PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread


Not for awhile. Still need more data, and only those who are posting diligently will get a chance for name embed test. After that, we’re taking Q live.


And all the sleepless days testing it. :wink:

You know the thing I’m actually looking forward to the most (while dreading the time it will take)? Reading all those EQ journals once the test is over and discovering if other people experienced the same things I did.

In a way, I envy those of you not participating in the test, you get the omniscient eye of being able to observe all of us…


Is it better for us testers to update journals daily or every 2-3 days?

Feels like 2-3 days in between entries gives you more time to reflect and be more accurate about the effects.


I’ve been wondering what to do about other peoples journals. I want to read them, but then again I think it would be bad for valid test results.

I guess I’ll stick to just following this thread.



Is EmperorQ meant to be an upgrade to Emperor v4 ? I.e. Existing users of Emperor v4 would receive the upgrade for free ?

Or a complete stand-alone ?


Same here, I’ll probably skim over lots of journals once the test is finished.


I’m not really worried about being influenced by other journals so I was reading them at first. But there are too many now and I’ve got journal fatigue so have stopped reading them.


I think it would be a good idea for at least one tester of EQ to do only one loop per day so we can have an idea of the minimum amount of loops needed to get effects. No sense in looping all day when maybe all thats needed is a couple loops than go about your day.


One loop is enough to sense the effects. But more loops are needed for more profound change.

One loop makes me enthusiastic and optimistic.


We’re creating super humans!:smiley: I wonder how popular these programs are in mainstream siciety, im guessing not very judging by the responses I get when I tell people about them.
Is this info thats too confidential to give out?


Most of the world is too close minded for stuff like this or just don’t know about it.


What he said :point_up:

Although numerous of times when I see a new member on the forum they accidentally stumbled upon Subliminal Club through other subliminal providers.

What does this tell me? There is a huge audience out there for Subliminal consumption. It’s the marketing not connecting those leads with the correct business. Let’s just say 75% of the world is close minded and following the ordinary societal path. 25% is open minded where as 10% is open for anything and everything.

35% of 8 billion people is still enough for Subliminal Club to grow into a multi-billionaire company.

Sure it can happen if they are willing it to happen.


@Floridianninja - true. Most people are closed minded. They don’t even try it out for themselves and instead get into arguments with you regarding the validity of your claims when you mention something new or not mainstream.

After that, I stopped trying. If they want to find something, let them search it for themselves. They have the same tools, as I do, like the internet.


I remember the pick up community before Mr. Strauss wrote his book and blew it wide open. It was a close-knit society (much like this forum is), where teachers were more motivated with actually teaching instead of cranking out as many products as possible in order to create revenue and grow their brand, when they actually refused to teach people they didn’t feel were ready. Where you could meet like minded people that became friends for life.

You couldn’t find that community until you were ready to make the change. Until the universe dropped it into your path. You wouldn’t find some 16 year old spending his daddy’s money to learn how to have sex with every girl in school or take revenge for all the past rejection by using those girls and throwing them away.

The audience changed once it became a big ticket marketing machine. Everything became about the money ad being the top guru. They started taking advantage of people’s weaknesses to reel them in. TV shows started portraying it as manipulative and “evil”. And now we are at the point where TV documentaries make it so that content is forcibly pulled off of Youtube.

I think if you bring in 35% of the population, there’s going to be a lot of people that really aren’t (or shouldn’t be) in a place to use subliminals seriously and responsibly. I like it when people find us when they are ready, or almost ready.

Anyways, not on-topic, sorry. I just feel strongly about it.


I don’t think being close minded is the issue. We live in very competitive times right now, and with the rise of third world countries this trend will continue. There is a gigantic market for self-improvement, for everything that can give you an advantage in any possible way. But with subliminals we talk about a magical file which is completely silent that will somehow gonna change their whole personality to their ideal self. They will not understand that is possible in any way. They will think it is a scam. But the few who do the research will face another problem: The fact that they don’t know what’s in the script. This magical file has the potential to change their whole personality, it is like I said like magic, “maybe“, they think, „this is the craft of witches that is going to change me into a satan myself.“

Very few are so brave to just try it out and experience the amazing results themself. It is the courage that is missing. Only few will realize that this company has nothing to do with magic or occult but just smart people working on helping us changing our life like we want to do.


Every single person in society are negatively influenced by tons of different broadcasters, being the media, the people around them, the supermarkets, our movies and shows, etc. Not counting in all the trauma that comes along with it.

Positive influencing subliminal’s are a remedy for that. It’s not about the money, nor is it about the fame. It is for the empowerment of each single individual living in this matrix construct!

Yet everyone takes vaccines, medicines, foods without knowing what’s in their. What’s the difference? Besides subliminal’s being positively affecting you and all the above negatively affecting you. Awareness is key.


The fact that those are socially accepted. „If 99% of people do it, it can’t be that bad“. With subliminals 99% are not using it.


Because with vaccines and medicine the effects are visible where with subliminals the effects vary. Even for me i am huge on action taking and other subliminals work for me and other have minimal to no effect

Every medicine i took had a visible and instant effect


Okay, guys. Please steer back to the subliminal medicine that is EmperorQ now.


Could there be a line of script added for deep, long breathing. This actually would increase energy, consciousness, awareness, decrease blood pressure and so on. Thanks!