PLEASE READ: Scammers in the Age of SubClub


Yeah that’s Lame. Seems like a very elementary way of trying to make a quick buck. Got exposed in the process too. I like that part.

No one’s stopping you from doing your own thing gorilla but don’t steal someone else’s content to your leverage. That’s simply pathetic. Hope fully not many people got scammed by you.


That’s how we feel. We knew that we’d eventually see more players entering the subliminal game, that’s why we focused so much on innovation and building a strong customer base. But, stealing people’s intellectual property is a poor way to get started.


It was a little funny to click on that user’s information and see that he’d been banned from the forum and Sub Club products for literally 1000 years.

Very old-school. Brings a different meaning to the expression ‘went medieval on his ass’.


Hahaha ! just checked their website, they have just changed some titles like the supercharger was changed to another name (I do not give the name to avoid publicity).


Lots of desperation during COVID. It makes people easy to take advantage of. In a way, this sort of thing happens, Saint knows that.

The biggest problem is that serious creators like SubClub (and some of their competitors) are hurt by this because it diminishes the reputation of subliminals. People trying them out, getting zero results, now believing that subliminals in general don’t work. Another customer less, another person that will never know what subliminals can really do and the wrong kind of word of mouth advertising.

And that’s why it has to be stopped quickly.