PLEASE READ: StarkQ: Terminus Experimental Now Available



Terminus will be the standard for superchargers going forward. :wink:

This is definitely the goal. Just needed to see if the subconscious would even process subliminals set to “Terminus.”

Even more interesting is that we have one more power level available… but at this point, not sure if it’s worth even going after. Need to see how people respond to Terminus first.


Actually, there was a fourth power setting. It was called Terminal. For obvious reasons, it is no longer used. :wink:

For the emoji-challenged, the wink means I’m joking.

Oh, and I didn’t notice Saint’s comment about “one more power level” until after. Consider it completely unrelated. :slight_smile:


So does that mean current superchargers might get an update in the next few months by terminus?


I said going forward. Haven’t agreed to updating past superchargers. That’s a much more involved process that we don’t really have time to commit to right now.


I was just asking lol wasn’t stating that you did but it would be awesome, but i know a lot is going on with Q and mind’s eye and other projects.


Can we go over 3 loops of stark-t?


If you want. Start low – if you don’t have a negative experience, add more loops. Be sure to include rest days either way. Even if you don’t experience overload, you’ll still want to give yourself some processing time.


Have you tested Weapon X subliminals with Terminus technology?


Even without an increase of loops, the sheer density of the sub absolutely needs a rest period.

I’m wondering if you changed/altered the script on Terminus?


Today is my first day testing out Terminus and while listening I am feeling sadness coming up, especially in my chest area. It is not overwhelming. The sadness is because I feel alone, it actually brought me back to the girl that hurt me so much that I never wanted to feel like this again. As a response I subconsciously pushed other inestersted women away.

Edit: finished the loop and I feel like I cleared the above issue but feel tired


No changes. Just a new build method that is theoretically more powerful.


Definitely sounds like regeneration or new beginnings is in it lol


Strange glitch. How did my Emoji suddenly go from ‘:thinking:’ to ‘:grin:’, lol!

Too strange.


Since I’ve been on Stark reconciliation has surfaced differently, in a way it is smoother. It’s not that you get hit with a bunch of negativity, brain fog, etc it’s more like a feeling of tiredness and not being on top of your game, energetically. Besides I feel just fine, my brain is working as intended, which is strange, normally I get a lot of brain fog, negative emotions and so on. Lately, when reconciliation hits me, it is more of an neutral space, I might even be a little bit tired but not that much.

I’ve actually listened to Terminus about 8 hours on the first day and about 3 hours on the second day, the third day I took a break for a day, because I slightly felt some reconciliation. Not even like wanting to switch subliminal’s, Terminus is working extraordinary well, it’s more a feeling of overload.

Ever since listening to Stark reconciliation just has been different, I really haven’t noticed it that much. Like yes sure, I took a break the third day but I honestly could of moved forward and kept on listening, I just felt a break would give me time to adjust and then enable me to get increased results at the end of the week. Stark Terminus is a different animal for sure. Even as if my brain is comprehending it really differently, it’s kinda overwhelming. But I love it!

Really a breakthrough in Subliminal Tech in my opinion. Next up, a subliminal to remote view all hidden information, collected by secret government programs on subliminal tech, straight from the Akashic Records?




My current thoughts on Terminus and its future (cross quoted from another thread so others will see it):


Hmm that’s good to know. I’m waking up with low level tinnitus (Like just acutely high pitched frequencies all the time but not the instant louder ringing you can sometimes get) most days. I only run one instance of this (but have 1x limitless q st4, covid and seductress before it). This happens especially if I wake up in the middle of the night. I don’t run anything while I sleep. I will switch back to starkQ and have the stack run on a loop.


I’ll leave a short review here.

My mind certainly treats the 2 files - SQ and SQT - as different audios, so SQT rebooted the month long journey that I had on SQ, rather than building on top of it (which is what happens when we resume playing a sub, like after a few weeks of break).

Most of the basic insights, nudges, behaviors were similar; yet there was a clear difference in experience.

I used SQT for only 1 hour a day for the 12 days starting its release.
I tested it playing at different times of the day, skipping to see if effects last the next day, etc., to get a feel of what works best for me.

Overall, SQT felt like taking 50mg of Armodafinil.

  • It was better to have it in the morning, or it would disrupt my sleep.
  • I could focus on anything for the following few hours, but I could also crash into pure procrastination later.
  • I would describe my physical feeling more as Purposelessness, than as tiredness. I wanted a goal/direction, but I couldn’t hold onto one.

There are a few other valuable things that are lost in the intensity of SQT, which totally stand out when using SQ.

  • The push towards Fame
  • Obvious Synchronicities, Angel Numbers, etc. (In my case, a LOT of near-misses like 11:10, 14:15) :smile:
  • Archetypal Vision to Fitness (like the Bioneer wants to become Batman)
  • A willingness to try out random things - living playfully

So, since yesterday, I’ve also moved back to SQ. And it has resumed where it left off. :slight_smile:

Note 1:
My motivation to post on this forum is severely diminished during SQ. It’s like I can’t be bothered to comment. On SQT, this was not the case. I enjoyed posting on those days.

Note 2:
As is being reported for AMQ and EQ, both versions of Stark are also great for NoFap support. Somehow, the script disables the dopamine release for porn.
One can still fap out of habit, but there is no appeal in the videos themselves. Easy to walk away if you want to.
(SQ is better at this than SQT, but only because the brain overload makes willpower weaker.)

Note 3:
I’m aware that thus far I haven’t given these scripts the possibility of full expression, partly because of the lockdowns, and because I still don’t use any social media. I haven’t captured the Stark swagger yet.


My situation is a bit different. I only began using Stark because I wanted to experience Terminus.

My experience so far has been pretty rewarding. From the start, I combined Stark Q Terminus with my morning meditation hour (and, incidentally, with a qigong breathing exercise). On the first day or several days, I used one repetition of Stark Q Terminus, in the meditation hour. After a couple of days, I introduced Stark Q Terminus to my core playlist, so on non-rest days, I get two repetitions of Stark Q Terminus.

My gut tells me I could ‘handle’ more, but I’m happy with this for now.

Psychic Events
The experiences in the moment of listening were generally calm and stimulating. I had one or two obvious psychic events occur. The first was 4 days ago. About 35 minutes (by my estimate), I thought of a friend with whom I have not been communicating regularly. I imagined her giving me a particular message. The message itself was somewhat predictable, so that in itself was not so notable.

But when I completed the hour and reactivated my phone/data service (I keep it turned off during the meditation), the various notifications and messages pinged into the phone, and…yup…at about 35 minutes into the meditation time, there was an e-mail from the same friend with the exact message.

The other event was from today. During this morning’s meditation session, the word ‘volatile’ came to my mind. Just one more in the flow of sensations and perceptions, but it stood out.

When I completed the meditation session and turned on the phone service, an e-mail caught my eye about how to invest in periods of increased market volatility.

Spontaneous, genuine expression

I have found in meetings that I am somewhat more willing to express my thoughts and ideas. It’s not to the point of seeming like a personality change. These are ideas that I might have expressed previously; but I just notice an increased smoothness to it. Yesterday, I sat, with another colleague, on a type of evaluative committee. People who had been working on a given task for 3 months, prepared a kind of summary presentation. I and the colleague sat to observe the presentation and offer feedback and reactions. There were 7 presentations that each took 1 hour.

Basically, I felt an increased smoothness to that interaction.

The same has been true for Zoom meetings that have taken place.

Negative or Disruptive Symptoms

Not much here. No headaches. No intense dreams. No unusual fatigue (I got 4 hours of sleep before yesterday’s full day of evaluating presentations and skipped breakfast as well. Felt basically fine, other than a brief blood sugar fluctuation and drowsiness after scarfing down lunch.)

I have experienced some procrastination, but it’s been more or less conventional. And, upon reflection, maybe slightly less than I’ve experienced in the past with similar tasks. (Low motivation tasks that come up twice a year.)

Also, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I found my mind pulled to some dark artistic pieces (the auteur-driven horror films of Ari Aster Midsommar and Hereditary). These actually affected me quite a bit, and triggered a kind of short but intense internal crisis. I won’t go into the details but it was, metaphorically, a bit like a brief fever that both 1) temporarily disrupts and weakens you and 2) leaves you cleared out and ready for an enhanced level of performance.

Current Stance

I plan to continue working with Stark Q Terminus. I find myself looking forward to when Terminus-level versions of Emperor and Ecstasy of Gold may be offered as well.

I’ve been through my modest versions of Terror and Dark Night experiences in the past. I’ve observed (from a comfortable distance) my Void. I found nothing manly or heroic about getting through those experiences, and I have nothing to prove to anyone about those things. No thanks. So, @SaintSovereign, you recommend 1 loop of Stark Q Terminus; and I played 1 loop. No problem. And it’s worked great so far.


Yes I hope Terminus files will be available also on the future Q store !