Primal Diamond Dragon


Healing I think is a good priority!:+1::sunglasses:


Yes, the healing is beginning, my friend. It all starts in the mind


Day 3

I woke up and decided to just do 1 loop of the Ultimas. Like 5 minutes after my 1 loop of DU, I got a erection that lasted 10-30 minutes without any stimulation. I didn’t really notice anything else coming up today.


Day 4

Today, I felt like i can do 3 loops of DR. Im noticing that my mind is becoming super still and my lower back doesn’t hurt that much. Maybe that was were I was holding some tension and it got released.


Diamond Ultima nd Dragon Reborn together somehow reminds me of the quote in Full Metal Jacket.

Private Pyle, you are definitely born again hard ! Hell, I may even allow you to serve as a rifleman in my beloved Corps.


Day 5

Today I did 1 loop of DR. Nothing came up today, but i’ve been feeling good. From my experimenting this week I’m thinking this is what my stack will look like: Dragon Reborn (x3) Everyday, DU (x1) MWF, PSITU (x1)TTh, SMX2U (x1)MWF.


Day 8

Over the Day 6+7, two emotions popped up: anger and weakness. Is weakness an emotion? Looking back at it, I was angry at myself but it manifested outward. The answer did pop in my head today but it disappeared as quickly as it came. Today was an okay day.


how you feel or relate to what you perceive as weakness in yourself is an emotion.
My guess would be disgust, hatred, contempt, bitterness, or hopeless powerlessness-- if your anything like me on a bad day :slight_smile:


Now that you’ve said something. I do see that in myself now. Thank you. Everything comes back to the cerebral palsy and me not accepting who I am. I got a lot of work to do.


Day 9

Nothing major came up today. I was supposed to start working out again today. I’ll start working out on Thursday.


Day 10

As I was listening to SMX2U my temple was pulsing and then i knocked out for like 45 minutes. I had a dream about my ex but we didn’t do anything because I woke up. idk why I had a dream about her as we haven’t really talked in some time. Maybe it’s me wanting to reconnect?


Day 11

As I was doing pushups, I kept getting wrist pain. I think I hear Paragon calling my name. I really need to work on improving my wrist strength and start taking breaks from the computer/phone. While I was playing DR ultrasonic I saw flames on my ribs. I may start using the ultrasonic version more.


Def to Paragon for any reason.

In addition to that and general smart exercise I recommend this for wrist issues.
Its super easy to use and builds a strength and mobility over time that helps with recovery and prevention of wrist injuries


Thank you. I’ll check it out


Day 12

Today was a slow day. I wasn’t really on my computer all day. I think i’m going to try meditating again this weekend.


Day 13 (Yesterday)

I had this weird dream. Somehow I’m in prison, walking around until I meet this guy. He says “do you wanna get out of here?” I say “yes.” So we start walking through the levels of the prison that are separated by gates like the panama canal. After we go out, we go to his girls house. There’s another guy there from the prison. I still have my iPhone with DU on it (idk how). The rest of the dream is just me and the girl having sex while DU is playing. I felt some elements of SMX2U in there as well.


Day 14

Today was another rest day. All I did was clean up and watch Netflix.


I read in one of your post you mentioned body heat when running subs…
Why does this happen?


I would assume it’s because of me working on my energy. I just started in the beginning of December. I still do get those glimpses of fire when running DR ST 1.


Could it be the projecting aura?