PLEASE READ: StarkQ: Terminus Experimental Now Available


And for the supercharger line up :wink:


Hmm, I’ve also swapped out Terminus with regular StarkQ as it was way too powerful. I got hit with a sudden wave of tiredness and centre of head pressure (3rd eye) yesterday.

I stuck to the 1 loop per night prescription, even that needed extra rest time.


@Malkuth Hmmmm psychic predicted phenomena or instant manifestation? Did you get intuition about the incoming event? Or did your mind paint a picture of what it desired and project it out into the world? Closing that gap between the time scale between imagined events and outward manifestation. Either way very interesting.


I think of it as a sensed phenomenon, neither predicted nor manifested. Just like the other senses.

Happens relatively regularly.


A lot of odd happenings are occurring on Terminus. Including the feeling that “nothing” is happening, yet people are experiencing very intense dreams, headaches, pressure in the third eye, etc. It’s making us rethink our model of what we think the subconscious is and how it operates. For now, new titles will continue to be in the “Q” format / build method.


Terminus versions will I feel be available very soon just be patient. Good things happen to those who wait. First there was Stark Q terminus…next will be Emperor Q terminus !!!


That’s interesting. Can you elaborate on that please?


You know I can’t, as much as I wanna share. :frowning:

Let’s put it this way, it’s interesting that Terminus isn’t causing quicker results. Instead, it seems to be hitting “deeper” and causing weird things to happen, like people seeing things before they occur, etc., especially considering that it’s just more information crammed into a sub rather than any kind of absurd change.


Sounds like the terminus technology is opening up the third eye allowing one to delve into the future. Looking foreward to emperor terminus.


Hmm that stuff is hard to gauge for me. I’ve always had super vivid dreams/nightmares and premonitions. Just the nature of them shifted in a different sort of weird while using terminus.

That said, gonna leave it alone for a while at least.


What I have found the more powerful the technology becomes the digger it deeps resulting in further layers of issues that I had being sliced away. Thats why I am looking foreward to terminus.


It’s an instant classic! Like killing two stones with one bird. :wink:


Could you elaborate? This is the second report I’ve heard of dreams turning “weird” on Terminus. Of course, I’ve experienced the same thing on Blue Skies Terminus.


Is there going to be a Terminus version of Emperor Q for us to experiment?


For what it’s worth, I’ve also had moments of psychedelic-like visual shifting occur while running Terminus.


Could you elaborate?


Probably not. We’re still just a few weeks into StarkQ Terminus’ test.


Shit getting wavy like you’re seeing underwater. Lasts for brief moments. Not gonna say it’s necessarily caused by Terminus, but it has occurred enough times for me to notice.


Brings to mind the contrast between Form and Content. The usual emphasis when it comes to subliminals is on the content. In other words, the information in the messages.

But, as @blackadder points out, as the technology becomes more powerful and intense, or as the delivery method becomes denser and more concentrated, there may be increasingly obvious effects related to Form as well.

Sort of like the difference between getting a ‘Happy Birthday’ message delivered by carrier pigeon, and getting the exact same message delivered by carrier lion.

(‘Bro, it just said happy birthday like it always does, what made you piss yourself and then faint?!’)


@SaintSovereign See things before they occur? As in a pre cognition sort of way?