Pheromones as self-improvement?


please update how it goes.
I haven’t used phermones in years, but this thread thinking it might be fun
to get back into them.

I went out 4-7 nights a week for 2 years, either on dates or night life, and experimented with phermones a lot.


Notice that Saint’s last post here was in 2018. I bet the understanding of pheromones have worked their way into subs like Libertine by now.


No, I haven’t. I don’t know where to start with pheromones. I was looking for a bit of advice. I’m mostly just curious about them, but it could be fun.


lol, I did not notice that.

I read it like this was a new thread.


Yes, it definitely ‘feels’ that way.
There is some effects that are very familiar.
Phermones really helped me with self awareness and social acuity at the time.


I would start with Wolf from Liquid Alchemy Labs
it’s Alpha but not overtly sexually, social, good for business/friendship, leadership. Not so high status its off putting. great self effects.

If your looking for something high sexually, dominant, or social I would recommend something different.

Also it will go well with your nomenclature lol


There were a lot of posts on one of the pheromone forums about using Bad Wolf exactly for self improvement…

According to these, Bad Wolf either caused a lot of shit-tests which caused the person to need to “grow” past his weakness and become stronger. Obviously since this is a behavioral change, this persisted even when not using pheromones. Another theory talked about the person getting used to the self-effects of BW and so slowly become more “alpha” even when not using the pheromones.

I used it for a while, and remember both the status/alpha effects and in some cases anxiety. All in all I liked this product, but I don’t feel it gave me much self improvement after I stopped using it. It was a fun ride though :wink:


“Bad Wolf” is one of my favorites.


would you share your experience with it self effects and/or with woman?
do you still use it?


There were some situations where it seemed to make women a little crazy, like a woman who was usually very reserved, and in a situation where I was wearing Bad Wolf she went a little nuts. This was a married woman at work so I had to extricate carefully. Despite that about a week later she repeated the same scenario and I had to be a bit more forceful.

That was the most dramatic situation, but I always felt good while wearing it and got good responses from women a lot while wearing it and women seemed more forwards toward me.

I haven’t purchased it recently because of the difficulties purchasing from LAL that have come up lately.

It is my all time favorite, though.


sounds great, thanks for sharing
I was thinking of ordering it today,
should I avoid trying that now,
what are the difficulties ?


You can’t order with paypal or a credit card from his site.


He has some stuff on Amazon, but inexplicably, not Bad Wolf.


just checked the site, I could be missing something but
looks like you can only order with paypal now,
how did you order without paypal or credit card?


You can buy all his stuff from aroma fero website thats where i get mine good service and fast shipping they also sell testers which is more than enough


I meant that I always ordered with credit card via paypal and then all of a sudden I couldn’t.


I have thought about ordering from there but I really want to get a bottle of unscented Bad Wolf.


@dorfmeister did you actually have sex with the women as a result of using the pheromones ?


If you actually read the post you’d understand this was a married woman I work with, so no.

By the way she came on to me it would have been on if I wanted it, but there was no way I was going to have sex with a married woman I work with.

She even tried to convince me again a week later and I had to really make it clear to her it could not happen, but this was one of the most forceful and desperate ways a woman has come on to me and I attributed it at least partly to the disinhibition created by Bad Wolf.

It didn’t make her want me in the first place, but it was a big part of getting her to express it.


Thats a shame