Power Khan Corrupt


Day 14 (Khan TB: 129.75 hours)

Date last night fell through and I’ll take responsibility for that.

She said she couldn’t meet up at our agreed time, so I jumped the gun and immediately decided to hang out with some old acquaintances who were back in town snd reached out to me. Then after I told her it was whatever, she told me she could meet but would be just 15 minutes late. I told her to wait like an hour and a half and she said to just meet her out later that night with her friends.

Anyways, I go over to these acquaintances house and they’re glad to see me, but then I remember why I never hung out with these people. They’re the most toxic, judgmental group of people I know. All they do is talk shit about people all the time. Some are a lot better than others and I actually like these few, but as a collective they’re unbearable. I wasn’t aware that the shit-talk “ring leaders” would be here. Technically, I don’t have tangible beef with them although I’m very sure they’ve talked shit about me on occasions before in the past. They convince me to go out (the ones I do/did like).

One of my few buddies in this group, you can tell being around these people always negatively effected him. He was so quick to justify himself and his actions. There was a girl there that he fucked before but he wouldn’t talk to her. Someone in the group brought it up to him, and he was so ashamed and didn’t want to admit it. He kept telling us after that, “yeah I fucked her but she’s so ugly dude. Not proud. This guy also did too though [tried take the heat off if him]”. This girl was actually pretty cute, like honestly. The fucked up thing was that the other dudes were hitting on her later in the night.

But yeah, these dudes convinced me to go out which was alright until I realized again what these guys were about. I didn’t meet up with that girl later, honestly, because of the potential judgment. It wouldn’t have been towards me directly, but in their groupchats, behind my back, etc. I shouldn’t have cared and logically in my head I was telling myself that, but I still did. Something I need to work on clearly.

The “ring leader” texted me later last night like “hey man, if you’re doing anything tomorrow let me know. Let’s hang”. Yeah fuck that, I need to cut these people out immediately. My buddy tried to add me to their groupchat where they just shit on people all the time and I just told him no. I like certain people but I hate that group overall.

Silver lining
In all this, I discovered one thing. When I’m stressed or not getting laid after going out or hitting up girls, I tend
to compensate by eating food to comfort me. I did this all time when I would go out hammered, and that’s why I was putting on weight before. I was eating to comfort me last night and immediately realized what I was doing and why I was doing it. Now I’m aware and can end that habit. Being sober allowed me to see this.

I also stood firm when they were trying to get me fucked up. Couldn’t compromise on that. They didn’t seem to care that much but I had to say no multiple times throughout the night.

Still had a fun night when I was talking to people and did my own thing, but I totally see how negative influences are so dangerous to self-improvement and development. Anyways, I rescheduled that date for this afternoon so I guess a quick lesson on toxic people was worth it.


Very interestingly and very relevant to my last post, this was the very first post that I saw pop up on my reddit feed this morning:

LEARN TO SAY NO - Productivity Advice

Take the work off the employee, because you can do it yourself faster – although the schedule is already stuffed? Or accept an invitation to a conference organized by a friendly business partner, although you can not do anything with the subject? No!

If you want to concentrate on the essential, you have to learn to say no. Gates himself got this valuable lesson from his billionaire friend and bridge partner Warren Buffett. “There will always be an infinite number of opportunities, things that you can do, things that are important to you and,” Buffett once said. “You need to know when and how to say no to projects, invitations, and other things that take your time. It gives you the freedom to focus on what’s really important. ”

I think this is someone just promoting their blog on this subreddit, but it’s like the universe is trying to speak to me and teach me a lesson right after my night.

I didn’t need to hang out with these people. They reached about last minute and I already had plans. They are also toxic. Why am I trying to be friends with them?

There will always be infinite opportunities and alternatives. I should’ve just said no to them.


Update on my date: it went flawlessly.

I matched with this beautiful Sri Lankan girl on Tinder a few months back and never met up with her until yesterday. We met up at this dive bar. We had a great time connecting and building rapport.

It was unbelievable how much we had in common and kind of freaky. By the end of it, I was laughing to myself the more that got revealed. A hobby she was trying to learn, I was pretty decent at. Her favorite soccer team was also mine. She was super into the culture of my mom’s country, and even grew up in the same sort of community that I did and her best friends were of that ethnicity (keep in mind, I’m mixed and don’t resemble my mom’s side at all). Same zodiac sign as our birthdays were super close together. She was trying to cut out alcohol too. Exact same music tastes. Very similar spiritual beliefs. She was talking to me about the universe, spirituality, law of attraction, and manifestation. I wonder if she was trying to manifest someone like me who was that similar to her.

Anyways, once I built rapport and familiarity and held frame and passed all her little “tests”, I could tell we were in business. To build familiarity and connection, I discovered what her core values were and tried to connect. I also echoed her own words back to her from time to time. Those were the only things I made a point to do. Everything else was just natural.

We moved to another bar and she was all giggly and just laughing the whole time. After that, I suggested we go back to her place. She was caught off guard and made a little excuse. I was just firm and confident and didn’t care. Then she was all about it. We went back and did the deed. Without getting graphic, it was great :wink:. She kept telling me, “wow, I never thought you’d make it this far. I wasn’t planning on this happening.” She told me that she went on lame dates recently so she was expecting the same. Then she met Khan.

So yeah, my sober game is easily the best it’s ever been. Better than my drunk game by miles. My frame and conversation skills were on point. I’ve felt more like myself than ever. I was just naturally flowing. I guess when you melt insecurities this is what happens. I could tell this girl was deeply attracted to me, way more than any other girl I’ve been with in years.

And it’s only been two weeks on ST1. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in half a year. I know my ultimate goal is sales, but I want to just go on a million dates now.


Woah, @i_am. This is just awesome. That is some Khan conquering alright. Always happy when a brother gets results. Especially when it comes to “doing the deed”.


That’s awesome! Keep it growing!


Thank you guys, @raphael @mecharc!


Still questioning your stack? :eggplant::sweat_drops: :smile:


Hahaha, not at all. Khan Academy is the shit.


How’s it been bro?


It’s been going great. When the lockdown started I sort of fell off the wagon and got into some old bad habits and stopped journaling but I’ve been still listening. Got back on my feet and have been ascending higher and higher.

Been on KhanQ ST2 for about a month and the results are coming in. Reconciliation is still there at times which is a good sign. Very strong desire to cut out bad habits. (I’ve fallen back into drinking occassionally since the lockdown happened, and I usually instantly regret it and feel like I can’t talk to people. My game is much much better sober. When I drink I just hate how I feel and how I can’t properly express myself.) I’ve been hooking up with the girl mentioned in a post above, but I haven’t gotten with anyone else so far especially with the current societal situation. I’d like to though. So currently using Tinder for that end. Posture, voice, conversational skills, anything you can think of has really improved though. I talk to girls like they’re anyone else regardless of how good looking they are. Once my subconscious fully integrates the Khan script and my conscious actions align more and more, it’ll be pretty fun to see what happens. Things are great tbh but every now and then, some sort of cognitive dissonance hits and I feel like I’m operating at 50% of my confidence and potential. Whenever I drink, this is the case. So looks like I gotta cut it out again.

Job was rough at the start (Total Breakdown + Lockdown + learning how to cold call fucked me up to say the least) but I can honestly say I am now hitting my stride. I truly feel like I will be one of the best in my company and making a lot of money. I’ve been training for the past couple months, but I can finally start taking and closing my own leads and making commission June 1. This is where the real Khan fun begins. Out of my training group, I def feel like I’m the top dog. My conversations with clients are usually pretty awesome. Rapport building is usually effortless and I can lead the convo where I want at ease now. It wasn’t automatic by any means though cause I failed a lot and had to learn a lot. But I learned pretty quickly and with ease. Everything is intuitive and kind of just makes sense. I hear my coworkers convos with clients sometimes and I sometimes cringe. In my head I’m like “no, no, no! why the hell would say/do that? you gotta do it like this instead”. Still a lot of learning and growing for me to do, but I know I’m gonna absolutely crush it.

Current stack (all Q) btw is:
Khan ST2 - 2-3 loops
GLM - 1 loop
PCC - 1 loop
Sanguine - 1 loop
I’ll have this playing via headphones at work.

At night, I’ve started doing 1-2 loops of Regeneration. Was kind of debating ST1 instead but I like Regen because it’s gentle and I don’t want TB to affect my job during the day. Instantly started getting crazy, specific dreams with Regeneration. Pretty remarkable.

Was doing Mon-Fri with weekends off, but due to very noticable fatigue and tiredness, I started taking Wednesday off as well.
Not sure when to move on to ST3/ST4 due to the current societal climate so will probably stay on ST2 for a bit more. Def want to revisit ST1 in the future but not sure when I should do that.

Also as a side note, I’m thinking about exploring the world of pheromones. KhanQ + pheromones, that’s potent.


Forgot to mention the PCC experience. Yeah it’s great. I’m completely seeing between the lines. And seeing how people are setting up their tactics to influence me.

For example this just happened recently with someone. Set-up (man did you notice that x, y, z?) -> influence attempt (okay you should do this for me though) -> my skeptical response (“hmm sure, I can maybe look into that”), their cover-up (sensing that I’m somewhat aware of what’s going on and to avoid my outright rejection, subject immediately changed - “damn by the way, did x just leave?”) We’ve all been using these tactics for most of lives without even realizing it when we use it or when it’s being used on us, but it’s so glaringly obvious for me now. Still, even when I’m aware, I’ll still comply every now and then. Cause I gotta play the “social game” too.

I’m not analytical like this 100% all the time, only when these types of situations come up. It’s nice being able to be aware of scenarios like this when they happen.

Also at work, I’m able to tell if someone who says they have to get off the phone is being sincere or lying to me. If they’re bullshitting me, then I’ll handle their objections (or let them off if that keeps on not working and I feel like my time is being wasted). Basically I have a bullshit detector in my subsconscious now.


Wow man, that’s awesome. Yeah I suggest to completely cuz booze, cons are more for you looks than pros. About pheromones, if you actually wanna increase your own natural pheromones I suggest semen retention/nofap. It’ll rise a lot, you won’t notice but once you go out and be around females they definitely will and with you running Khan, it’ll be something unique to experience and see the interaction b/w you and the women and see the difference of now and before. I’m pretty new here but learned a lot from reading the forums and I’ve purchased PCC myself with Ascension and Regeneration. Been couple days only but il be sticking with these 3 for the next 3 months. Then il see what to run after. Khan is definitely in my books but it’s something that il run probably close to 2021. I gotta heal from past traumas/blockages and get my nice guy syndrome wiped away completely. I also want to read people really well and develop alpha male traits and not avoid conflict anymore but actually stand my ground and confront whatever is in my way.

Because of my semen retention journey I don’t actively pursue any girls, relationship anything like that but if something happens then so be it. But I’ve made semen retention my lifestyle right now as the benefits are very great for me and is helping me with nice guy syndrome I got. All the best to you man and il follow your journey as well. Don’t give up on anything.


Much appreciated man! All the best to you as well.

Didn’t know nofap and semen retention had those pheromone benefits. I’ll have to take a look at thag. Any form of ejaculation with or without a girl tends to have me feeling off for a little while after.


Once you start semen retention look into Mantak Chias multi orgasmic man. He teaches how to have orgasm without ejaculation in his book. Also if you do Kegel exercises which is basically contracting your PC muscles (the muscles are when you’re peeing and suddenly stop, basically it’s Kegel exercise) that way even if you do have sex you don’t have to ejaculate you control but still have an orgasm. It takes lots practice however but it is something that can be done. Official name is Karezza or NEO -->non ejaculatory orgasm. That way you keep your energy up, go for longer sex sessions AND keep your benefits up and not bust everytime you have sex.


I’ll check those out! Thanks for the resources man, super useful info


I took a day off yesterday cause I didn’t on Wednesday. Reconciliation surfaced and was significant, I felt like I was operating at 20%. Got better towards the end of the day though. Today feels fine. I feel like I should be on ST2 for a few more weeks to a month. ST4 would be cool soon especially since I need to learn a lot for my job, but not sure if that would be the best right now. When ST2 feels smooth is when I’ll know. I also feel guilty for not taking as much action as I had been pre-lockdown. Don’t want to make excuses but it was a lot easier to take Khan related actions especially on the weekends.

Interesting to note for those interested in numbers and synchronities, I keep seeing the numbers 666 and 33… :thinking::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Also, after seeing recs from Saint, I’ve limited the amount of days I use my stack modules and am looking to space out the time in between ST2 and PCC. Regeneration will have to take a seat on a back burner or get its own special day maybe. Just don’t want to overload my subconscious with too much Q.

Part of me thinks that Khan’s women-related scripting isn’t the best thing to run during this weird time we’re in. But there was no way for me to predict everything that has happened. I’m on Tinder but I’ve also disliked it and how it’s designed for a lot of guys to thirst over girls. I’ll use it to my advantage or just drop it, we’ll see. I just hate seeing myself fall into a pattern of chasing girls who have unlimited options essentially.

That being said, Khan has been phenomenal for my sales skills so I’ll keep trucking on. Although I haven’t started the real fun money making part of this job yet (soon though), I feel like I’m already crazy successful and making a killing is inevitable. Can’t to wait to manifest this. I feel like it’ll be a crazy transformation for all areas of my life when Khan is all said and done. Already seen great improvements. Noticing that I have a desire to cut out people who are essentially deadweight and without ambition or goals, who just waste their time playing video games all day. Khan is probably a huge reason why I want to live solo next year.


Today, I did 2 loops of ST2 and 1 loop of PCC with about an hour break in between.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling super ungrounded lately. I know I keep talking improvements, but it feels like 85% of the time really I’m not grounded at all or that sure of myself (and those 15% I’m usually on the phone with clients). Looking back on it, those awesome moments were just short episodes in the grand scheme of time. Felt very unsocial at work. Talking with some female friends of me tonight I felt very unconfident for whatever reason. There was some tension with me and my roommates earlier as well. We kinda went back and forth. Looking back at it I was being an angry asshole for not that great of a reason. Could have handled things better seeing as I was the one made the situation tense outta nowhere. I’m not tolerating any form of bullshit it seems in Ev4 fashion though.

Feeling pretty lost. I feel secure and confident in my career, but… I’ve been feeling a little empty. I need to fix myself. As much as I like to tell people that I don’t need girls and that girls are all like this and female nature and so on… I know that deep deep down I currently hold girls on some sort of pedestal… like I need them to be happy or something. And I always want more and more. I am currently seeing one partner but I feel like I need more and more and more. I tend to do this with other things in life. This whole thing is not sitting well with me.

I know this is all reconcilliation and I hope it will pass. I need more action, but I’m even feeling lost on that end… ST2 is no joke. Toughest reconcilliation I’ve had on a sub so far. Maybe it’s the loops of Q? But I doubt it. I think it’s just ST2 doing ST2 things. Honestly I would love to switch and end this feeling, but this is the sort of feeling that leads to breakthroughs.

And on we go… (but maybe I should x days off as a break from subs, just in case)


We all do it, bro. It’s our social programming from TV, movies and commercials. Get the girl - feel like A MAN.
Imagine getting more than one woman and feeling great. Would that be possible?


typical nice guy syndrome…going thru the same shit!