Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


On Stark, I’ve found my productivity to be more of a ‘go with the flow’, whereas on Ascended Mogul it was more like a tremendous drive towards Personal and Business goals with incredible energy to keep moving forward alongside planning and so on.

How does Khan compare to that? You have run both programs separately have you not? I can vouch for Stark’s productivity, but not for its drive, motivation, and structural planning.


@Hermit Were you using stark q or stark terminus ? stark q did nothing for me.


Damn @pacman has leveled the hell up…


For sure, maybe. I’ve only got 2 weeks or so of Stage 2 left anyway so it may just be easier but I haven’t made that decision entirely yet.


Don’t do it ! Give the Dragon his due!
delayed gratification is still (one of) the strongest predictor of future success!!
I’m just teasing, you’ll know what’s right for you :wink:


Do I though? I seem incapable of making decisions.


I’ve discovered this recently,
there is no right answer. And if there is it’s the recommendation of the product.
You can be informed by others and there wisdom but you lead your life and your sub choices.
There is no resolution from the level that asks the questions about what to run. It’s a movement from a mindset and space of looking for answers and permission on some level-to a mindset and space of giving yourself permission to know what you want to do, choosing, deciding, and committing for a time period.


This alone makes so much sense to me.
It’s the choosing that becomes the hard part because (whilst I won’t) I don’t want to waste my time and effort in something that either isn’t working for me or isn’t the right thing - I know I could change and go back if it wasn’t working for me it’s just the deciding process that’s difficult for me. Commitment is difficult too.


this may help.

not deciding and being committed is the biggest waste of time. It’s still committing just committing to nothing/ being stuck. Just like when you couldn’t believe it took you so long to do the simple Tik Tok thing.

DR is designed to be run each stage at least a month. If you concerned about wasting time, do it by the basic design and you cannot be wasting time because that’s the flow of the process. Jumping to stage 4 while not wrong is an experiment. If you want to do that give yourself a week on that experiment go ahead. You will either be ecstatic and stick with that or have uncertainty in which case go back to stage 2


It helps a lot actually.
Great point about the Tiktok too.

This hit me deep, gonna frame that for real.


Wise words in general.

Have you guys noticed a pattern about the success stories?

Every now and then somebody comes to the forum and tells an incredible story about their results.

Usually it’s someone who has been running a single title for a long time. Just running it and taking action.

People are overthinking these things. Choose a product, listen to it as intended, stick to it for a long time and take action. Win.

Reborn as Seductive Stark (RebirthU + StarkQ + PS)

Thanks @Hoppa

Speaking of success stories :slight_smile: are you still running Emperor and/or EOG?


I’m running DR single stack only. I think I will most likely get back to Emperor after this. I’ll just then run DR St4 with it.

The reason I do this I want to get rid of all the rest of the mental blocks I have. Figured this would be the perfect time for that. Then get more results from Emperor.

I don’t feel like I need EoG anymore. I’ve gotten over the issues regarding wealth permanently.


That’s awesome!!
I would think EOG would be good for the long haul for the highest level of wealth generation.
But I can definitely see how it paved the way and Emperor can handle it from there.

Happy Dragon Riding.


I might return to EoG at some point, if needed. But honestly I don’t think I need that. Somehow I have this feeling that I have integrated it fully.



He probably got the perfect score. It’s shows what Khan can make out of a person.



Khan complete makes me feel like back in high school when everything was my way. Girls were all around me. Boys used to solute me. No problems no issues. Money came easily. Cant recall any challenges etc. Thats the vibe i get with khan complete.


@WhiteTiger anything in the above you want to put in your narrative?


Those feelings of abundance you capture are spot on


Ei I love this. Took for granted how good life was back then, but if I could at least get that feeling back, you know without all the baggage’s, that would be well worth it.

Good times.

Just to clarify, Khan has wealth benefits as well for you? I’m pairing it with Stark for the wallet situation. Not running anything else aside from DR and KhanQ all stages?