Pacman Ascended to Mogul


How does AM compare to Ascension
in terms of sense of discovering sense purpose/ or personal mission
and/or working on your personal goals as well as business goals?


Well for me i noticed that its really geared towards success and wealth…yes ascension is there i can feel it but its more wealth focused.
My personal goals were met indirectly via wealth mindset changes…
If i want to be wealthy i need to be disciplined and i need optimum nutrition to function way more than other people…then my body needs to be strong to handle that amount of productivity thus i started gyming and doing home workouts…
Thats how personal goals and wealth are being met for me…but its definitely not that rough ascension…lol


That sounds awesome,
seems very fast acting

I’m not sure I understand, it’s not as rough/difficult as Ascension? If so what do you mean.


It sort of creeps up on you…especially when you work you dont notice how productive you are until you stop or at the end of the day…then you realize …damn!thats alot i got done!
With this also comes how useless others are lol…you can really see it now…

Yes its not that difficult and not so bossy vibe…its really pushing you to work and get your thing done…


Yes thats why we stop talking to most people on Ascended Mogul… you are filtering the crap!!


Yes u right but im not acting on in just remaining calm so that my network of people is huge…so when i need help to execute some plan i got many to help and work for me :grin:


Some interesting things…

  • very concious when spending‚Ķim not buying junk anymore.
  • i also noticed increased eye contact from ladies and the best part is i can maintain it.
  • i also do lots of approaching at work and have noticed that i get really good responses‚Ķ
  • the super hot lady at work keeps eyeing me‚Ķshe keeps coming to my workstation for silly things‚Ķthe other day she came to look for her key‚Ķat my workstation!:grinning:
  • i feel absolutely confident in approaching and starting a conversation.
  • still doing lots of reading.
  • last i went on youtube was loke a week ago and that was to listen to a audiobook.
  • watching my nutrition very closely.


Reading through your journal it seemed you had such great results with AM are you still running it if not any reason ?


Still running it just added regeneration with it also


@pacman - good going, bro. Love the improvements


I’m curious what was your reason for wanting to stack emperor with AM ?


Was thinking of boosting my network for business goals…it was emperor:HOM


Adding rebirth and regeneration to my stack makes a world of a difference…i can run more than one loop of regeneration with the help of rebirth.


Had more than one dream last night…cant really recall all but one i can recall is that i lost my child in the shop…was in his pram and then next minute i couldnt find him…felt really scared in the dream.
Regeneration is making me angry at times then emotional…like a sad feeling in the chest area…at times i feel like laughing then i want to cry…all these feelings are in the chest area…
I also feel very strong physically not sure if that has anything to do with regeneration or rebirth?..
i also feel very energised and have a very good sleep at night.
I have this feeling like something is being removed or shifted from my mind…
Also noticed the ‚Äėmonkey chatter‚Äô in the mind is slightly reduced‚Ķmind is more calm.
Slight feelings of euphoria experienced from time to time.


I am getting mentioned a lot at work by managment and lots of co workers…
The cutie that i spoke about in the earliar post seems to nominate me to speak to staff…everyone gets a turn and has to pick some one else for the next day so she picked me …consider she barely talks to me lol but keeps glancing at me…lol
( most probably coming from AM)

  • feeling good and light today‚Ķsomething is def shifting with regeneration and rebirth‚Ķ
  • a co worker just told me im looking fresh lol dont know what that means.
  • feeling very calm and happy and i can confirm what @blackadder said about laughing‚Ķi noticed it comes in waves.
  • physical strength is increasing drastically‚Ķi can feel it.
  • Good amounts of energy throughout the day.
  • there is another female coworker that keeps asking me about her car‚Ķthis is not eorking or how much will i get if i sell this car etc‚Ķshe has a husband ask him why me lol?


One loop rebirthU before bed and i was tired as fukc!
I feel off to sleep straight after that. I had a dream i was driving a bus for like a 5 hour journey not 5 hour dream. I felt scared on the bus at time like i was going to crash the bus. Woke up this morning still tired.


Rebirth at 2 loops sends me into deep sleep.


I think she is making conversation because she likes you.


I think that too but will observe closely now to see how she behaves…