Please link me a professional subliminal to reverse/remove results


Yup, troll.

My advice is to try DareDevil to improve your social life, I honestly can’t imagine how lonely and miserable you must be to resort to trolling for your social interactions.


which one. link please


try a joke and let’s see how inconsistent you are. You must have PTSD from a troll. what defense can i have against this ? if you consider that i’m suffering, you shouldn’t do that because i can be and this is my only help


i don’t want those extra things, i think that i’m bugged this is why i can’t see a link.


@SaintSovereign @DarkPhilosopher @Fire Any ideas for this guy?

or maybe delete this post and ban him for being a troll


Don’t stress it, just move on. :slight_smile:


not stressing it lol


ok you won. here is the best hidden secret on the net. I provide this information exclusively
for you and hope you will not share it. The ultimate subconcious subliminal eraser protocol:

  1. You have to buy a bottle of vodka
  2. Wear headphones
  3. Drink half the bottle of vodka and be sure you are alone and will not be disturbed
  4. Go to this link and tune up the volume 100%
  5. Listen for exact 7h7mins while drinking the rest of the bottle
  6. The secretly embedded infrasubliminal in this video will destroy any subliminal message you ever heard
  7. After that Joh 5.8 - done

I am out here…


My friend. I’m giving you advise, trust and go with it. You’re overthinking. Subliminal’s are not permanent. Nothing is permanent…

You’re to much in the brains, trust and follow your heart. I’m pretty sure there is no problem at all.


I must admit, there are some changes, I dont know how they do it, but that are indeed permanent, even after you stopped listening to it.
What I dont understand is whether he wants to use subs to reverse the effects or not. Well… in any case, if you want a paid one, I guess I know what you mean, why not ask some youtube-subliminal makers if they’d be willing to make a custom one for your problem?


I suggest ultimate artist mainly for the creativity aspects I mean if you trollin atleast be a bit funny or a bit more convincing one? Come up with better ideas and also just give the intention some thought aswell only thing you accomplished here is waste everybody’s valueable time

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