Power Khan Corrupt


Felt great yesterday. Just felt super productive and ready to do anything and get shit done. Felt super calm and confident. My walk was just full of swagger. Went out to get food with my mom and kept making eye contact with one of the cute waitresses there. Lots of subtle IOIs were had. Rest days are crucial. I’m taking today and tomorrow off as well.

A lot of interesting dreams. Really not sure if this is still processing from Khan ST1 and Regeneration (last ran these like 8-10 days ago) or Stark, but the dreams were all relatively great experiences. First impactful dreams that I can remember in a while actually. Multiple dreams all had to do with personal things. Well, I can’t really remember everything that happened but I do know they were all good experiences in these dreams.

There was actually one highlight from my dreams that was really cool. In one of my dreams, some weird monster, nightmarish thing was approaching towards me. I was viewing this from a 3rd-person perspective. Usually, this might have freaked me out, but immediately I snapped into a moment of lucidity middream and had a moment of clarity. I just intuitively realized, “this monster thing is a projection of my subconscious trying to defend itself against the changes that these subs I’m listening to are making. it doesn’t want to change so it’s sending this monster to scare me in my sleep.” (Maybe as I was sleeping/dreaming the subs were processing and making some real subconscious changes) I was lucid at this point and didn’t try to change “scenes”. I embraced the monster and this moment and just let it approach me. Immediately as I did this, the monster sprinted the other direction and ran away like it was scared and retreated! I felt a full body sensation of euphoria and dopamine immediately as well. Thought that was really cool to share.


Went out to pick up a couple things today. IOIs and hard stares from multiple girls. Haven’t ran Libertine U yet but can only imagine the effect that will have. Will start to run LU next week when meeting up with my FWBs.


Did another brainstorm of what I should put in my custom. … and now I have 38 modules in my cart. Yeah this is gonna take some time.

Here’s the list…
Alchemist ST4
Attachment Destroyer
Blue Skies
Carpe Diem Ascended
Debt Annihilator
Direct Influencing Aura
Divine Will
Energetic Development XI
Inner Voice
Iron Frame
Joie de Vivre
Lion IV
Natural Winner
Negativity Displacer
New Beginnings
Sphaera Magnetica
Spiritual Reality Alignment
Submodel Alpha
The Architect
The Flow
The Merger of Worlds
Transcendental Connection

Right off the bat, I realize a few I can take out, but… yeah, fuck


You won’t get everything you want in one custom

What I found helped
was to make a gameplan for down the road
and pick the must have for your now goals, and what your most drawn to.


Looks like I’m gonna be up for awhile. The goal selection won’t be that bad, but deciding between the nuances of certain subs (i.e. Natural Winner vs Overdrive) is already turning my hair gray


I don’t know this for a fact
but Natural Winner seems character based-like it becomes a personality trait to think like a winner
not get set back in the face of failure etc…
Overdrive seems like it’s manifestation and success based-like it works directly on having you win at the things your doing.


That’s the conclusion I came to as well. Leaning towards Natural Winner because of that. Overdrive does ‘make your subliminal endeavors more successful’, but Natural Winner may do that indirectly as well.


For subliminal success I would go with overdrive -it really does seem to put my subliminal success into ‘overdrive’

To experience yourself with a winners mentality and act accordingly I would go with Natural Winner

My guess:
Overdrive-you win and succeed at results more, almost like a manifestation

Natural Winner- you cultivate a winners mentality and character and win and succeed as a result of that


I want it all :frowning_face:

Sounds like you had some great success with Overdrive. I will have to give that a hard look.


Combining both may give you a 1+1 = 3 effect. A synergy, so to speak. It’s what I have done in my custom.


But of course YOU ARE going to pick this! :smiley:
What I recommend doing with the modules is think about your goals and what you find most important for now. In addition, when organizing your modules into <20 module groups, think about the story that you’ll be able to write from them. Chances are, if there isn’t a good story to write that connects the modules together into a cohesive narrative, then the custom is a bit scattered. One example is the story this subliminal tells.

The Capitalist King

You’ve started this custom, correct? How does this synergy feel? I’d love this, but there’s a lot of different areas I want to touch. Gonna have to reevaluate. Either way I go and whichever modules I drop (think I need to drop like 11 still) I know there’s gonna FOMO so I might as well just suck it up.

Still debating, but it just seems poetic at this point. Like it was meant to be.

Genius piece of advice, thank you. I need to dust off the old physical journal. The more I think about this technique, the more I know it’ll just work. Will definitely try this tonight!


It literally physically pains me every time I remove a module lol… Down to 25 now though. Updated list for anyone who cares:

Alchemist St4


attachment destroyer

blue skies

carpe diem



divine will


i am

lion iv

negativity displacer


new beginnings





spiritual reality



merger of worlds


transcendental connection



Why the change in profile pic? I liked the “i” for i_am!


I was in the mood to spice things up! I feel the Torus will better represent my Alchemist journey as well.


So, there are two cores, right? Alchemist Stage 4 and Daredevil?


Primal is in there too. Have also been thinking about Primal Seduction or neither. I believe that sexual/life energy aspect could be a crucial element though


:slight_smile: I know what you mean.

But at least it’s a choice between Good and Good. That’s always a nice position to be in.

true. true.

Alchemist Daredevil Primal Seduction.

Hits a nice range of centers. In touch with the earth and in touch with the sky.

looked at it again…

yeah, they’re all good. hahaha. no suggestions.

well my only suggestion is to continue posing it to your higher self and intuition. You’re already doing that. See where you’re led.


Have you stacked Alchemist & Khan Stage 4s?
I love it, and if you like it too, you could replace DD & Primal with Khan.


Those feelings may come from your other modules like Blue Skies, Spiritual Reality, Transcendental Connection, etc.

So, unless you have an extreme interest in doing spiritual practices, you can remove Alchemist from your custom. It’s a serious sub, not for feels.

By extreme interest, I mean you are already doing them - not waiting for subs.