Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


Im not afraid to approach women or greet etc its just that i feel some anxiety to escalate with women i already know…:thinking:



Goals for khan

  • Meet and seduce high class women.
  • Meet the wealthiest and most sexy women and seduce them
  • Build a business that makes 100k per month.
  • Buy a huge house that is fully furnished
  • own and drive the worlds most expensive cars.

Reasons why i cant achieve those goals :

  • i dont think im good looking enough to attract 10/10 women.
  • women look for men that are wealthy.
  • i dont have what it takes to win women over.
  • business is always hard and its not for everyone.
  • all business are over populated how will i make money that way.
  • i dont have skills for business.


Fastest (and most dangerous) way to get rich…

  • i dont think im good looking enough to attract 10/10 women.

Lots of fat ugly men with 10/10 women.

  • women look for men that are wealthy.

Not necessarily. Otherwise poor men would be single and they wouldn’t reproduce and poverty
would not exist in this world.

  • i dont have what it takes to win women over.

What does it take?

  • business is always hard and its not for everyone.

If you see yourself as the 99%, you’ve lost half the battle.

Sub Club products teach you to think like the 1% to whom many rules don’t apply.

  • all business are over populated how will i make money that way.

If there are overpopulated businesses, then there must also be underpopulated businesses.

Go think like a 1% and find them.

  • i dont have skills for business

Can always learn.


Thanks @King
Im trying to follow @Simon way of guiding the process.
A process were you write ypur goals down and list all reasons you cant achieve them.
Thats my first try lol


… If they’re populated, how can I win over competition. Think of the best device you have, you’re happy with it but at the same time you feel like there’s something missing… that’s where the competitor comes in, he makes the prospect aware of what’s missing and provides that for you.

Competition means there’s a circulation of money in that market, you just need to get it flowing to you.

And as for I don’t have skills for business, outsource them. No mans an island, if you’re good at bringing people together, that’s your superpower, leverage it.

I just wanted to expand on your view points.

As for fat ugly men, if we all real with ourselves well, women don’t give a damn about status money and looks, they matter don’t get me wrong but they just want to feel understood and seen in the world.

Problem with us, we lack the communication skills, nail that, you won’t have to worry about what you look like, sexual experience, status and such…

Huge disclaimer; so long as you ain’t comfortable with your situation and you working to improve it.

No woman wants to struggle her whole life.


Perfect sense @Myster
I just wrote those things down as those ideas are in my head as to why i cant achieve my goals.
And yes you right about ccommunication skills. Recently i have been making it my duty to go and greet ladies at work and just talk few things. And yes it dooes help alot. Very few men can talk they just stare at women.


Guys, it’s not logic or knowledge that any of us lacks.
It’s not that @pacman doesn’t know that the opposites to his reasons are also true. His brain contains those evidences – just like ours does.

The problem is that he is not living from the best, most useful frames for his Goals.

We use subliminals to help us shift to and maintain frames that will help us succeed.
The point of the {Simon’s Instructions} process is to facilitate this shift.

It’s personal. That is why my instructions suggest doing this in the offline journal.
Not only will the reasons evaporate over time, even the Goals will transform / get clarified into more authentic visions for @pacman (and whoever else does it).

:slight_smile: :+1:t2:

@SubliminalUser @WhiteTiger @Azriel @Brandon @Malkuth @Hermit @raphael @King @Myster

Man For Himself

You make complete sense and actually now that I’ve been thinking about it one of my biggest worries sexually (I was thinking about reasons for me whilst reading @pacman’s) has been cut down massively since using Khan and isn’t as much of a worry to me anymore. Feels…well, like you said, someone else’s belief.

I’ll definitely be following this into my journal, maybe privately or publicy, who knows.


When i use your instructions i feel less reconcilliation and feel happy at times reading those goals etc…


After this will be physical action towards those goals now @simon

Its been only one time so far that i have used simons method and i can already feel a shift!


Can’t… yet

Stage Two will fill in those blanks for you. Your thoughts really reflect Stage One doing its work, anything holding you back is surfacing, so that you may overlook it, once again, from another perspective. @pacman Khan Stage One is not an easy Title, have faith that once you get through this you will be a totally renewed person. If you’re really going to devote 3 months to Stage One and another three on Stage 2, you’ll be extremely prepared for Stage 3 and four, whereafter many blessings will come your way.

Khan Stage One is doing a phenomenal job, keep going!


Yeah most of them are called “betabuxx”


For the past week or so i have been waking up with boners…could be libido is rising because of khan.


Guys im getting a strong push to move out of my parents house…
It was happening from couple weeks ago but i didnt mention it. Everything my parents are doing or saying is now starting to irritate me and im getting pushed to move out. There never told me to move out but i feel that way. Its like everyday they do or say something that irritates me. This maybe stage 1 thats causing this and thus a chance for me to grow and be independant. I am seriously considering moving out i know it will be alittle difficult financially but i think it has to be done.
It could also be my dominance is increasing so much and causing others at home to feel intimidated.? not sure

Comments are most welcomed :blush:


If you’re the one increasing in dominance, I doubt your family members will want you to move out. Perhaps they would be the ones wanting to move out…


It feels more like i want my space.
They didnt ask me to move out


Would have thought your increasing dominance would make you want to control more of whatever happens in your house?

It’s time to take the space from your family members. :slight_smile:


Wont that be cruel ?


Just an option. :slight_smile:

I would think that is what Genghis Khan would do…though it applied more to his tribe and extended family.

In my opinion though, moving out won’t solve the underlying problem. It’s just a means of escaping.