Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


spirit often works behind the scenes :joy:


It’s a Scorpio thing. :wink:


Love it



Sounds like a really good Custom, to be honest. I’m personally not as fund stacking different Major Programs in a Custom.


For the record


I intend and hope you can feel the love and fun behind the above exchange. A celebration of what you uniquely bring.


The Invisible Hand of _______ :open_mouth:


Ha! Of course, I’m loving it, go on :slight_smile:

Will Hermit make the jump or not? I’m just so curious about Khan Complete’s visualization aspects. I guess a curious mind has its advantages and disadvantages, :man_shrugging:

@Simon, what’s my prognosis without having run any of the previous Stages on Khan? Psychosis? lol.


Forum research indicates you have to run 30+ programs at the same time to achieve that.


I say jump in at least for a test, and share your valuable insights.

Khan is the most Alpha, masculine, sub I’ve experienced. Its the tiger to Emperor’s kitty cat. But it’s not blunt masculinity like Emperor or GM


How challenging a sub feels, depends on how far from the user’s self-image the sub is.

I think you’ll have a much harder time on Khan stages 2 or 3, but K4 will be a breeze.

Because those two have a masculine go-getter style, while the final stage has a “flow with life, and all shall go my way” vibe – which is almost your normal state, I think.

Also, you have enough experience with Ascension’s Confidence, so Khan’s Dominance will be a modification, not a completely alien state for you.


Khan seems to fit my current situation more so than Ascended Mogul, the only thing I’m concerned about is the drive, ambition, and motivation which seems to be mostly present on Khan Complete.

Agreed; As Within, So Without. It is really that simple. But with any of these Major Titles, you are forging a new path, and doing some of the previous Stages beforehand would allow you to become somewhat Khan already, allowing for an easier transition into Khan Complete.

Well, I’m not interested in the reconciliation from Breakdown and Reprogramming. I’d rather feel mellowed down for two weeks on Khan Complete and feel on top of the world afterward.


Funny but you are absolutely right :slight_smile: . I know several people who I would consider overweight who are extremely rich and are surrounded by hoardes of beautiful women. I think there has to be a balance but sometimes if you want wealth certain sacrifices have to be made.


@Hermit I think what you have said begs the question. Just how much healing does one need ?. Obviously if there are show stoppers preventing your from reaching a specific goal then they have to be overcome.


Yes I have experienced a heightened perception on Khan stage 4. I know one guy who claims his eye sight has improved.


Much more the older one is and if one is far away from his goal?

Like you won’t need much healing if your networth is $999,000 and your aim is to be a millionaire next month…


I think everyone has to be realistic about what can be achieved. Is it case of making enough money to achieve a certain level of freedom ?. Or really wanting to have a million dollars in your bank account ?.


I think it is up to the person… Everyone has different needs and goals in life.

“Realistic” is also a subjective term.

I believe there are many here running subliminal because they don’t believe that they must live according to the limits imposed on them.

Becoming a millionaire at age 35 is realistic to some but unimaginable to others.


If I’m going this route, I’ll be stacking it alongside Dragon Reborn, hopefully once name-embedding in the regular store becomes available.

To be honest, you can never have enough healing. We are brainwashed to the Core.

That’s fairly interesting!


Stage 4 really feels like all will be my way vibe. No need to prove anything to anyone etc. I’m the chief I know it and you know it also.


This makes me happy for you, can’t wait to read the rest of your journey. Actually inspired me to move up to DR Stage 4 as it speaks to me more than the rest of the stages and I want it long term.