Prometheus Rising


Everything is going as planned and I just ordered my reworked 2nd custom. Also in regular Q strenght and no healing modules.

1. Khan St4
2. DareDevil
3. Sex Mastery
4. Iron Frame
5. Power Unleashed
6. Dominion
7. Manipulus
8. Sultan
9. Dinasty
10. Productivity Unleashed
11. Gratitude Embodiment
12. Love Without Attachement
13. Joie de Vivre
14. Spiritual Freedom
15. Temptation
16. Alpha Body Language
17. Sexual Manifestation
18. Stress Displacement
19. The Flow
20. Trascendental Connection


As much as Id love to do Dragon Reborn, its a commitment Im not willing to take right now, because it take at least 4 months and I want to do it exclusively. Now Im busy making money.


Same here have other priorities right now, it would be nice to run it then start fresh with something else but the time will come


Yes! I have plans and they are working so no reason to change them.
The Dragon time will come at some point, for now it feels really good so Im only enhancing the process.


So this is the final form… I will listen to this for at least 3 months.

Agni Q:
Alchemist ST4

Direct Influencing
Intuition Enhancer
Negative Energy Transmutation
Divine Will
The Architect.
Energetic Development
Dragons Tongue
The Spotlight
Total Nonchalance.
Lion IV
Financial Succes Reality Shifter
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Secrets of Akasha
Secret Source

Prometheus Q:
Khan St4
Sex Mastery

Iron Frame
Power Unleashed
Productivity Unleashed
Gratitude Embodiment
Love Without Attachement
Joie de Vivre
Spiritual Freedom
Alpha Body Language
Sexual Manifestation
Stress Displacement
The Flow
Trascendental Connection


Today Im feeling some mild headache that might be reconciliation, nothing serious though. Im gonna take a nice shower and go for a walk. This weekend is resting time… no subs.


Custom is bad-ass.


Yes! Took my time to craft something really good.


Reconciliation striked today, Ive been feeling slow, unmotivated and I have a headache. Bursts of rage during the day.
I feel something very dark comming out and Im pretty confrontational with my girlfriend.
I feel like destroying something and at the same time I cant be bothered to give energy to anything.
I wish I could just sleep it off but the headache makes that difficult.


Sometimes I really wish I was single…


Had a pretty shitty night… Gf woke up as nothing happened and just wish her luck, she has a pretty long work day and didnt want to make her feel bad. To be honest Im angry as fuck.


I channelled my anger at learning guitar, Limitless is giving great results, Im more confortable around the neck, my hands are loosing their rust and getting stronger.
Playing some licks that begin to sound like music.
Theres a long road ahead but Im doing great.


I still have a headache and its giving me the vibe that I dont wanna be bothered by anyone… good thing I have the whole day to myself.


I feel the struggle is between all the sadness I feel and the part of me that wants to be strong. Strong in an unhealthy way, by denying the feelings that makes me feel week or inferior.


One thing I’ve found helpful in these times is to think back to those times I felt most in love and connected with her. My wife, I mean. Not your GF :wink:

Even if just for a few seconds, long enough to catch that feeling again…notice where in your body you first feel that feeling of love and connection…and where in your body that feeling moves from there, then how/where it moves next.

At some point, when it reaches the end of that progression, loop the feeling back to the first point, and loop it back through again and again, adding strength each time.

I know that doesn’t address the root causes of your anger/confrontation, but it does help be mindful of what’s really important and worth holding on to.



Went to find and release the root causes and then proceeded with the spinning you described so well.

Releasing the root cause melted the anger away, spinning felt like reconecting the love cables once again so it nows flows in my body, my chest is all warm and fuzzy.
Its interesting that when I found the root cause I just held the intention to heal, then I fell “asleep” and when I woke up it took me a while to remember what I was doing… I feel lighter now.

Thanks for the reminder!! :wink:


Well I asked the girlfriend when she arrived from work, because she was acting normal, if we were going to keep pretending like nothing happened yesterday. I needed to do it, it was eating me up inside.

She said yes because she was angry at me, like Im too happy, right?
I told her I was angry, because yesterday I listened to all her points about why shes mad at me, told her she was right, then proceeded to tell her why Im mad and then she put a wall, treated me like shit and went to sleep, left me talking alone.

She said that was a lie, that I never admitted anything and all I did according to her was to twist things on my favor and that she will never change her point of view, because shes right.
I told her I did admit my part and I did say it and Im not admiting not doing something I did.

Then she said theres nothing more to talk about, this is a really bad situation and we need stronger measures. I asked the obvious questions and she said… breaking up. I kept silent and then left the room.

While in the living room taking things in, I realized I was worrying about having to move out, and how this was going to affect me negatively money/bussines wise… that was eye opening, I wasnt worrying abut not being with her, in fact that was kind of a relief. I began seeing all the scenarios in which she has acted childish, manipulative, aggressive and the relief got stronger.

Now I went out for a walk and even though anything can happen, Im sorunded in a calmed, peaceful energy.
All things must pass.


The sheer amount of crap Ive taken, the huge quantity of things Ive left behind in the name of “love” is too damn high.


Today I spent the day by myself preparing for the “talk”, it went nothing like I expected lol
One of the things I did in preparation was to heal and release all the feelings of needing to change her and accept that she is like she is.

I guess thats one of the reasons Im in a state of calm right now.


Just for my own clarification, is this the same girlfriend you introduced to regeneration last year (I think it was last year)?