Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


Im going to keep doing that now lol i basically i just mind fuck them lol


They need to make an updated version of Khan for you to try out! :smiley:

Course I wouldn’t mind if I received that version too…


An ultima would be nice…
When i go back go to work im going to use Libertine with Khan :sunglasses:


Me? Well going back to work is far away, so this is what I predict.

(Khan ST4 + IC + PCC) Custom, name-embedded Q+ with Libertine name-embedded U+ after finishing DR ST4 and DR U+ ready on hand.


So big stacks you have :astonished:


Well I am grateful that IC and PCC are amongst the smallest main subs. I already ran Khan ST4 in the past (but that was in the middle of lockdown so a little lame).

If you think about it, that custom will be the only main sub in my post-pandemic stack


Will love to hear how your stack performs


Alright. In the meantime…where’s our name-embedding? >:(


Im waiting for that myself :smile:


Had many sexual dreams last night. Cant remember them to well.
Woke up morning with an intense erection.


How is that stack working out?

I have something very similar in mind in the future.


Haven’t been reading this thread for a while…

@pacman seems to have advanced a dozen levels and eaten up countless pellets and ghosts.

And PacWoman can’t resist him.

Well done.


Im getting there slowly lol


Stage 4 is some real shit!!!
My visualizations feel so fuken real!
I got so much energy that i cant sleep.
I feel on top of the world!!!

Only one loop done so far …
This is interesting.


All that healing has PAID OFF! :smiley:


Has anyone else noticed enhanced visualization from Khan Complete? I’m wondering if they have parts of Mind’s Eye in there, which seems doubtful as Mind’s Eye was released afterward, however, that does consider the fact that Mind’s Eye has some scripting related to visualization your goals that Khan might have… hmmm



@Hermit it’s possible that @pacman’s ability has simply been activated by general manifestation scripting. That or he wasn’t aware of his visualization before.

Another +1 for running Mind’s Eye in my terminus custom, i can’t wait to see how all that manifestational development works with Khan ST4 when I get around to it!


Well, others have reported similar effects on Khan so I’m assuming that is the manifestation scripting. The nature of our Subconscious mind is Symbolic, meaning you need to communicate in Symbols or Images and once you get a message through the greater whole or the Macrocosm will allow it to manifest in your life, which has been happening to @pacman quite a lot of time.

Manifestation, Creation, Law of Attraction, Spells, Programs – however you’d like to see them but it is well-known that our minds have the power to change outer reality, get rid of all the misplaced beliefs in our subconscious and there would be nothing to stop us to manifest the lives we desire so immensely.

Khan seems to cover this tool quite abundantly!


Now all we need is an update to reflect all the crazy advancements that have been made in scripting technology since Khan was made.


Khan with Inner Circle and Power Can Corrupt integrated within it!