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Is it possible to overload a human body with high energy, like motivation and intensity of productivity or prolonged excitement? could it shorten the lifespan like an engine running with more power and wearing out parts faster? Or running more current through the same diameter wire? or could we adapt physically allowing the body to thrive and become healthier with the increases energetically? like upgrading to a thicker wire for more current?

I heard Bruce Lee died at around thirty and he was very intense in his work.
Just some of my thoughts on subliminals, throwin it out there.
What do you think or experience?
I think its still on topic since EQ is the densist script sub


I’m still waiting for the reveal of what EmperorQ is supposed to do because I have so much emotionnal changes happening, I can’t explain!!

I am already imagining what a Khan Q would look like :heart_eyes: :drooling_face:


You mean Qhan? :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to reading all the other journals. See if there are differences between the two versions. I trust we’ll find out eventually what’s in it, but if we hear too soon, it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Also, I am not reading other journals… Which is a little bit frustrating haha, I can’t know if I am the only one experiencing what I am experiencing!


Approvals are going down NOW. If you want in, send an application.


I want to be a tester emperor Q


I sent an application more than 2 weeks ago.
Do I need to send another?


Yep. We had so many that it probably got lost.


I need this


Sent! Thks


Do you guys have an expected month to release Q yet or is it still to soon to plan on ahead this far


From the sounds of how the testing is going and reading journals I’m looking forward to the release. Emperor V4 has been very good to me so I’m excited for Q.


Can’t wait for Khan Q… I always had the feeling that this would be the perfect subliminal for my needs. EmperorQ is with its addition (social scripting e.g) very powerful but I can’t imagine how intense Khan St4 will get with Q then…


@friday Same here!


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Help me, I can’t sent PM


Mentioned in this thread. Just takes some time to build up reputation on the forum. Waiting to be able to do this myself.


I am planning to listen to affirmations consciously

Those go like this:

My powerful inner mind naturally creates the changes I desire. My unlimited ability to succeed is truly guided by my inner mind. My inner mind eagerly accepts the new programming I give it. My body quickly responds to my mental commands. What my mind imagines my body creates.

Every day in every way my hypnosis skills get better and better and better. I can change my life in any direction I desire. I immediately act upon all positive suggestions that I receive. I am a success and achieve my goals easily. Every day I act like the person I want to become. My mind absorbs like a sponge and I accept positive suggestions easily.

  1. Shouldn’t these also help with integrating EQ’s scripting (not my first goal of listening to the file but would be nice)?
  2. Am I allowed to do so for the testing?



I actually write down a daily affirmation (Astronaut started me on that) that reminds me the subliminals I listen to create positive and beneficial change in me. I kind of need that reminder, since I’m naturally highly resistant to manipulation.

But listening to them? Haven’t tried that yet. I suppose it helps your conscious mind align (like a supercharger) and should not affect the test. In fact, maybe what you’re doing is action taking.

Your mind absorbs what like a sponge?


Oh yay another application opened! I have sent a PM requesting access.

I am using EV4 now and AMASH recommended me to try EQ instead, I am enjoying everyone’s journal regarding EQ, I think it’s gonna be a great upgrade to Emperor V4.

Hopefully I can participate soon.


I’m not into affirmations so much anymore, but when I was, the best one was one I got from Steve Pavlina:

I intend to be shown the edges of my limiting beliefs, as well as what lies beyond them.