PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread


Dang, I’m getting antsy that everyone has theirs already! Feels like the night before Christmas.


Yeah, due to the size I’m reconsidering my decision to stack with QL-4. So far I’ve only run EQ today.

Though I’m wondering if the extra size is due to more information in the sub, or just an artifact of the new (unoptimized?) build method.


How different is the masked sound?


Sounds pretty similar to me.


how i can get the testing version of EmperorQ?


You can try reading the first post on this thread. :roll_eyes:


To get access, simply send me a PM with your store account information and I’ll add it as a download. :slight_smile:


Just PM Saint the email address you use for your store account, assuming you’ve bought a SC product already.


yes done, ive been running Emp 4 for exactly a month now…


This update looks awsome, i sent Saint a PM also, i guess we just have to wait until he have time to add it. Was hoping maybe today. :slight_smile:


It will be today. Just catching up on some things AAC’s then I’ll start reviewing requests.


Has anyone noticed the volume on the Ultrasonic is higher then it usually is?


@Floridianninja - SaintSovereign has mentioned this in the second post in this thread.


I am currently running Ev4, and I want to test emperorQ, but since this is newly created account, I cannot send you PM yet. Is there any other way I can send you my info? @SaintSovereign


I am also in the same situation as @Hyper. I been using EmperorV4 for 4 months and I am very interested in trying out EmperorQ. Is there anyway I can send you the info @SaintSovereign?


I started running EmperorQ on all devices as of noon CT today.


waiting for this to appear in my downloads, really looking forward to it…


I’m interested in using this, but can not find the DM button anywhere. Is it disabled for new users with no post history? I journal privately, but for the benefit of the community and testing I will post a public journal as it is the least I can do.


No worries, check out this thread for more info:


Sent private message