PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread


Let’s take one step back: did the name-embed tests start yet?


So I’m assuming name-embed testing has started.


Go figure. Now I’m envious. I tried so hard do do well during the test and Saint still didn’t pick me. :sob:

This too, shall pass.


Well on a positive note we got EQ and I think I can speak for us saying it was good. Plus we get a Q sub for testing anyways. Positivity


I totally agree with you on this one. EQ is more than good.

Yet, I was still hoping to get a crack at name-embedded one. I guess I have to wait a little longer for Q store to be out.


I’m still waiting to receive the name embedded EmperorQ for testing. This means there is still hope for all of you guys.

I think Saint and Fire are busy working on some improvements for Q based on the feedback before I get my EmperorQ name-embedded version.

Well, I guess it means my break from subs will be 15 days, not 10, which is the longest I had since 2018. The interesting thing is that the results from EmperorQ have not faded or diminished at all, so these are good times.




Well if your still doing name embedded invites ima be posting an update in my journal today. Been spacing out the journal postings and listening everyday. What is the difference with a name embedded sub by the way?


Should I really state the obvious? Nah, too easy. :wink:

You know how when you are in a busy place and somewhere behind you someone says your name, you turn around, absolutely certain somebody just called you? That’s your brain. It’s trained to filter out anything that’s unimportant to you. But when it hears your name, it lets it through so you pay attention.

Now imagine a 70+ pages script calling your name a few hundred times. And every time your brain re-focuses its attention on what it is hearing. See how that can be more powerful than a non-specific sub?


Ohhhh; well damn. Shit name embedded sub sounds like something for everyone than :sweat_smile:


Take your time perfecting this next version, if anything more limitless would be awesome.
Great stuff either way!


Hey I know you mentioned that testing is coming to a close. Is there anything else you suggest for us to do since the name embedding is not an option?


Will you release the difference between the versions when the final EmpQ comes out? Or might we get a hint earlier than that?


I wouldn’t be surprised if once Q in finished that they release EmpQ as a remade product that will be like EmpQ b or c. The name embed versions he was going to test could have been another rewritten script or they could have tested out the modules.


So you think there’s gonna be different branches of Emperor? Like what?


I would love a version without the sexual attraction one. (Sex Mastery)

If there is gonna be versions Maybe :

  • Focusing on Entrepreneurship
  • Focusing on Social Status
  • Focusing on Attraction
  • Focusing on Fitness


I am certain that there won’t be different Emperor versions but you can create your own subliminal tailored to your needs when Q launches in May


Does Emp Q contain a stripped down version of Spartan?


April to May, with the lockdown who knows how quick or slow those dates may change.


EmperorQ testing now concluded. Special thanks to everyone that tested. The official version of Emperor Q is now available for purchase. It’s a free upgrade for anyone who already owns Emperor and is already available in your account.

You can keep the Emperor Q test version and continue using it if it works well for you.