Pacman Ascended to Mogul


Good to see your writing a journal PACMAN I can see your keen to put your ideas into action good work.


Your on Ascended Mogul

I would recommend High Performance Habits-Brendan Buchard.

Itā€™s simply but effective stuff for maximizing your performance, breaking into new effective performance in current and uncharted territory in life, work, health etc in general.

Millionaire Fast Lane as well.

List of Book Gems

Thank you @Azriel


Have read that one. Great book.

Unfortunately, like many other books of a similar kind, it is more catered to American readers even though in theory the broad concepts make sense.


I recommend cant hurt me by David goggins, excellent book on mindset you can find the audio on youtube

List of Book Gems


  • i have my monthly budget on paperā€¦adjusted to save money.
  • debits that are not needed are cancelled.
  • each day i plan and write down things i have to complete for the day.
  • small training routine adapted in the morning.
  • My bank called me the other day to say i qualify for credit cards and loansā€¦strangeā€¦it was a personal call not a call centre.
  • i make it my duty to greet all at the workplace.
  • daily charity is a one that i adopted.
  • trying hard to deal with logic instead of emotions in daily activities.
  • came to the realization that i wont change people but help them in every way i canā€¦no matter how they handle meā€¦as long as i make them feel important im happy.
  • and i enjoy reading which im doing daily


For PU, Daytime Mastery by Nick Krauser
For money/wealth, Efficiency by Wall Street Playboys

Millionaire Fastlane is tripe and whilst Dave Goggins probably does have a great mind set, this isnā€™t really teachable.


Thank you


are you looking for something with actionable steps now
or just to immerse/ educate yourself in a different mindset and understanding?
A lot of the recommendations here differ in that sense

Some people are ready for one and not the other and vice versa


The two books i have read so far is Tools of Titans and how to influence people and win friends
Both were amazing and i learnt a lot of things which i am implementingā€¦and it works wonders so farā€¦
Can you provide books on those lines conside that i have just started.:blush:


All the recommendations above would benefit you in some capacity I believe.

My sense is you will learn and extrapolate from anything half-decent

That said I will send you something more along those lines of the above.

Iā€™ll PM you in the next day or so.


Really appreciate that @Azriel


@Azriel. Me too please.


Have a look at this if you dont want to read the whole book

i have been using the principles of 40% rule and the cookie jar regularly in my day to day activities . The way i see it is most self help material have a few golden nuggets which you can implement in your life if the resonate with you
Crave Discomfort
Accept Pain
The 40% Rule
The Cookie Jar


Thank you @slickman
Will let you know how its going.


Top stuff @slickman
Basically get used to sufferingā€¦makes perfect sense to me and very easy to apply these techniques in lifeā€¦ :+1:


Any one with PUA book suggestionsā€¦??



Made a realization today that i have been going through life like a traveler without a roadmapā€¦hoping that i find what i am looking for.
I did little man scaping todayā€¦after yearsā€¦most i did was just comb my hair before.
I also realised that i need to read and get tools in all aspects of my life.
I had no communication skills ā€¦lack of dating skills etcā€¦just going through life hoping i will succeed.


One Month

  • Major change in confidence.
  • extreme amounts of energy.
  • very productive at work.
  • physicaly work is easy for me.
  • can think very fast.
  • developed some lasting routines such as gyming,nutrition etc.
  • im like hungry for success.
  • i am also very motivated to succeed.
  • i am reading constantly to learn and i am learning and implementing.
  • i rarly do unproductive things.

I will be adding regeneration to my stack from now on.