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To add to that, when I woke up I could not really move for a second. I felt like I was in trance myself.

That sounds like sleep paralysis, when in that state, I’ve heard it is really easy to fall back into a dream and become instantly lucid.

As for interpretations, only you really can really know what it means. But your dream has me asking the question, do you feel like you are taking more leadership with your family and friends? Are any of them holding you back or really depending on you? Do you feel they’re blind to something that you aren’t?


Lateish reply but there’s no fear or pain in them when certain events happen or people (and a pet that passed) show up.

Since childhood my vivid dreams always took a turn towards the morbid and I’d get stuck in loops: getting stuck in a cemetery that suddenly spread out endlessly in all directions, dolls/toys “waking up” to kill me, being chased and stabbed and not dying, seeing dead relatives whose funeral I just went to walking around ghostly in random mausoleums, having someone close to me get a crazed look in their eye before driving us both off any cliff, falling with sensation whenever I took a step down stairs to “land” in my bed with various leftover remnants dancing along the dim walls of my bedroom in the middle of the night. Tasting food intensely, feeling dulled pain of injury, never “dying,” and breathing under “water” same as air.

Marathon dreams that I could “return” to if I went back to sleep fast enough or thought about them enough but the nature would alway shift. Remembering the last vignette and maybe snippets of previous dreams in a session. Dreams that happened once a year just about. Knowing if I said something bad was going to happen that it did but never being able to do the opposite no matter how hard I tried.

When I grew up the fantastic still existed but there wasn’t as much fear unless I’d witnessed something terrible irl or watching (I just don’t do horror, my mind goes too many places with that). I knew more often that it was a dream during the experience.

Now they’re still weird, but more observational instead of feeling I can’t escape. Did get annoyed that my ex husband was in a couple of them like “why are you even here?” But that was only after the fact. It was like he was a character in my dream (and a stranger at that).

They’re more fantastical or odd or campy. like there’s no reason I should see both my dead parents on either side of me in a claw foot bathtub in the middle of some random room while they affect the atmosphere of the bath as they talk/argue. If my cat would appear in my dreams, both before and after his death, before this he wouldn’t suddenly slip into a room through an impossible gap in a window pane. I did miss him, so it brought me nothing but happiness.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop… to wonder if my nightmares after my mother passed will be something I have to endure again, but so far it’s been fine.

Long winded, but I hope that explains it a bit.


You mostly pushed through the reconciliation on Blue Skies. At the end of the tunnel, do you get exceptionally profound results? Is it worth pushing through all that?


Yes, definitely. But, it took over a month, and I was running Blue Skies at one loop every two days. Now, I don’t nearly as much reconciliation (if any), and I feel absolutely incredible and unstoppable. I am finally starting to see my wealth ceiling crumble, as well as other internal issues I had. I’ve sense expanded Blue Skies into a completely custom sub (built only for myself, but I’m sure some elements will make it into the Q store) that I’m calling “Saint Sovereign Forever.”

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Can anyone tell me what is reconciliation and how about does one go around it or what action needs to be executed when hitting one?


Not had this pressure in the third eye that people are talking about. However i do get a an intuition about things which might be third eye related.


Here is a good explanation of the concept:

In general, continue listening to the subliminal (maybe cut back on the loops or take a rest day) and take action towards your goals. Also journaling helps. And of course a good enough night’s rest.


I strongly feel the module that connects the conscious and subconscious determined by my dreams. Roughly one week ago, I set the intention to use Johnny Depp as my role model. Today, he was in my dream.

I remember when I was a child and always wanted to dream of Pokemon. Never happened.
Now it only takes a week and an intention.

By the way, since switching to Terminus again, the theme “back to school” is very prominent in my dreams.


Does starkQ or starkQT have anything related to muscle building or fat burning in it?


@friday I’m right there with you. Ever since I began listening to StarkQ and Mind’s Eye Q as my main stack I have slept better than I have in a long time if not ever. That’s with just the Q versions not Terminus. My dreams have been unreal in a good way and yesterday I am almost 90% sure I have decided what I want to pursue going forward in terms of career options.


Dreams on normal StarkQ vs Terminus

I have been analyzing my dreams for the past weeks and found some indiscreet differences in the overall dream structure.

On normal StarkQ, my dreams are about problem-solving. I am getting thrown in a difficult situation or something is happening around me, and I then go along, think, and actually find the solution for the problem and solve it. Example 1: Dream about a virus that seems to kill most of humanity only for me to figure out that the infected do not die but just sleep and wake up after a time. Example 2: Having a fight in my basement, where I am the only one that noticed how my team gets manipulated, and where I help them to lose their trance so that we pull the situation around and win the fight in the last second. There is a problem and I then always find a solution to it and solve this problem in my dream.

Dreams on Terminus are similar but have some distinct differences. When running Terminus (both rest/non-rest day) I am thrown in an unpleasant environment. Example 1: I am back in school/college or on a class trip and nobody from my friends likes me, or I am not part of the group. It is triggering something and has a real reference to the past. The dreams often have multiple dream figures that are all people I know in real life. The dream figure representing “my high-school bully” often plays a role, especially at the beginning of switching from StarkQ to Terminus. So on Terminus, I am thrown in an unpleasant environment but instead of me having genius solutions, the dreams on Terminus then revolve around how the real me would now act in such a situation. That makes the dream exceptionally realistic and also emotionally draining. To add to that, on normal StarkQ one dream has the same location. When the dream location changes, a new different dream starts. On Terminus, one dream is evolving smoothly into the next. All the dreams are connected with each other, e.g from college I am walking to the supermarket to then walk back home.