Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


That would be unbelievably awesome!


This is something I considered instead of using Stark for my custom.


I used to visualize long ago back in school days and it should work like a charm. I didnt know what i was doing back then. I used to visualize about a girl and hey shes here talking to me lol. After a while it went away or it stopped happening to me no idea why…possibly mental blocks. Now its coming back

Guys my mind was racing that i hardly slept. I was so energised that i couldnt sleep. It felt so good. And i woke up extremely fresh. My body feels so strong physically as well.

When visualizing i felt feelings througout my body as if it was real and happening right away. My mind was thinking so fast that u had to catch up with it. Maybe the limitless scripting in there.


were these visualizations anchored with any physical activity or hand motions ? :slight_smile:
I got a lot of great visualizations in this way as a teen.


Oh yes my right hand definitely helped the process lmfao


Hah. I wish I knew about visualization (particularly Goddard’s stuff) back in high school. I hadn’t gone through the developments which would lead me to that yet…


I didnt know what i was doing lol


lmao , I was going to say on Khan I crave woman and the hand, but I settle for woman.


Thats the surpising part i only crave women. I just cant go to the hand anymore…


That’s awesome, on Emperor I’m fine without either.
I was teasing about craving both …on test runs of Khan past stage 1
I know what your talking about.


Continuing from the other thread…
I feel i want to go back to stage 2 lol that godlike confidence


I respect everyone’s beliefs and choices here, but I think not running through all the stages for a sub that you absolutely care about and want the full results is crazy.

I do it for EF stage 4 because it’s a passive sub for me, I also don’t need or care enough to focus on one aspect of fitness over the whole. I might do it for Alchemist because that would be a flavor I’d want to bring to my stack.

But for EOG or Khan something designed to be massively life changing, each stage brings an extreme experience that you live your life from really tackling and dealing with the content of that stage. That experience is what molds you just as much as the scripting.

I also like it cause I see it like a rite of passage :slight_smile: it may be SUPER HARD at times but that’s the point, the masculine grows through challenge.


… in which the Stage 4 does not contain the full scripting of previous stages …


… just like QL; and

… same for DR.


There. All multi-stagers covered. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



I’m not saying one won’t get the full script, and if they specifically want the effects of stage 4, great.
I’m saying subs aren’t just programming, they are the experiences and actions on that programming.

and that the experience I’d get running around like Donald Trump on stage 2 won’t ever be replaceable on stage 4 haha


I know. I was just playing, because the elephant in the “everyone” room, is me. :smile:



you and Hermit in this case :joy:

and I do genuinely respect your perspectives–and I can hold both perspectives - that there is tremendous value of more time on stage 4 if it’s what one is looking for and can handle jumping to it. And there is value in going through all the stages.

My sense for you @pacman is if you like stage 4 and can handle it and can totally let go of questioning returning to the other stages then fantastic…but if not… you can fill in the rest :slight_smile:


more like the Yellow Dragon in the room


What did @Hermit do? I thought he still uses QL 1 & 2. No stage 4s. :blush:


you were the passive culprit :rofl: Hermit was the active one.


I see.

He’s very active in PMs. The major portion of his 2.2k posts are invisible to the public eyes. :face_with_monocle: