Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


Always man, how are you feeling on Khan at the moment?


Since i started adding choline supplementation i noticed i can handle the script better and less fatigue and reconcilliation.

There are times that i feel angry and down etc but sometimes i feel good. Confidence seems high at times.


Interesting - I haven’t taken any supplements for any of the scripts but that’s an interesting bit of info. I hope it continues to go well for you.

In regards to how you feel, that’s also how I’ve been feeling. Definitely think the after effects are occuring.

What’s your goals now?


Im really curious about consciously guiding a subliminal…
How about just sitting back and visualizing myself talking to 10/10 women? Then visualizing myself escalating with them as well? Will that also count as consciously guiding the sub in my case khan stage 1?


Better myself and attract more women and yours


I think more the strategy is finding out why you can’t do it!


Pretty much the same but not women, men.

To be and feel powerful as a man and for people to feel it to. Basically to be Alpha. To dominate in all that I do and for people to see it.

I’m also interested in seeing the thoughts on consciously guiding a subliminal.

When I first picked up Stark again I asked for it to help me with an issue which has seemingly died down for now.

When I started using Libertine again this past Sunday I asked for it to guide me with a certain guy and get a message from them - I did.


Can you explain the process you used to guide the sub …


It was just as simple as me giving my subconscious the instruction. I’d either do it during listening to the sub or after since it makes more sense.


Added 2 loops of khan stage 1 to my listening schedule.
I have also noticed that i run my 1st loop before work and after lunch time i start to get a slight headache and as soon as i take some choline the headache subsides.
My second loop is after work.


If you wanna fantasize, give it a deadline!
Like three 10s are on your bed this New Years. :hugs:

:dancing_women: :dancing_women: :dancing_women: :bed:

Then, enjoy the drama of making the impossible, possible. :face_with_monocle:


That part stumps me lol


Understand that you’re not guiding the subliminal, you’re guiding your subconscious mind.

It’s just a thought … an intention, a question, an order, a request … something like that.


Did you do the process I suggested?

You can only experience the magic after you do it.


I know you like books. Check out Pam Grout’s E-Squared.
Obviously, it’s not about subliminals, but the techniques work just the same.

@pacman @King @SubliminalUser @WhiteTiger


You talk about writing down my goals and fears towards it etc?


What I said was so much more emotionally empowered… :smile:

Adapting and following Simon’s G1 Instructions.


Agreed, something to get you started with.

E Squared is a great book, and one I had some good results on - even though I didn’t follow all the way through with every experiment.

Great way to link it into using subs @Simon.


Khan is manifesting a challenge / opportunity.

Next time she does this, say: "Are you asking me out?"

You’re the alpha male now. Just like the girls do it to men, you would be alright to assume that every female talking to you, is basically hitting on you.



There is many more situations like this but i didnt mention it before.
Another female coworker sends whatsapp messages to me during the day for me to visit her workstation and help her…she is married and her hubby is at work with us lol

Another one keeps talking to me about things such as cbd oil etc…then i told her to bring me some then she said its finished lol so fast …or was it a bullshit story to keep the convo going ?

My ex started chatting to me again from a few days ago…i asked her for a bj she said yes no problem when we meet it will happen lol.

And theres a few others as well…