Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


In my case, I think the problem is that she realized I was approaching the same level (in her mind) she’d made it clear that she saw me as below her. Someone on the same level can be challenged and knocked down a peg. Now, she might be seeing me as a bit above her, so Che challenges less.


In my case i think i passed her long ago. I was below her yes. But now i feel im passed.


Does she feel like that, or are you somehow communicating that? If she’s caught onto that she might be trying to distance herself before you leave her.


Im feeling that way.


It’s sad she might feel this way but its a thing that happens when people think this. They distance themselves so they don’t get hurt and feel rejected.


Forgot to mention…
I was thinking about seeing my next door neighbour with her shorts…yesterday afternoon she was outside with her shorts :astonished:


It’s not only about feeling above or below. Your gf can sense that other women are already pursuing you, AND that you are indeed humoring them.

Feeling Insecure is a normal feminine quality. Even if she thought that she was above you, she would still need you to make her feel secure. That is not the issue.

If you want to keep your woman, make her feel like she is special to you.
Yes, you may be busy with other priorities, and yes, you do have the option to replace her with someone younger & cuter – but assure her that she has a unique place in your heart, and you have no intention of putting in the effort of courting other women.

If you don’t care about keeping her, soft breakup with her immediately.
Tell her if she can’t get her attitude in order, she can move on, and you will find someone else who will treat you like her king.



Told you …

You are definitely not the only man she’s reaching out to.
But, she does need the man to make the decision.

"Men, please. Make up your mind. Yes or No.
I can’t booze with the girls this year, and forget my loneliness.
It’s 30th December already. I’m getting desperate.
Say Yes, PLEASE. I’ll do anything.
I’ll drive to another town. I’ll cook. I’ll bring wine.
Just say YES."


I hear you @Simon
But why do i have to know about other men …


@pacman maybe you need to work on hiding your intentions :joy: get some PCC in there


Others have told you the why already.

It’s just one more signal / hint drop, as far as I’m concerned. :smile:


I take this as an opportunity for Conscious Reconciliation.

This is a decision the subconscious mind cannot make by itself.

The Khan Goals that @pacman has written down, versus the Relationship he already has.

His current belief system is unable to keep both at the same time.
He’s being forced to consciously choose one or the other, or explain to himself how these two are NOT in conflict.

If he doesn’t consciously make the choice, he will still oscillate & suffer, until one of those options breaks down. The woman walks away, or he stops listening to the Khan files.

And remember … Alpha Males make their Choices.



As you mentioned earliar i will need to show my gf that she has a special place. I will do that.
Lets see how that turns out.


It will work when it’s authentic. DR doesn’t allow BS.

Do this first:



No wonder our aurguments!


All this shit makes me glad I’m doing all of this healing while not in these kinds of situations :joy:


Khan Stage 1
Well another manifestation happened yesterday…again with my next door neighbour. I was thinking of her a lot and visualized her standing upstairs on her balcony. I went outside and yes i see her there…:sunglasses:

Dragon Reborn Stage 1
I am noticing something getting removed from my mind when i run this sub. Its a good feeling more clear minded. Not sure what exactly is getting removed. If i knew then i can address that issue directly. I also noticed that DR Stage 1 makes me dizzy i guess thats my energies & auras being cleaned.
Guys after my one loop of DR stage 1 im experiencing mild euphoria. Also lots of positive thinking as well. Looks like DR stage 1 is doing me more good than K1?
Can also feel like a stubborn block thats getting detangled.
Lets see how it goes.


Khan Stage 4
Loop is done. I feel like my perception of things slightly shifted. Like my outlook or things is different. Got a slight headache no big deal though. Definitely feel the pressure in the head.
Confidence boost but not as strong as stage 2.
Makes me feel like i have already got everything i want.
Mild euphoria about 15min after the loop.
Conpletely different feeling from stage 1.
No feeling any recon at the moment.


Dear Friends
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank each one of you for being part of my journey. Without the support and sound advice that is given in this forum it would be hard for me to have come so far.
I have come a long way since i have joined this forum and started using Subliminal Club. I know i may have worried some if not all of you as i was navigating through life to find my balance.
Once again guys…everyone that had assisted me THANK YOU VERY MUCH I really appreciate every word of advice given to me. :blush:

To @Fire & @SaintSovereign i have no clue how to thank you guys for creating programmes that really changed my life and is still changing my life as i type this. I really wish that what ever you guys decide to do in life you may be ultra successful and achieve your dreams effortlessly.

May 2021 bring to you what ever you seek!


Dragon Reborn
Noticed that im not so angry like before. It takes alot for me to get angry. Im also not affected by peoples behaviour or their actions. While running DR i notice pressure in the middle of the forehead & nose bone.

Khan Stage 4
Had sex last night. I was very straight with my partner. Didnt feel shy about telling her i want sex. I didnt order it on her i played with her and mentioned it to her. The sex was good. I took my time. I even felt i could go another round. I woke up this morning with extremely painful wood.