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Yes, definitely


Guys i need some advice…

  1. How do i deal with friends that treat me as an option? After i have read the book The Magic of Thinking Big it seems like i need to accept friends like that because they are small minds…
    Do i cut them off ??if i do i lose a friend…

  2. Certain things my parents say and some comments they pass are really irritating me…
    Here again what do i do? I dont want to break the relationship with them also…

Is my thinking twisted?
Is the book that i have mentioned above all bullshit??


I lost all my friends and spend little time with my family. I don’t know your situation but I’ve been one of those loyal people and we end up getting dropped and ghosted and treated as an option then eventually they stop calling all together. That’s my experience.

What it seems is we need to be loyal to ourselves and that’s the opportunity we’re given. Be loyal to yourself and you can never be let down, at least not by yourself. :smiley:

I think the reset principle works well. Just drop contact for a month and make yourself and your life your priority. They may get the message or they may not but sometimes family won’t ever change and so maybe you just need to accept that loyalty for yourself and just enjoy your independence.


In my experience, this year I dropped 99% of people I used to hang with. Now I’m single, I feel single even though I know she’ll come back… decided to cut ties to my relationship as well.

Starting next week I’m rebuilding my circles.

Recently dropped my sister, have no time for someone that doesn’t recognize who’s older.

All because, either I was an option, no longer saw them in my future or they started feeling emselves… we have one life to live, whole point of subs is to take us where we wanna go and weed out whoever shouldn’t be. Be okay with being alone, make new friends that fit your vision and you’ll realize how ease it is to let go when something ain’t right for you.


Not very good at giving advices, Lord knows I have so many hangups and issues.

Just to share my opinion, but if I had friends like these, I’d just ignore when it’s inconvenient for me and hang out when it’s not, provided I genuinely enjoy the company. No hard feelings. I wouldn’t consider them as friends but as acquaintances that I get to chat and laugh with from time to time.

Then again I’m not really the kind of guy that holds onto friendships if I feel it’s not mutually enjoyed. No bad feelings or anything, I just don’t feel much about it. Same goes for relationships, and so far exes have seldom entered my mind.

As for parents being irritating… I hear you. My parent sometimes irritates me as well but she gets a special treatment. I feel bad, let it pass and continue with our relationship. I am her child, she carried me for 9 months, cared for me, sheltered me and took care of me when I needed it most. My mother would never irritate me enough for me to forget that.

I understand all parents are not alike and some of us here have opted to simply cut off the relationship. That’s not my situation.

Sometimes I cross the line, talk back and stuff like that, but I almost always regret it because of this sense of gratitude and love. I am actually happy that part of me is here to stay, and one of my utmost desires and drive in this life is to make her proud of me and repay her for her kindness.



  • My diet is getting more and more refined. I completely stopped added sugar. I also went on sugar less snacks. Included avocados and olive oil.
  • i fast daily for about 19 to 20 hours no effort. I then go for one shake when i break fast and one meal at supper.
  • i am constantly reading books during the day.
  • with regards to those friends i mentioned above : I decided to kee contact and not cut off completely soley because i want my network bigger which means i will have more people available for help. I can also learn how to handle people of this mentality. This making me stronger.
  • im starting to look at things in terms of the bigger picture i also feel mature minded and look at every aspect of daily life as to grow from it in some way.
  • im also starting to add new friends to my network but these new friends will be people that are better than me…i want to learn good habits from them.
  • Im also thinking of buying clothes and other personal items. I want to buy the best and not second best. Even if it means me saving to get the best i will. Quality over quantity.
  • When i fail at something or something doesnt work out i see it as a challenge and as motivation to make it work. Every problem has a solution.
  • emotions rarely control my actions but i sit back and use logic to find solutions and work arounds.

This is the longest subliminal i have run so far…i get the urge to stack or switch but i fight it.


are these books more on the self help side?

that mindset will take you further into your self development keep it up


Yes only self help books.



  • My parents called me to have a talk about me…
    They say that something is not well with me im very moody and not the same person and they finding out from me whats going on or what is troubling me.

  • everyone at work is telling me that i look njce today lol.

  • i noticed and tested and found that my sweet spot for stage 1 is at 1loop per day anything more ends negatively.

  • Since i make it my priority to chat women up at work i noticed they wait for me to talk to them. The light up when i speak to them.


Sounds like reconciliation to me, keep with that sweet spot until you can take more if anything

Nice well guess you giving off a good vibe to them



  • Im starting to feel that i do deserve more than i recieve. In terms of respect from people in general and co workers. I feel that thecrespect i get from them is too little. I also feel that the attention i get from people and recognition is too little. I need more.

  • There is one female coworker that talks to me about other men that she is seeing…WTF. what does that have to do with me ?

  • I also noticed my partner having a dont care attitude towards me lately or maybe its khan stage 1 working on me that im seeing her in a different light ? I also feel like there is something wrong with our relationship…maybe this is stage 1 fucking with me ?


Am feeling this with Emperor too. I respect myself more so I deserve to be treated with respect by others too.


Welcome back buddy
Nice to hear from you


Thank you, @pacman. Have been lurking around the forums once in a while. Still in “travel phase” but not gonna be out of the loop incase Subclub releases something. And boy do they continue to outdo themselves with the recent release of Dragon Reborn.

So tempted to start it for the physical healing. I must admit that I need a lot of it. I do wonder what level of physical healing it will give me. @ALMIGHTY already reporting some.


The forum is scary for me because i get shiny object syndrome lol
Reconcilliation is fine but shoy object syndrome is harder lmao


Hahahaha! Same thing over here. Give me any pain but lead me not into temptation lol


Just think about your wallet… And you will be cured of SOS instantly. Unless you are loaded…


Instant Cure…lol



Really enjoying reading your journal. Great job so far. Stick the course of Khan and you’ll go far, I can sense it!

I also think I have shiny object syndrome, really want the new Dragon Reborn but lord knows I’m not ready for it yet. If I’m honest I’d say we’re not ready for it yet (I saw you wanted to do it in the main topic).

But eventually we will be. Let’s get you through Khan brother.


Thank you @Brandon

Thats really encouraging :+1: