself so polished and attractive that ladies cant resist.

Im in the process of reading Magic of Thinking Big. This is a really good read! Simple concepts but often over looked. I would recommmend this book to someonw who struggles with taking action.


Been thinking about the phrase “Go Big and Go Home” very recently.

Have to take big big actions to achieve big big goals.


Yes or small constant actions make a big improvement…


Khan Stage 1 makes me absolutely angry and moody.


Oof. I hope this changes for you soon.


How long have you been listening to Khan Stage One? Obviously, a lot is happening in your life right now and it is important to keep your head up and to keep going. Your life is changing swiftly and on a major level, be prepared for any internal changes to manifest externally.

I’d make sure to expose yourself to Stage One as long as you’re able to cope with it. It is a short-term investment to aid your a tremendous amount in the long-term, especially in regards to the coming Stages.

As for the happenings with your wife, have no doubt it has resulted from internal changes manifesting externally. Be aware of the changes in your thinking, feeling, and acting so that you may relate to the affairs with others around you and in what manners. Khan is altering your personality massively and so the people most connected to you, will either love or hate you blossoming like that and will do all in their power to keep you at your current position. This a very egoistic and narcissistic act, however, it’s been programmed into humans as a form of social mechanism to keep everyone from evolving.


Just past a month …one month 3 days.
I have also added stage 2 after the one month mark.
So now im doing stage one and two