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Exactly and a great reminder of why to keep running subs. We have been bombarded with social programming every day since birth. Pretty wack.

I wouldn’t say I have nice guy syndrome at all. I feel like these things aren’t mutually inclusive. I don’t use Nice Guy Game as some Hail Mary attempt to get girls.


I just realize how perfect your thread title is!


Less is more.

2 loops of ST2 yesterday and 1 loop of PCC today. Been having much better days recently. Things are starting to come together. I feel way more charismatic. My client pipeline at work is starting to build. Great successes are imminent. Let’s keep it going. :wink:

Side note: I’m revisiting David Snyder videos. Genius.


@i_am who’s David Snyder?


NLP Practicioner. Youtube him.

Switched to ST3 last night. I felt like it was time. I played one loop as I was falling asleep, but I forgot that I had the loop button turned on… Today has been a rough day at work, to say the the least haha.


This could be yesterday’s reconciliation talking, but I was thinking my next stage of Khan would look like the following:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Khan ST4 2 loops
Tuesday, Thursday - 1 loop PCC … break … 2 loops Khan ST1


I’m gonna run ST3 for the next 1-3 weeks and then reeavulate. Hopefully I don’t leave it on loop again cause that was not ideal. Felt a crazy amount of energy internally that was sexual in nature, but it was overwhelming to the point of irritability and anxiety. But this energy I could feel in my body, sort of like a body high tbh haha. Didn’t have a successful day at work relative to what I was doing before. Went to lunch though, cute girl with cute accent walks by. Got cold feet, was upset. So chatted up female worker mopping the floor, instantly felt better and felt good internally. Khan salespage doesn’t bullshit, huh?

I was in the mood to meet up with a girl after work so I texted a few afterwards to no avail. Learned what I was doing wrong though. A lot of opportunites though for me at the moment with online dating.

Overall, today I feel great. Got back into lifting this morning. Yesterday though felt like what was in the ST3 description. The thing about manifesting situations that would cause the most growth and being ready to face those challenges.


Note to self: give me a month, I will be a beast. A lot of IOI’s today, but reconciliation + falling back to drinking + hesistation = frustration for me today. Yes I took action, but I still felt super ungrounded. I could easily beat myself up, but I refuse. I will be better in all areas soon. Potentially I could have hooked up with a few different girls; the initial attraction was there, but I got in my own way tonight. Signing off until I have something noteworthy to say.


I seem to be immediately aware and conscious of my mistakes. Reflecting on yesterday I am aware of what I was doing wrong. Ironically, ST3 gives me so much of a drive and I just want immediate results and I want them now. Either I go way too early for the close instead of letting the interaction ‘bake like a cake’, or I’m waiting a little too long.

The great news though, is that today is a new day. And everyday I learn and improve.


These past few weeks I have been constistently been one of the top performers for the recent hiring classes. I’m saying top 3-5 consistently even when considering those who have been working 3-6 months longer than I have. For comparison, back in March when lockdown started and when I still on ST1, I was near the bottom for my class. Now I’m easily top of my class. Performance in my line of work doesn’t translate to immediate liquid $$, but it WILL translate and flow in the next few months. I have been constantly been praised by my bosses and my peers. My colleagues know because my bosses send us daily email reviews and CC all of us. PCC kicking in now. “Never outshine the master.” I’d rather move in silence. Although all my colleagues seem pretty laid-back, cool, and similar to me, you never know who’s lurking in the back, jealous. Then again, this recognition could serve me well in the future if I keep it up.

Thinking about creating two customs in the future. A general alpha, healing custom. No idea about the cores but I do know a lot of healing modules. Blue Skies, Februus, etc. Maybe some wealth like Debt Annihilator. If it wasn’t for my disgusting amount of student loans I wouldn’t care at all about $$ tbh.

Second custom is gonna be a Boxing, Muay Thai, Emperor Fitness ST4 custom with a bunch of physical changing modules. Super stoked about that one. Maybe Spartan instead of Boxing but we’ll see.

I was doing Khan ST4 about 2 loops. Decided to add in EQ this week to experiment. It could be reconcilliation, but it has hindered my sales ability at times. Sometimes though, the combo is actually beautiful and I feel super on point and did my job perfectly. But other times (the majority of the time tbh), l don’t feel like talking to the client. They tick me off. I get too dominant which isn’t good for sales. Maybe it’s reconciliation because ST4 and EQ are both massive. EQ skyrockets my confidence but I’m not sure if it’s for sales. I’m sure if I stuck with it it would mellow out, but I don’t want to risk it and not be the most optimal version of myself required for sales. Being too dominant and not super charming could lose a few clients here and there so Emperor will have to come later. For my line of work and my work hierarchy, maybe Ascended Mogul with Khan would have been better, but I feel like I should stick with Khan with as my major alpha program right now. ST4 is evolving my sales skills and social skills, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Still, I’ve had a strong feeling to reintroduce some healing for a few months now.
My next stage will be:

  • Mon, Wed, Fri - Khan ST4 at work (2-3 loops) and Regeneration at night (1-2 loops)
  • Tues, Thurs - PCC at work (1 loop)and Khan ST1 at night (1-2 loops)
    *Sat, Sun - Off

Pretty excited. Everyday I’ll be getting healing done and also getting some form of the Khan script in at the same time without overloading.


Ran a loop of Khan ST1 Thursday night before bed. And ran two loops each of Khan ST4 and Regeneration Friday during work. Work started off rough because of heavy reconcilliation. But got better as the day went on. This has actually been the story of my week. During reconcilliation, I have doubts about success, think about fuckups, and just don’t feel like talking to anyone or working. The plan was to run Regen at night but I had to run it during work cause the reconciliation was so bad and I thought it would help (it did).

Went to a small get together yesterday. Everyone last night was drunk and I stayed completely sober. Never felt the need to drink initially, and any urge that popped up I ignored.

My confidence was sky-high. My focus was on having fun, not on trying to get laid as it used to be in the past. Huge win. This was my state before all this lockdown shit, and I’ve returned to it. A big factor was definitely because I was sober. This was only my second sober weekend socialising since lockdown which is wack. I never drank weekdays but I would fall into old ‘party-warrior’ habits on the weekends. Before lockdown I was completely sober for like 3 months which was my peak form tbh.

Conversations were more dominant. Not overwhelmingly dominant, but definitely more in control and didn’t care what I said. At the same time, I was very tactical with my words and was never an asshole. Just felt free saying what I wanted. Before the gathering my friend and I went to a gas station because he wanted to get booze himself. I didn’t get anything myself but I was with him. The lady was being super super disrespectful about carding me too. After I gave my ID I let her know where to find the DOB because a lot of people have trouble since it’s still vertical. She again was very disrespectful (“I don’t need you fucking directing me”). Man, that ticked me off. Automatically and very sternly, I told her not to talk to me like that and she needed to chill out as I was never disrespectful to her. Silence on her end. I was absolutely raging on the inside but I was able to reel it in. Apparently, after I left she was talking shit “don’t bring that dum dum next time without an ID ready” which makes no sense cause I gave her one. Wish I heard that because I was so ready to blow up on her. Residual Emperor effects maybe.

Long story short, I was pushing comfort zones last night. I was talking to these girls I’ve never met before and I could feel and notice the attraction in the room. My social skills are way better so looks like Khan is smoothing out. I felt very in the moment, care-free, and comfortable and confident with myself. Keep in mind, I started my stack schedule above on Thursday. I hope to attribute the great results more to that than Emperor because my 4 day Emperor experiment will have to take a back seat for now.


Took a break Saturday and today. Definitely had reconciliation or regression on these days. Made a fool out of myself earlier. Some girls and guys I sorta know came over for a cookout. When I first saw the girls, I froze up pretty much and was super awkward. I gathered myself and came back pretty strong socially after for the next few hours, but I was nowhere near where I was on Friday.

Also, yesterday I was the watching UFC fights with some friends I know and I felt 70% confident.

Reconciliation? My theory is this is Khan ST1. I haven’t run it in months and it’s also the first time with the Q version. Hoping it’ll smooth out and hoping I’m not running too many programs.


Having a thought as I sit here running Regeneration. In the past, I would’ve played that awkward ass moment where I was a total weirdo yesterday on a constant loop in my head. All day and all night.

But I really haven’t given it too much thought, and I don’t really give a shit. It came up a few times, and I definitely cringed a little… but ultimately I was like “Meh. Time to do x, y, z.”


I am friendly when others are friendly in return, but I am tolerating zero disrespect and bullshit these days. And I’m also doing what I want to do instead of what people want me to do. If standing my ground makes you upset, then oh well.

^ In this regard, I am finally starting to feel like how I felt when I ran Emperor 6-7 months ago. Zero disrespect tolerated. I am not some asshole spaz, but I will happily give back what I am thrown. Still at the same time, I am more composed than ever.


Freedome from outcome. Getting girls is irrelevant. A constant need for sex is like a constant need for smoking weed. Chemicals giving your brain a high. I don’t want to be like a junkie searching for the next high. Now, I’m not condemning sex or banning it from my life by any means. But I just don’t need it. I could be doing a million other things. Everytime after sex, I don’t feel better or worse as a human being. I feel… the exact same.


Failure is necessary for growth. Embarrassment turns into triumph. Keep pushing.


Despite various circumstances, I feel complete and whole. Like I need only myself. The fact that I’m alive and simply being is enough for me. I am enough.

At the same time, my drive to crush it at work is overflowing. Like I’m actually looking forward to getting into the office tomorrow lol


Two very very interesting manifestation instances today. No way I can call these coincidences. First, today at work, talked to 2 of my coworkers and they invited me to start lifting with them. Later in the day, I rememered the convo and in my head I just played a generic scene of us moving some weight around. Less than 5 seconds after, they both walk into the office together and walk past my desk as I was on the phone.

And this next thing just happened 5 minutes ago. I was driving home and was jamming out to some music. This song reminded of a fwb who I hadn’t seen in probably 6-7 months as she’s out of town with family. In my head I thought of showing her this song because we both share a love for this genre of music. I get out of my car, walk to my room, open up my phone, and see that she just texted me out of the blue. She asked me what my plans were and where I’m living at. I’ve had 1 or 2 sporadic yet very short text convos since I’ve last seen her and it was always me initiating. Been well over a month since we last spoke.

I wasn’t trying manifest any interactions with either of these people. I just thought about something and something related happened.


More manifestation that just happened. I was gonna work on a specific client’s file tomorrow because I had a lot to do today. But I had some more free time just now so I figured “why not, I’ll start his file right now”. AS SOON AS I thought this, he randomly emails me the rest of his info/docs that I needed to complete everything.

I feel like a superhero with special powers or something lmao


Yggdrasil in action? Did you have that in your Custom, cannot find any details in your thread.


W. t. f. Once again, I was literally just about to call another new client real quick. I pulled up his name and number and everything. I just got a call from a co-worker that the client just called in and wanted me to call him asap.

I haven’t included ME or anything like that. This is nuts.