Power Khan Corrupt


I plan to make it a lifestyle :sunglasses:


Any must have modules in your opinion? :slight_smile:


honored you ask,

Male enhancement
jk :joy:

Generically I’d say results enhancers Deus/Omnidimensional/Overdrive/Pragya and Blue Skies

Non-generically I’d ask

What are your top goals?
Like what would you like to see transform the most in your life/self ?
or What result would you most like to have happen in the next three months of running the custom?


Pragya huh. I believe you said that module minimized reconciliation and helped with execution correct?

My main goal right now is spirtual development. Being that calm, grounded force that sees the bigger picture in everything. I’ve been interested in this for a while. I’d also like to develop my charisma and social skills further. I want to perfect my social abilities and consistently be that charismatic guy people remember. Khan was great but tbh it is too women focused for me at this stage of my development. There’s definitely a kick in the ass feeling if I’m not out there gaming women, but that is not the fault of the sub by any means. It’s just not what I need to be focused on right now. I’ve ran Khan and Emperor which have super dominant alpha vibes. I like some of that and don’t want to cut it all off, but I definitely want to cut it back a little. I’ve progressed in the dominant alpha dept running those two, but I feel like a Tony Stark vibe aligns more with me. At times, I felt like the dominant vibes were too much, but maybe that is just limiting beliefs I haven’t broken through.

Another big goal is to eliminate ALL my debt as there is a lot. I originally had Debt Annihlator but thought that debt elimination would come naturally as I work on other areas. The job I have right now will allow me to take care of all my debt in a few years so I feel pretty setup. I do not crave crazy wealth. At the same time, I do have a focus on money and that is for me to eliminate my debt and to FI/RE. Thinking about creating a second wealth custom or just run StarkQ alongside to take care of this aspect. Might take out all the money/wealth stuff from this first custom.


FYI, if anyone is wondering about Khan’s effectiveness in today’s climate, I do have a few dates lined up from dating apps. So all my time hitting up around 100 girls on these apps has beared its fruits :joy: My online/text game is much better, and I am confident in my in person game… but this is not what I want to my daily focus to be. I have multiple FWBs right now but it never feels like enough to be satisfied. I always want more more more. Whether or not I had any FWBs right now, I am enough by myself. These sort of things always sort themselves out and play to my favor anyways when I am completely focused on my own self, goals, and personal development. Let me tell everyone this: women, sexual partners, external factors, etc. will never truly fulfill or satisfy you. Fulfillment comes internally first and foremost. When you let go of desire and attachments, you are free. Ironically, that’s when everything becomes yours. I feel like I just quoted the Khan script or something.


Khan sounds awesome, really excited for when it’s time for me to run it.

haha :slight_smile: I could see that.


I believe pragya helps with processing, reconciliation. I NEVER get headaches anymore since adding my custom, I can run WAY more loops- although I have been pushing that more than healthy most likely

Honestly Ascension, Primal, and Alchemist Stage 4 would be perfect if you wanted to run a three core sub

It’s dominance but not excessive, sexual but not driven in the khan/ PS sense, and the king daddy of spiritual titles

Stark and Alchemist would also be a great combo for what your talking about

In either case, whether your do just an Alchemist core or more I would add debt annihilator, I’m always amazed at how specifically certain things at sub club just hit it right on the nose and this will likely not be the exception.


Surprised to see those three listed. I would say Alchemist ST4, Mind’s Eye Q and Ascension (coming in at a distant third) being the three spiritual cores.


I just meant Alchemist as the king daddy. Not the other two.
The other two were not there for spiritual purposes per say
they were there for non-over the top dominance and sexuality.
Although Primal appear to have a very daoist element to it-in love with life, in the moment, carefree,
I could see it as fuel for a spiritual direction, or spiritual in and of itself.


StarkQ alone has ALL of this. Try it solo first.
Then maybe stack Ascension, Mogul, or AM - as/if necessary.


Oooh Primal is very tempting, but Daredevil just seems so great too.

Mind’s Eye would make this great as well. Would really hone in on the spiritual aspect. Alternatively, could run Mind’s Eye major program alongside but that could be adding too many subs to the mix.

Actually just started running StarkQ solo 3 loops today and loving it so far. Less of a kick in the ass which is great. 3 loops gave me some reconciliation so maybe I’ll cut back to two. I was super productive at work and got a lot done. This one makes me feel good. I also ran Alchemist ST4 twice last night. You think StarkQ can cover all ‘alpha’ aspects in lieu of Ascension? Could add in Mind’s Eye or Primal for that dao/wu-wei element if I drop Ascension


My gut feeling is telling me Primal over Ascension for the custom. Now to decide between Daredevil or Mind’s Eye. Leaning towards Daredevil right now.


You’ve been on Khan which has DareDevil I believe, Stark has elements of DareDevil I believe,
I would go Mind’s Eye unless you plan on being extra social

Mind’s Eye super-boost anything you run it with, I’ve had to come off it due to some ‘unique’ reconciliation I get on it at points. But whenever I am on it everything in my life gets better fast, and my sub use is improved. It also really helps with clarity, thinking clearly and effectively. for me. I believe it has some elements of Quantum Limitless


Making me VERY excited to run my core of QLQ ST4 + ME. I’ve heard ME is a huge manifestation booster.


Very, very true. Perhaps Stark would be more than enough. Khan did help a lot although it felt very dominating. I’m in sales so my idea was to supercharge my social skills to the absolute max. Back in the day, I was never the guy who lit up a room or who was very charismatic or who could freely talk to people in the moment and just flow without worries. I’ve come a verrrry long way, but I want to absolutely embody that type of man. Stark + Daredevil sounds so tempting to me.

But Mind’s Eye sounds so epic as well. From what I hear from you and others, it sounds like an absolute essential to any stack. Results are probably mind blowing. Maybe I can run the major program but maybe that would dilute the stack too much to my liking. So Daredevil vs ME will take me some time to figure out.

What kind of unique reconciliation by the way? Talking to those machine elves? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Those both sounds like epice combos-perhaps Stark+Daredevil for a few months
and you can stack with custom QL/ME down the line. Obviously go with what calls to you more.

Machine Elves :joy: they told me not to talk to you :smirk: but there not the boss of me lol

Mind’s eye is designed to stop negative visualizations but during reconciliation on that or from that and other things, I would be imagining worse case scenarios for myself in a nightmarish way. None of it remotely manifested but it was …highly unpleasant to say the least. I was worried I would manifest it because I was manifesting positive stuff so quickly. It also just could have been my anxiety about that being reconciliation or the worry of manifestation and then got in an anxiety loop.

This was only a few time. I moved past it and then started experiencing some sinus/ear stuff whenever I ran Mind’s Eye and/or BLU… I seem to have moved past that as well, so running Mind’s Eye at least every other day now and very glad to be doing so. I think this are uniquely my issues, have not read anyone else having them, and wouldn’t worry remotely about anything like that.


:joy: this made me laugh

Very interesting Mind’s Eye experience. I sometimes have negative thoughts and visualisations pop up which scares me as well. I have manifested very positive stuff too but nothing negative. I am no LoA expert as of yet, but I like to think that conscious intent plays a huge role. If something spooky or some weird OCD-esque thought pops up when I am trying to use LoA, I consciously decide that I don’t want it. I still hate when it happens and hope ME can help.

I am waiting at least one to two weeks before finalizing my custom and stack. Gonna have to wait for that new Q pack to drop before making final decisions. For now will be running Stark. I want to incorporate Alchemist ST4 as well right now but don’t want to overdo it. Definitely had some reconciliation/irritability today at work.


haha always glad to bring humour.

Have you used Alchemist Stage 4?


I’ve used ST1 before for about a month. Really great, gave me a very calm grounded energy. I’ve used ST4 only a few times but I like it so far. Similar calm energy, increased interest in spirtual practice, noticed this morning while driving I sat back and thought about the connectedness of all people. And how in relationships we end up being matched up with people who we’re supposed to be matched up with. I was thinking like, “why ever be envious of other people? every one has their own life and it’s the way it’s supposed to be” Last (and only second) time I ran ST4 was Monday.


Taking the day off to let my mind process all these subs I’ve ran. Feeling a complete 180 yesterday. Great mood, feeling super social, way less irritability, etc. etc. Will be resting for 2-3 days from subs. I should probably make a new journal since I am no longer running Khan, but I’ll do that once I finalize and order my custom.