Path to Greatness


Week 2 Day 7, Sunday, September 6th 2020, 2nd day off


  • Easy day for cognitive functions. Busy day in terms of others.

  • No exercise, no reviewing math. Still, I did daily meditation.

  • I think I am starting to understand how meditation can help, and why it should help. I still have many troubles with maintaining concentration for a long period, but I am getting better. I am starting to notice more when I am getting sidetracked, and when my mind wanders around. I am also getting better at getting back to the task in the meditation.

  • Once I start to get good at meditation, I think I should be able to apply this to my daily tasks. Just noticing this should help me.

  • Can’t wait to get better, but I feel I should be patient. Having a fast result can be good, but persistence is much more important.

  • Got a lot of bookshelf cleaning; Approximately 1/3 to half of them were either given or thrown away. Normally I don’t like throwing books away, but I (and my parents) did it anyway; we are trying to reduce the load of moving, trying to reduce the moving quotes.

  • Cleaning gave me a chance to look at my past history; academic records of how I did (both before and after I started studying abroad), diaries of the past (elementary school),and etc. Somewhat nostalgic feeling, I suppose, but I think I learned something important about myself.

  • First, I had a lot of successes, got a ton of awards and certificates since when I was very young.

  • Second, I also had a lot of failures; many terrible quiz and test scores, reports, and etc. However, in my final reports, I almost always pulled things off.

  • Third, it may sound like bragging, but all the reports indicate that I have been always above average in almost all aspects. It was true despite many failures and troubles I have faced. This was not something I have been aware.

  • I suppose all of these means that I should be able to pull of great things in my life and make great things and contributions. I have experienced many successes and failures. I should know how to deal and handle the tough situations, both good and bad ones.

  • I better remember what I learned, and remember feeling and the thoughts I had today, whenever I am down, and whenever I achieve and make great things.

  • I think I have made some important progress today.


Week 3 Day 1, Monday, September 7th 2020

Listened Sub: Limitless Q masked version + Beyond Limitless Ultima version

Player: VLC player

Exposure: Total of 2 Loops for BLU, and Total of 3 Loops for Limitless

  • Started with 1st loop of BLU after lunch (after exercises and meditation)

  • 3 loops of Limitless (finished listening to 1st loop a little bit time after BLU, listened to a bit of 2nd loop before dinner, finished both 2nd and 3rd loop after dinner)

  • Started and finished listening 2nd loop of BLU right after finishing Limitless loops

Mode of delivery: Listened through Apple’s Earpods, with the computer’s master volume on 2, and VLC’s volume on 70%. (First loop of BLU with 65% volume)


  • Possibly the most productive day for math. I got the 1/3 to 1/2 of the unit finished (this one had lots of sub units that took), and also finished the practice exam.

  • Some mistakes in the practices and quizzes, but I understood where I made mistakes, and understood the correct answers and methods.

  • Definitely some fatigue from BLU, but I only took a little bit of nap after dinner. Perhaps less than my previous days of naps with limitless only routine.

  • Did meditation and exercises, with increasing strengths. I have been fine without protein powder supplements, but I think I may now want to start taking protein powder supplements for faster recovery. I will observer how I feel tomorrow, and decide.

  • I think I did worse on meditation today.

  • When I was doing math, I noticed that I was procrastinating more and was more easily distracted during the lessons. However, I also noticed that I was procrastinating better, and I was able to better get back to the task. I was able to do these more quickly.

  • However, I had much less problem, maybe no problem, when I was doing the practice exam.

  • I think my practice of meditation and trying to focus on my breathing, noticing when I am sidetracking, daydreaming, wandering, having random thoughts, and etc. during the meditation, and getting back to focusing on breathing, are helping me better catch my procrastination and distraction during the math lesson/task.

  • I think I did definitely better with BLU, but I am also wondering if it is the result of daily meditation. (Apparently, I have been doing meditation for 10 consecutive days now.)

  • The wondering isn’t to say the sub’s not working. Rather it now gets me to think that it is more like a nudge. It is like a guidance, or a push to a direction to get me to do practices to improve my/sub’s goal, which in this case is improving my learning and cognitive capabilities.

  • Side notes: I am noticing increased libido and more frequent and strong erection. I doubt it is the sub, but who knows. I think it would more likely be the red ginseng I got from my aunt; it was a gift for the (provisional) admission to the program. (I have been taking the red ginseng for like 10 days or so.)

  • Another random stuff: Yesterday, I randomly stumbled upon a YouTube video for oriental fortune teller. She was giving a generalized reading. Basically, what caught my attention was that many people with my age and animal sign (based on the year born) will have marriage from the late this year to next year, saying that fortune/luck for dating/relationship and marriage is strong from the late/end of this year to next year.

  • Random stuff continued: Well, today, there was a phone call from a matchmaker, which my mom picked up. I had a conversation with mom later, but she didn’t mention it or tell me what it was about. However, based on what I heard, during the phone conversation, I can tell that it would have been a matchmaker.

  • Random stuff continued 2: If it turns out that things actually somehow move on (BTW, we didn’t seek out the services, from what I hear, there have been several matchmakers making calls to my home.) and I actually get to meet someone, then I may have to run libertine or some other similar subs, in between my plans. However, I shouldn’t get ahead too fast.

  • Other observation for today: I definitely feel hotter, perhaps feeling like radiating more energy from me. However, today’s colder than other recent days, so it can’t be the weather. I also got a comment from my mom about stronger scent/odor, asking me to go take a shower or clean up myself.

  • Perhaps limitless, (and maybe especially BLU) is having me exert more energy. Or it could be making my metabolism faster and higher. (I remember worrying when my dinner was gonna be smaller than anticipated.)

  • Interesting and good progress. I now hope to keep maintain this throughout the week.

I will probably skip BLU tomorrow, trying to follow the direction listed in the link below. I will also follow the instructions mentioned in the below links.


Week 3 Day 2, Tuesday, September 8th 2020

Listened Sub: Limitless Q masked version
Player: VLC player

Exposure: Total of 1 loop

Mode of delivery: Listened through Apple’s Earpods, with the computer’s master volume on 2, and VLC’s volume on 70%.


  • I had a much different plan than what I originally planned.

  • Original plan was to meditate, do some exercises, do some math while listening to limitless after lunch. I planned on skipping Beyond Limitless as I wanted to take a break as instructed in one of the site I linked.

  • However, things start to go really bad as when I was exercising, I heard from mom that toilet clogged in one of the bathroom. I rushed there, unclogged toilet. Unfortunately, feces and the contents of the toilet overflowed that it required extensive cleaning.

  • The bathroom hasn’t been cleaned for a while, so I decided to clean the bathroom extensive, as I was required to clean the overflown dirty water.

  • Well, I had sore arms and legs from yesterday’s exercise, and since we didn’t have greatest cleaning tools for the bathroom, I had to get down and get dirty to clean. It made soreness worse.

  • I spent much time cleaning, and home was quite disorderly as my parents were trying to get a hold of moving services. It turns out that the date of our moving is one of busier days.

  • With exhaustion, much time spent on cleaning, I pretty much crashed right after dinner.

  • At night was when I was able to start with the limitless. I was unfortunately too exhausted to study math.

  • Very unproductive in terms of math, but in a way I was productive as I really extensively cleaned the bathroom. Normally, I don’t clean the bathroom, but others were busy. I felt the need to extensively clean anyway, so I did it.

  • I think there is a bit more initiation that comes from me; if I feel the need, I now tend to just do it, at least more so than me prior to listening limitless.

  • It’s a subtle change I notice, but I am seeing changes and differences. Quite many chances, one may argue.


Week 3 Day 3, Wednesday, September 9th 2020

Listened Sub: Limitless Q masked version + Beyond Limitless Ultima version

Player: VLC player

Exposure: Total of 2 Loops for BLU , and Total of 3 Loops for Limitless

  • Started with 1st loop of BLU in the afternoon (after getting the first quota)
  • 3 loops of Limitless (finished listening to 1st loop after BLU, listened to a bit of 2nd loop before dinner, finished both 2nd and 3rd loop after dinner)
  • Started listening 2nd loop of BLU right after finishing Limitless loops, watched TV, and came back and finished after watching TV

Mode of delivery: Listened through Apple’s Earpods, with the computer’s master volume on 2, and VLC’s volume on 70%.


  • Quite productive day.

  • I didn’t do any exercises as I felt much soreness on the sides of my waist; it must be from extensive cleaning I did.

  • Also today felt quite colder than previous days, which may have affected my conditions.

  • Today was a pretty bad day to be productive or listening to the sub. We were getting two quotes from two different moving services. There were only 1~2 hour gap in between the two.

  • Anyway, I meditated after getting the first quote, did some errands before getting the 2nd quote.

  • After getting the 2nd quote, I started listening to the subs, and I played a bit of games as it was quite near the dinner time.

  • Started doing math after dinner. However, despite starting late, I nearly finished one unit. I originally planned to finish the unit, but I unfortunately couldn’t. I only have the practice exam to do for the unit; I finished all the lessons for the unit.

  • One of the reasons why I didn’t get to finish was that I got a response from one of the schools I contacted to make inquiries about taking a prerequisite course. (The one that isn’t offered by the institution where I will take the AI program.) I had to make further inquiry about the course. Since it took too much time, I wanted to also write a separate email apart from a reply to get a faster response. Thus, it took more than than I should have.

  • Nevertheless, I have nearly gotten the amount of work I wanted to get through today (the 1 unit of math). It was a shorter and an easier unit so I wanted to get ti finished, but I unfortunately didn’t, only getting so close to finish.

  • My life is starting to follow more of a routine; wake up, have a meal, go to washroom, meditate, exercise, and then do whatever from there (ideally math or some other productive work.) Some people may argue that it isn’t so much of a routine, but it is more routinized than the life I have lived recently. It is a progress of some sort. I’m not judging whether this is good or bad, but it is how it’s turning out to be.

  • Hopefully my soreness will decrease tomorrow, so that I will be getting back to exercising.