Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan




Eh… what the hell… that took a u-turn. :laughing:

Don’t want that.

Shit test maybe?


Man this is her begging you to ask her out!!

Either you ask her out directly and she will gladly play the pursued girl and you will need to know how to play it.
Or you invite her to do whatever you want that is innocent and not threatening (review a plumbing documentary on Netflix, help on doing a phd like her, reviewing your resume because you want to apply to new jobs, help choosing a gift for whoever) and she will jump on your diamond cock.

That is if you fancy her, otherwise yeah dont do anything and enjoy her game.




Thanks guys for helping me interpret that women. :blush:

Been having lots of dreams last night.
Can remember few parts of them. I saw my uncle in law crossing the road. The next one was about my new work environment.

I just read in one thread about @COWolfe mentioning that people reject you subconciously. I think thats whats happening with me and my partner.


I’ve noticed this on Khan, you’ll feel like it’s you and it isn’t it’s people not being able to handle your worth and new state of self.

When I started Stage 3 there was a guy I was talking to who I was super interested in, the moment I started Stage 4 we stopped talking about we’ve barely spoken since.

They’re not rejecting you, they’re rejecting themselves because they feel below you.


Also sorry for not replying to your message before but for some reason I felt awkward answering - I actually wrote a response and cancelled it before I posted it but now wish I had.

My thoughts were along the lines of Azriel’s but also that she wants you to feel a certain way so you end up chasing her.


All cool buddy…
Im gna watch her closely now .


Yes you are right @Brandon
Im seeing this with lots of people and im like wtf is happening now. All of a sudden people hate me lol.
Some people get caughy of gaurd and give me the deer in the headlights look. Im talking about men and women. Some ignore me blatantly.

I have been thinking what the hell is wrong with my partner all this time…
She wouldnt even talk properly to me…lol
Khan is really affecting her.


It’s not that they hate you, whilst it does feel that way, it’s that they can’t handle your new state of being and energy. That’s not your fault - you’re just levelling up.

Yeah, they don’t understand what’s going on subsconsciously so they act out not knowing that you’re different but they don’t get why. You’re different in a good sense though.

Is she listening with you or do you mean the way Khan has changed you is affecting her?


If you’re talking about what what I think you are, yes. If you suddenly go from someone a woman (I assume it would work the same way with guys) would have no interest in to someone she would be very interested in, it causes them major cognitive dissonance. That confuses them and they can behave really oddly toward you.


I think its more the way Khan has changed me and my energy is affecting her. My levelling up is worrying her i assume.

Yes thats whats happening with her. Strange behaviour! Like slightly angry undertones and ignores me now and again etc.


Oh, ok, I go through the same thing every time I run a status sub. My wife freaks out and tries to “put me back in my place” every time she senses that I might rise “above” her. This shows that she really is very insecure about her own power and status.
I wish I could tell you what to do about it, but I haven’t figured it out myself.


This is a common thing, it happened with me and my boyfriend. Funnily enough it ended up with him being more submissive and me feeling a bit more confident in our relationship and having a little bit of feeling like I had control.


Exactly this is how it feels!
I think after time they will accept the new energy and status.


People will always try to do this when they feel like you’re leaving them behind because they want you, subconsciously at least, to be the same them on the same level - you need to push pass that. It’s just a barrier - for now.


They’ll either adjust to it or leave you and it behind, trust me ultimately it’ll all work out in your favour. Don’t think you’re losing by this happening.


Yes i will be doing that


She even mentioned one time that not everything is about you…


Now that I think about it, it’s gotten a lot better over time and as I made progress. She used to be flat out verbally and psychologically abusive on a daily bases (part of her anger probably is an MS symptom which is why I’ve stayed). Now it’s much less intense. Plus I’m a lot less reactive on DE.
All in all, it can probably go either way. Once you rise to a certain level, she might accept your leadership, or she might never be able to accept it, and you’ll eventually end the relationship.