Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


Would love to hear how DR 4 is compared to DR 1


I went out today to get some items…
People in the street are whistling for me lol they like my car…same old car I got no idea why they like it now…

The other day I was thinking of my old friend…today I saw him after so many years lol…

As I approach people from behind they just turn in shock as if they knew I’m approaching them lol…

Experiencing lots of euphoria as the day unfolds. Gets even stronger when I listen to music.


As soon as I start tonight I’ll let you know dude.


Even the car got the Khan’s aura. :joy:


Lmao this made me laugh so hard. You’re the boss in the house now hahahahahaha


Have you moved out of your house


You will probably experience highs and lows just like i did with stage 4. However the highs out weigh the lows.:slight_smile:


@brandon is there a reason you are jumping straight to DR stage 4 rather then stage 2 then 3 ?


Almost…within the next 2 weeks I should be out.
Bought everything I need to move.

So far no lows…only highs.i will need to stick to this from like a year.


Do they ever subside? Is it due to the incubation period of script integration or rather because of the segment from Reprogramming in there?

In case it is the latter, I’m sure you can keep a balance between the Highs and Lows if you keep your loops in alignment with your conscious reality. Increasing it overtime as you become more and more in resonance with the Khan Archetype.


Come to think of it I have experienced much less of the lows. I think this has been attributed to more action taking then anything else. I create mini goals each day and tick them off once they have been completed. I think this really helps as it gives you a feeling of accomplishment.


I’ve not started Stage 4 yet, I’m actually 2 weeks into Stage 2 I think. I was just reading the sales page and realised that I want to go and stick with Stage 4 for the long term rather than doing a month each stage like I normally do. @Simon got me thinking about my goals and why I’d go for Stage 4 and I also saw Pac-Man doing Stage 4 after sticking with Stage 1, it kind of confirmed my reasoning.


So you’re currently running solely Khan?


Stacked with Stark T custom


Do u notice extreme energy levels on Khan 4? Or maybe it’s from DR I’m not sure…


Or you could go through stages 2-3 first and then keep running stage 4 for long term.

That’s my plan. Once I’ve run St4 single stack for a while, I’m going to add in something else. Plan to keep St4 in for a long time. Or if I ever build a custom, include it.


In terms of Personal and Business related presentations; how’s your productivity, drive, ambition, and motivation with Khan?


Definitly higher energy levels on khan


Dont forget i am using both stark and khan. I have experienced a dramatic increase in productivity. Good luck and fortunes seem to come my way. I get offered lucrative contract offers from clients etc.


How different is that from your experience with Emperor?