PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread


Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to prevent super-new users from running it. I think Saint would prefer people that have some experience running SubClub subs already and have also been active on the forum (considering it’s supposed to be a bit overpowered and Saint wants feedback). If you have proven experience with SubClub subs and have shown participation, you can join. If you just pop in now to get your free sub, you can’t. My two cents…


@SaintSovereign eagerly looking forward to empQ

many say the results are amazing…


@SaintSovereign Yes, EmpQ sounds legendary, i hope we can get it today. :slight_smile:


About to evaluate and approve the next batch of testers now. Like I said, this is not a “free sub.” It’s an experimental designed to provide us with feedback. If you don’t journal, you won’t be approved to join another public or private test again.


That’s understandable, and I’m willing and ready to provide feedback. I’ve been using EMPv3 since near release, and am now using EMPv4, so I’m far from an inexperienced user.


Okay, so where is your Empv3 journal? Your Empv4 journal? Where have you shared anything about your journey? How do we know how reconciliation manifests in you? Where have you participated in the numerous discussions about personal development on this forum? Where are the questions that inevitably pop up on your journey? Is the only reason you created an account because you need to send a PM to get access to EmpQ? And will you disappear just as quickly?

I don’t mean to be judgmental or rude (I know I come across as such). My journal certainly isn’t a shining example either, although I try. And if I don’t make the cut, I understand.

But in the day since the test was announced, I already count 4 new faces in this thread, 3 of which created their account in the past day or so. Which makes me feel it has something to do with Saint’s willingness to share the powerhouse that people have been begging for without asking for money and the fact you need to send a PM to get access to it. And that’s not a nice feeling, I prefer to think people are better than that.


I believe Saint is competent enough to make the decision of my eligibility himself.

I’ve been a longtime customer and paid fairly for what I use. I’m under no obligation to journal and chose not to. I purchased the product and used it how I personally saw fit.

I now see that there’s testing for a new product I’d like to use. One of the requirements is to keep an active journal. In exchange for use I’m choosing to journal, just as I chose to pay earlier and make things an even exchange.

I understand my prior lack of participation may effect the likelihood of me getting to test so I want to ensure that I provide as much info as possible to make me eligible.

Beyond this I’m not at all interested in continuing this exchange


I’m like @ALoveSupreme, lurking for a while and have bought and used titles before, just haven’t felt a need to discuss it here.

I’ll be documenting my experience in my own thread stacking with Emperor fitness ST4.

@DarkPhilosopher, why do you think the feedback saint and fire get from more active forum users is inherently better than that of the more private users? Statistically, it seems a better sample group to include us than limiting only to a closer connected group who may influence each other’s experience at a higher rate?


@DarkPhilosopher is our official forum ambassador and moderator. @Fire and myself have placed a lot of faith in his judgment, as realistically, he’s here on the forum and more familiar with our posters than we are. Anyone wanting to participate in future tests should take heed to that.

To reiterate, however: We’re fairly evaluating every request to test – and we are including a limited number of “newer” users to get a fresh perspective on Q titles.


Thanks for the vote of confidence!

As far as being familiar with the posters, has anybody heard from Mr. Adder? I figured he wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

From a scientific perspective I would say that it helps if people have previous journals and an active presence here. Then it becomes possible to see how you usually respond to the subs. Are you somebody that has a lot of reconciliation or are you generally very stable? Are you very expressive or not? Can you clearly identify which changes are because of the subs? Are you somebody who takes a lot of action?

See it as establishing a baseline. How else can Saint figure out what Emperor is contributing to your evolution as a person?

So although I absolutely understand a person that prefers to journal in private, and Saint, Fire, myself and Mr. Wizard will totally advise you to keep a private journal on paper, it still helps to offload some of your experiences here so it is possible for SubClub to evaluate how the subs are affecting you, which helps them improve their products, and in these tests helps them establish a baseline.

I do agree a diverse testing group is useful because it is easier to see which experiences are shared among all the journals, which helps Fire to figure out which part of the script is responsible. For that reason, I would personally recommend against reading the other EmperorQ journals if you are a tester, so that - as you say - you’re not being influenced by their experiences.

Of course, you should definitely read them once the test is over. Maybe you’ll then see shared experiences as well, which could make you laugh because it was so silly or lead to those “a-ha” moments, explaining why something happened.

I recall some months ago there was somebody who became extremely confrontational on the forum. We just couldn’t calm him down, he kept assaulting us. Then Saint told him “you know you are experiencing reconciliation, right?” and it was like the clouds parted and he got this huge epiphany.

I have also witnessed several users that started out communicating on the forum in one way, but as they were running the subs, their style of communicating evolved.

Some started innocent and became more like a veteran soldier that has seen some stuff he won’t talk about. Others started out really angry at the world and over time became more balanced and controlled. Yet others started out blaming the whole world for everything that went wrong, it was never their fault. And over time they started taking responsibility. All these things happened in their style of communicating on the forum, whether they kept a journal or not. And most of them never realized it was happening.

So being active here helps.


By the way, Kalimero, are you certain stacking with eFit is a good plan? Since it is a fairly new product, I’m assuming you only just started with eFit and you also jumped right to ST4. Combine that with a very dense EQ and you may experience WW3 in your head. It would also be difficult to categorize your experiences among the two, since they are both new to you.

I do think that when Saint indicated it was okay to stack subs, he was assuming people stacking with their current stack, not adding in multiple new subs. I could be wrong of course, and I do look forward to reading about your experiences. Good luck!


In my opinion, it feels right.
I’ve been running the EmpFit program, with the last couple of weeks working on my sweet spot with ST4. I’m keeping 3 loops in so as to not regress in that regard.

I don’t KNOW it’s the right way, but I think I’m the best person to find out. All that I need is to listen to myself and my signals, and always strive for better - adjusting where needed.

If it comes to that, I’ll lower the dose. If that’s not enough I’ll remove it altogether, but right now, I want to keep it where it’s at. I appreciate the desire to share your experience, I just need to do this my way.


Is there any chance @SaintSovereign , you have considered requests and send fresh download links . If yes then I would assume , I have not been selected for same .


I’m doing approvals on a rolling basis. Anyone not accepted will receive a PM when I get to their application.


DarkPhilosopher waits until Saint isn’t watching, then sneakily rolls forward.


Thank you , there is still hope then .


Hey everyone –
I appreciate the enthusiasm, but try not to PM your application multiple times. It throws off the queue. Thanks!


The queue has been cleared. Testing is now locked, but still send your applications. We may start another round of approvals soon.


Really grateful that I was one of the first to join the test.

I have work tomorrow and I’ll definitely have another log added tomorrow night.


I did not receive any response to my pm… Does this means I was not accepted? Or will I still be considered for the next round?