Power Khan Corrupt


No custom yet. Right now just running Khan ST4/Sanguine on one day and Regen/Khan ST1 the next. No ME or anything. Custom will be made in like Sept or Oct I’m thinking.


Experienced a decent amount of reconciliation lately. Was in a situation today where I was surrounded by a bunch of mutual friends including girls. There was internal resistance initially but I broke through. I naturally let a moment for me to initiate a convo happen and manifest rather than force it. After I broke through that uneasy feeling, it became super easy to flow and talk. I was openly saying whatever I wanted, and I believe I offended a couple girls there but me not caring but I really wasn’t trying to be an ass. I was just so blunt it came off that way. As I sit here I feel kinda bad (reconciliation? regeneration bringing up old traumas of me wanting everyone to like me? banking on my subconscious clearing and destroying those feelings soon) I was expressing myself so I don’t care. I caught a good amount of them sneaking some looks at me after so there’s that. Guess they digged it.

There was more of a shift and emphasis on me enjoying myself and having fun rather than trying to suck up, chase and impress girls. I feel like this aligns with my true self, but still, I felt I should’ve initiated way more conversations and going after it. Like there was something holding me back. I can do both: focus on my own fun AND initiate conversations IF I’m free from outcome and detached. I had the former down and still gotta work on the latter. Did initiate a few but not enough imo.

Takeaway: put my self in more social situations and let the alchemical process fully work its full potential. there are plenty of scenarios where I can safely do this and put myself on the line despite what’s going on in the world. Definitely saw improvement from the last time I was in a situation with the same group of people. Sometimes I feel like my social skills aren’t as good as they were pre-Khan, but then I realize that’s because my foundation is being rebuilt and reinforced and that in reality I’m miles away above where I ever was. Just gotta push through that reconciliation and realize I always bounce back even higher.


After a little more thinking:

I feel the most dominant I’ve ever felt. It’s not on 100% like some hardo but if I sense disrespect or some other bs it gets turned to the max. I feel like for the most part I come across as friendly to most people.

With girls, I am alwas teasing them hardcore, but sometimes I definitely need to calibrate and have some social intelligence and not go too overboard. But I’m just so blunt it comes out sometimes. I was contemplating if I was in some mini-Anger Phase. I’m not sure. I was definitely in some sort of asshole phase probably around 3 years ago and I was definitely overcompensating back then. I think Regeneration and Khan ST1 have brought back these emotions to the forefront as I might have been overcompensating tonight. It was definitely more simply me not giving a shit anymore of what I say (which is huge), but my internal monologue is telling me maybe I was overcompensating like I was 3 years ago.

It could be the reconciliation but I was forsure hovering towards ‘asshole’ territory. But is this just a label that I need to give myself because of societal conditioning? I was just freely expressing myself. Being too much of an asshole (which I don’t think I was) is never a good thing, but I also don’t want to be restricted by what others think. I just want to do and be as I please. So many internal conflicts at the moment.

The combo of Khan’s dominance + some deep emotional things popping up is an interesting combo right now to say the least. Like I said before, I absolutely need to put myself in more of these situations so the subs can truly do their work.

Edit: A kind user on here introduced me to some conscious clearing methods including bioenergetics. Just started that a couple days ago. Time to release some of these emotions.


On the job side of things, I’m absolutely crushing it. Number 2 performance wise on my manager’s list. Only one ahead of me is this girl who’s been doing this for a year and who has made an absolute killing so far. It looks like August is gonna be a huge month for me as far as $$$ goes. :wink:

Money isn’t everything, but when you have $100K+ in student loans to pay off, you’re damn right I’m gonna hone in on raking in big bucks and celebrate along the way.


hi, how many loops do you run per day? is that Sanguine ultima?


2-3 loops Khan ST4 and 1-2 loops Sanguine (just regular stacking module Sanguine) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And 2 loops of Regenerations and 2 loops of Khan ST1 Tuesday and Thursday.

I vary it up though. Today only doing 2 loops of ST4 and no Sanguine to give my mind a little break. Sometimes on Tues and Thurs I’ll throw in Sanguine too if I feel I can handle it.


Yesterday was a much much better day overall. I was charismatic, in the moment, and conversations were flowing. There were times where I was able to step back out of any monkey mind chatter and put myself back to being carefree. I was focused on my own fun for the most part. The day before must have been reconciliation or maybe I was able to release those emotions, because there was no over-the-top asshole in me yesterday. And I still said what I wanted. I was just a lot more fun, and my aura was a lot more fun as well. I made it a point to just be silly and did some random dancing at points (not new for me, but this was easily the easiest it’s even been especially while sober). No desire to drink infact I felt drunk even though I didn’t take sip despite plenty of peer pressure throughout the night. Plenty of IOI’s from the ladies too, and I did make it a point to initiate a lot more conversations and put myself out there.

I am still getting better and releasing some emotional things. Area of improvement, there was instance/conversation where I should’ve talked way less than I did and make more statement rather than ask questions. Conversation was still a win and she was definitely attracted. I was still more in the moment and direct the convo. All things considered, I was sober and my sober game growth is impressive. Should have made a move towards the number and been more carefree about perceptions from others though.

All in all, excellent day. I’d say a complete 180 from the night before (f u, reconciliation). There are times where I wonder if my stack is the best for me and if I should get a custom. Literally yesterday I was thinking a stack with Stark and Primal could be better. F that!

Push through the reconciliation (or take more rest), and stick with your stacks, y’all! I’ve been guilty of it way more than I’d like to be and there are valid circumstances, but I see it way way too often! Reconciliation, thoughts like ‘this isn’t working, I don’t feel as good as I did before this sub, maybe x will be a lot better’ is a trap! Literally, taking action is the most important thing ever. It gets cliche and preached over and over, but that’s because it’s true. And Khan has really made me understand. Before yesterday’s social situations, I felt super not social until I took action and started talking to people. Then a switch flipped and I was in Khan mode instead of whatever I felt before. Keep going, take action, and you will be thankful.


Started the Carnivore/Zero Carb diet on Saturday. My body doesn’t feel all that good, yet my mental is super sharp. I feel great mentally (physically not so much) despite me relasping on PMO last night. Usually that would make me not feel confident for a day or so. I will stick with this and get over the transition/adaptation hump. I’ve done keto easy many times but never this. Anyone with experience, feel free to share advice/tips/experience!


Core ideas when I get my custom:

Stark, Ascension
Stark, Ascension, Alchemist ST4
Ascension, Daredevil
Ascension, Daredevil, Alchemist ST4



A different variant of this stack’s experience is:

Emperor, Mind’s Eye, Power Can Corrupt


I love Khan. I’ve seen a lot of great results. But the focus is too women heavy. I already have girls I’m dating, but the desire to keep adding to that list is unhealthy lol. This could be reconciliation but this is genuine and not aligning with me. I know I control the subs but it’s not aiding me in regards to me coming back from work and reading a book vs. me coming home and jumping on Tinder for hours trying to get dates. Khan has done a lot of great. I’m at the crossroads where Khan is gonna deliver exponential growth and results. But not the results that are important to me. But the desire for more and more and more girls is not aligning with me. Pre-quarantine, absolutely. But my perspective has shifted on A LOT, and I realize that chasing more fwb’s is irrelevant. Focusing on spirituality is what I need to do, especially in today’s fucked up world.


Like it’s obvious this sub will help me become a Don Juan but it’s like I don’t even want that anymore. The line between ‘is this reconciliation’ and ‘these aren’t my true values’ is becoming blurred. I don’t want to stop because this sub’s full potential is crazy and I’m benefitting alot. But like I said, what good is getting girls when the world has gone mad and I don’t have the important areas (spirituality) of my life handled. When you sit back and think, obsession with sex and this hookup culture we’re in has been pushed on us by society for years. Man in his primal state got sex when needed but he was not swiping on Tinder everyday. He was getting shit done and surviving each day and building his tribe. My potential is greater and my focus should reflect that.


That was your stack? How was your experience?


Def not reconciliation: Looking back at one of my first posts on the forums when I was looking for recs, I remember mentioning not wanting to chase/obsess over girls. So I felt the same way back then. Pre-‘wtf-is-happening-to-the-world’ I would’ve probably been cool with this and having 311 f buddies. But now, I’m like :man_shrugging:t4::man_shrugging:t4:. Khan really is good for sales and helped me a lot. But it’s def not the only sub that can help with that.

Edit: 311 is not an accurate number btw hahaha. Someone asked if I was serious


Been running the usual stack. Finally was able to start looking at custom. Just started off adding everything that I thought would be awesome. 34 modules. Iol. I finally have it reduced to 26 modules. Gonna be tough to shave these off. I want em all.

What I have so far:
Alchemist ST4 (Core)
Asc Mogul (Core)
Blue Skies
Carpe Diem Ascended
Daredevil (Core)
Energetic Development XI
Growth Through Pain
Inner Voice
Joie de Vivre
Iron Frame
Lion IV
Negativity Displacer
New Beginnings
Power Unleashed
Submodel Alpha
The Merger of Worlds

It’s very over the place, but economically, buying only one custom right now makes the most sense. I want to cover a broad range of stuff. Main goals: spiritual development, healing, and being a smooth talker who can easily go with the flow. Planning on stacking with regular StarkQ. I wonder if I even need Asc Mogul as a core. Maybe Ascension or neither would be better.

Edit: Forgot to include Submodel Alpha. That one really intrigues me. A lot of use cases for that.


Took me two months to finally nail down what I wanted in just one custom, take your time and prioritize what you want to achieve personally and or externally over the next 6-12 months. Once I did that it became crystal clear how I should design my custom.


Thank you for this. This was the initial brainstorm. 18 pages of modules plus new ones coming out :sweat_smile: It’s tough being a kid in the candy store haha.

How did you prioritize over those two months? Wrote all your goals on paper and meditated on them?


Glad to help. Trust me I know you feel. I quickly cane to understand why others are buying and stacking 2-3 custom programs.

I physically wrote down the cores and modules I wanted the most, then the ones that would’ve been just nice to throw into a custom, then finally the ones I had faint interest in. I truly did take my time assessing why each module was a “priority” to have in a custom made subliminal. I kept asking myself why was it important to (or not) to have a particular core or module.

I payed attention to who I currently was and also my evolution over the past couple months, then envisioned my future self possessing certain qualities in alignment with the programs. Ultimately what I consider the most MUST HAVES are now within my custom cart in the Q store.


I will have the money next month to buy multiple customs so may have to wait it out. I’m definitely going to take the time to think tactically and across all angles. This is a bigger investment than the typical 34.99 and I’ve seen alot of custom hopping around here so I want to nail it each and every time. Just having this dialogue with you, I already have some better ideas of what modules I should include.


Custom hopping huh?..guess some just have the luxury