PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread


I cant even send a pm will wait for the final release, Im sure it worth it.


waiting on you @SaintSovereign


I will be releasing a hotfix for the hour long version – most likely later today. This hotfix will address a flaw we found in Q that caused a few of the words in the audio script to be spliced / bungled.

Also, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the two versions. We’re not going to go into too much detail about the differences because that would invalidate the test. However, I will attest that neither version is a “placebo.” They are 98% the same, with only a few minor changes. Stop worrying about it and enjoy the ride. :wink:

[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ

That explains why I suddenly started speaking High Valyrian.


Did not recieve a reply from you saint even though i pm’d you twice, once early on when you were starting. Then when you asked for my email. Looking foward.


@SaintSovereign will we get a notification when the hotfix is available?


I didnt read anything hence my question? There are different versions? My masked and ultra are around 45 mins


@mj1 - you will get a reply whether you are in the test or not. Please don’t send multiple messages else it will disrupt the queue.


@DarkPhilosopher - I have a hunch that it will be named differently in the Download section (maybe Test2). And possibly a notification in this thread else it will be a huge task notifying everyone individually through the DM


As always, I will post here when the hot fix is uploaded. They will replace your current files.


Preparing the emperorQ hotfix now. We’re are also pleased to say that hotfix also includes the FIRST official ultrasonic generated by Quintessence. We’ve had problems with Q’s ability to produce a working ultrasonic for awhile – the ones included with the previous version of emperorQ were created by hand. We had to hire a (very expensive) outside audio engineering consultant to help us solve the issue.

Will post another message in a bit when I’ve finished uploading.


Hotfix now available. The filename should read: emperorQa EXPERIMENTAL. Send me a PM if yours didn’t update. Next batch of approvals will start on Thursday.

[SOLO] First journal entry with Emperor Q

Guys please note. You can see the file name is “EmperorQa Experimental” only after you download it onto your phone/computer. In the download section online, it still has the same previous name


This is for , who has 1 hour file or is this new download for all ( as mine was 45 mins )


@rajeshwer -

Most likely only the hour long version has the error. But if I were you, I would download the file again and see if the downloaded file’s name is changed to EmperorQa. If the name is changed, use the new version.


I’m glad you did that because I had issues with the ultrasonic one when I ran it on iPhone audio.


So does this mean we could see some older titles like Ascension and mogul updated with Q soon?


Most probably yes, @Floridianninja. Am looking forward to an update of Ultimate Artist with Q.


I’m looking forward to Ultimate Artist and hopefully Khan eventually. I wonder when Minds eye will be finished, can’t wait to use it.


@Floridianninja - if Khan gets an upgrade, it would be ultimate. Could rename Khan to that star trek meme of that captain screaming “KHAAAAANNN!”