Primal Diamond Dragon


It could be. This is from the description of ST1: If you are sensitive to energy, you will likely notice the powerful purifying flames of Dragon Fire coursing through your body.


Day 15

I find myself having an easier time getting up earlier. There are these changes in myself that I feel, but i can’t pinpoint them. I’m not too worried about it tho I’m looking forward to ST2: Dragon Blood. I bought Paragon. I’m just doing 1 loop today. I saw blue light spread out from the center of me. I felt movement from my right knee. My wrist and my left shoulder blade area are hurting. I wonder if Paragon can help with out-toeing.


Day 16
After my 1 loop of Paragon, I went to bed at 11. I woke up at 1:30 hungry so I drank a bunch of water since i didn’t want a midnight snack. I did have a big dinner. It seems Paragon was healing deeply.

Today I did 2 loops of Paragon. My ankle and right arm started to hurt 10 minutes into the first loop. I’m still deciding on how I move around my stack. I can always come back to the subliminal(s) I drop.


Day 17

I decided to take out SMX2U and PSITU. I felt like i’m not getting any use out of them right now. My day is going to look like this: DR(x3), DU(x2), PCU(x2-3). I have a headache right now so i’m only going to do 1 loop of paragon before bed. My headache seems to have gone away in the last 10 minutes of my loop.


I should’ve said the headache intensity went down


Day 18

I keep waking up in the middle of night since I’ve started Paragon. I think I’m going to try paragon earlier in the day instead of close to going to bed. Today I noticed that I’m looking ahead more instead of looking down. I think I started looking down at feet was because I felt I couldn’t trust myself.