Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


I havent noticed that as yet…maybe with more time i will. I am also not taking action in that direction as well.

Correct DR 1 and Khan 4


Can any one share the power of a custom vs a regular title?


Yes and thats a sign i chose a sub thats close to my vibe and style…


Went out to get some items and noticed a young chic looking at me non stop. As i walked the store picking items her eyes stayed on me…she was definitely attracted to the Khan Aura.


Ultimately a custom will be more focused and more powerfully direct than a regular title if it’s made to address your needs/wants/strengths and weaknesses properly. A regular title is broad since it’s made with broad goals whereas the custom will be fitted with your goals in mind since you create it.


I assumed the question was about the power of name-embedding. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@pacman is doing so well with the regular, he wonders if a custom can really push his results any further. :exploding_head:


I can easy see fake Alphas and wannabe’s.
I can feel that i am miles away from people status wise. When ever i look at anyone i feel im way better in every way.
And like @Simon mentioned that there is no need to prove anything to anyone. Im the ALPHA :sunglasses:


How many loops are you doing @pacman?


One DR
one K4


Jesus only one each? Damn, here’s me running a few.


Too many brother cut back and have few programmes in your stack…


Decided to get back on Intermittent Fasting today. My mind seems more clearer. I have more energy. I dont feel the pressure on the head or heaviness in the head while running my stack. I feel that IF helps with processing the subliminals.
Lots of past memories popping up and some flash backs as well.


Such an awesome feeling. You feel firmly rooted to the earth while you are tall enough to reach the skies. Now that’s what we call a giant. Awaken The Giant Within? Yup


Been noticing that i get stopped several times in the day when im doing things that dont serve me best or doing stupid time wasting things that i have always been doing. Something just tells me ‘Hey what are you doing?Dont do that.Do this instead.’

After reading @Hermit insight about the volume…i decided to test that out and yes it makes a huge difference. No head pressure etc. Very smooth.


Let’s see. I remember at least 3 actionables that I have suggested for DR – directly or indirectly.

Useful? :+1:t2:


Thanks thats perfect!
I feel most people including myself are feeling little lost or worried about our stacks before DR .
DR pulls you into another direction.


Feel the urge to switch subs alot today. Maybe its from DR or Khan. I am staying strong…i know this is reconcilliation.


Reconciliation, keep going, brother. Tomorrow you can take break days, make sure to move towards your intended goals.


Break Day 1

Seen my ex again on the road…shes driving and im driving…the best part is that its always around that same intersection :astonished::astonished::astonished:
In the last couple weeks i have seen her more than in the last 2 or 3 years.
This is very strange.


Is it possible that she is driving around that intersection all day long? :thinking:

As I have started playing Khan again, I expect such manifestations to resume in my life too. :smile: