Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


are your running Khan Stage 4 now?


Yes @Azriel
After discussion with @Hermit and reading @Simon reasons to go with stage 4 i decided to take the dive in :sunglasses:


Ok awesome,
for me I like the life experience I gets from being in an ‘off balanced’ stage and think it supports the maximum results of the final stage but I can also easily see the value of spending time on a stage 4 to incorporate more the script. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!! Breaking in 2021 with Khan complete!


Im also combining it with DR 1 so that covers healing. Stage 4 will definitely bring up some recon here and there.


Good to read your progressing allot :muscle::muscle:… just imagine the full efects if you stick to the program a complete year.

Do you accept the challenge? :grin::grin::grin:


Yes Khan stage 4 is long term for me.


That’s exactly what I’m doing. I ran 1-3 October-nov-dec- time for the journey of st4.


Another coworker sent me a bj picture via whatsapp lol.
Do they sense my aura remotely? I just dont get this. My company is closed and we dont see each other so its definitely that they sensing my aura some how…
Explain this someone.


Did she randomly reach out to you?


Yes out of the blue she sent that lol


Did you think about her, when did you interact with her for the last time?


is it her giving a bj?


It’s khan stage 4 manifestation


Describe the photo.


Sick journey @pacman


It’s a Dragon manifestation. She’s offering to calm the fires. :smile:


Glad that I’ll have completed DR ST4 by the time I run Khan ST4 (or BETTER?) by the time that’s applicable. Imagine stacking DR Ultima with Khan.


I wonder what the gossip about you is, among the female cowokers. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I interacted last when we closed that was around middle of December.

Nope its a gif. from the internet.

You say that as a joke…but when i run DR i feel extremely sexual.

I wonder also and would like to know also lol.


@pacman now imagine if you consciously tried to manifest things using your current state.