PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread



I noticed a lot of people saying they’re not remembering dreams with EQ. I don’t either. Any chance of boosting this aspect in the next update?


I find I am remembering at least themes for my dreams and sometimes the specifics. It seems like, maybe, the deepness with which I am sleeping is actually making it so I do not recall dreams quite as clearly as I did with previous incarnations of Emperor, especially version 1, which was the strongest for me for dream recall.


Would love to see an update of UA. Before testing EmperorQ, I had been running it in ultrasonic in my office at work and have had it running either solo or as part of a stack since it came out.

I have noticed it having an effect on my creative activities and research.


Fingers crossed that my posts aren’t too few to test out the Q! :sunglasses: :rofl:


Guess he is very busy.


Are you going to start guiding EmperorQ testers or is this only for the ones who get chosen to test the name embedded version?


So far, the journals have been so detailed and informational that we haven’t had to “guide” anyone yet.


This is positive :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign Just sent you a PM to request access to testing EmperorQ


@SaintSovereign still waiting for testing file…


patience man don’t rush saint, he said he will be accepting new applicants soon, he probably has a shit ton of messages and it takes a lot of time to go through all of them


Based on the journals i read, this seems the perfect balance between (old) Emperor and Khan. Would love to be picked part of the testing pack :smiley:


EmperorQ seems to be a lot more powerful, e.g in the social aspects. Is this more a result of changes in the script or in the built method (Quantumtech or how you call it now)?


The word hasn’t been invented yet. To Fire’s annoyance, since subliminal companies absolutely love inventing impressive sounding names for their technology that make no sense at all to the common person or science in general. :slight_smile:

I think it’s not so much an improvement in the social aspect but more an improvement in the push-to-action scripting first introduced in Iron Throne. People on EmperorQ just engage a lot more. In anything.

My guess anyway, haven’t read the other journals but I’m seeing a trend form in the forum.


Will we eventually get some kind of anwser on what was included in EmperorQ so we can know exactly how we’ve been influenced… I really feel like Q is on a whole new level! For now I haven’t read EmperorQ’s journal to stay as neutral as possible, except I peeked at @AMASH’s journal a little bit haha, but that’s it!


Yes, in time. I’m actually dying to say, considering everyone seems to be executing as intended. Means that all the sleepless nights working on Q was worth it.


EmpQ is certainly an amazing title, can’t wait to hear what you actually added to it that wasn’t in emp v4. So with Q are we going to be able to build a custom version of empq v5? When you updated titles like ascension, mogul, AM, ultimate artist, like that with Q are you going to add/change their scripts too to make them better besides just updating the tech?


Well, i don’t know what changed in Q, but I definitly feel it and I’ll be the first buyer of the final product!


Now processing latest applications.


Will you be testing name embedded subs next?