Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


You appear to be High Alchemist (20%), not Arch (25%).
You have the post count, not the upgrade.

I appear to be a Junior as well, but I’m actually like 50 posts away from Arch. Will ask for upgrade when I get there.



Please upgrade me :smiley:


I’m planning to add Inner Circle when/if I run Khan st. 4.


You mean as a custom?


Actually haven’t decided whether it is best to put it in a custom with ST 4 or just run it on the side as part of a stack.


@pacman What are your goals now?


Improved sex life
Improved financial success


Aren’t you getting that with Khan ST4?


Yes wont name embed hit deeper?


I never ran Khan. Today I read first on its regular description page.
The wealth module that I think would fit Khan is Sultan, I quote from its description: “Being a Sultan means living in opulence, and this is what the Sultan creates out of you.

I run Sultan. Last week I have started to consider buying expensive, yet quality products, and I did. Usually I bought cheap.


Name embedding plays a huge role also, as it is a pivotal Id troughout our consciousness. But, again it depends on one’s value system and one’s self love. If for example I love myself, including my identitiy, somebody else who is a trauma survivor could not comprehend in its views this self love, as he/she would be in a self-denial or self-cancellation mode. So maybe for him/her would not be a huge difference custom vs regular.


I’ve got a Khan custom with wealth modules! Make 400$ on the market this week. I’ll see if the wind continues to push me in the right direction! :smiley:


I would run Khan+Mogul first and later on build a custom based on both adding modules related to issues that combo didn’t solve and areas which needed more improvement. But it depends on your previous experiences with Khan and the results you got.



Note what @Simon said in response to your request.

Second, thank you for tagging me.

Third, I’d strongly suggest you think about continuing DR.

Fourth, stand by.


This could mean you want better looking women to have sex with. This could mean that you have a girlfriend and you want sex with her to be better. This could mean you want to have more energy, better health, and bigger/harder erections.

What about being so good looking that when you go to strip clubs, the exotic dancers offer you money for you to take off your clothes?

Would you please elaborate?


I already had two Khan customs, and run the normal Khan version (pre-Q) for close to a year.

I would actually suggest you, If you want the O.G. effects from Khan, go for the O.G. Khan.
Khan is an absolute masterpiece, perfect on its own. When you put it in a custom and add a bunch of modules (even only module enhancers), somehow you change the whole feel. It is different.

With other major titles, I did not see such a big contrast.




Ecstasy of Gold ST4 Q Core

Emperor: House of Medici Q Core

Financial Success Reality Shifter

Instant Business Tactician


Positive Being Attractor – Wealth

Secret Source

Secrets of Akasha – Wealth

StarkQ Core


Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy

Virtuoso di Matematica


Wealth Limit Destroyer


Inner Circle

Since you might be adding a different topic into this, I also think you should add:

Mosaic (to make sure they gel better)

Now as you look through the list, some of my ideas may not apply. For example, if you are wanting to do something in the arts then Marketweaver might not apply. Also think about what specifically you want to excel in. If it’s computer oriented, then Index Gate might help.


I am not changing DR or Khan.

I think it was Reconciliation talking today and wanted me to make a custom etc.


That gosh darn Reconciliation.

As Launchpad from Duck Tales once said “That darn eject button is always getting in the way”.


Its so hard to pick up on it…
And it sneaks up one on me on rest days