Paging Hermit - Great Conjunction (ignore if you are astrology-phobic)


Can’t wait to get my special superpowers tomorrow.


Guess nothing happened…as expected


General Questions:

How today has your spleen health and functioning been?

Insulin levels?

How well-integrated has your limbic function been with your prefrontal cortical activity?

What about your blood pressure? How have the changes been over the past 9 days? Your lungs’ vital capacity and peak flow?

What about your foot sole skin width? Has it thickened or thinned over the past few days?

If you’re like most people and if you choose to respond honestly, your answers to all or most of those questions will be:

‘Don’t know. Haven’t checked.’

And that’s only focusing on a few superficial aspects of the structure and function of your personal solitary physical body. We don’t even need to mention the myriad even more complex systemic interactions in which we are all embedded.

How many volcanos erupted in the past week? How many babies were born? How many new patents were submitted? And approved?

We don’t know. We haven’t checked.

And that’s okay.

Tracking any metric in an ongoing, consistent manner very quickly becomes a full-time job. I’m very grateful that in some cases there are people who are motivated to perform such jobs, I, however, do not plan to do that. But I also try to remember that my lack of data does not somehow serve as evidence that there is no data.

Skepticism is a high virtue. But remember to shine its light in all directions.


Love this, one dimensional skepticism is rooted in self preservation bias imo. (Even if that bias is totally valid)

today was really good… yesterday not so much :frowning:

This one I always know, because it occurs as the subjective experience of alignment, and the objective measurement of shit that matters to me about gets done lol


Mine is generally not that well-integrated. But I make do.

another reason for Dragon Reborn.


that seems to be par for the course of heavy processing.

Actually that is reconciliation to some degree-reconciling our new input with the limbic system
and then reconciling those new sense back to the conscious mind. The former takes time, patience, and not focusing on it, letting it bake so to speak, while the later takes conscious effort and action.

That’s my armchair theory anyway lol


I checked one time if any astrologers or fengshui experts predicted early January 2020 what will happen during this horribilis year of 2020… all missed that ! Funny :joy:


I never read predictions. Just not that interested in them. Then again, I guess if someone were making really accurate ones, I’d definitely check them out.

I did see two cases in which predicting types actually did say that an infectious respiratory disease would spread around the world during this general timeframe. But I wasn’t interested enough to look into them very closely.

Truth is, lots of non-astrologers and non-psychics had already been predicting a pandemic for a long time because the factors have been in place for one to occur.

But I also kind of feel like saying that astrology is bullshit because these people don’t make accurate predictions is kind of like saying martial arts is bullshit because you can’t find martial arts masters doing superhuman feats with their energy.

What if there’s something else to it other than the cartoon-like expectations?


Well I dont read them also except a posteriori this year just to check. I checked in French and in English.


The a posteriori approach is wise. If there’s an accurate predictor out there, you’ll find them.


All the fortune-tellers and psychics usually appear after an event has happened to claim that they predicted it.


As they say, even a broken clock can be right two times a day.