Prometheus Rising


The modules list looks pretty in-depth!


Pretty in-depth and rock solid.


Rock-solid GOLD!


Yeah!! :sunglasses::love_you_gesture: I like that!! I had this image of having a bright golden skin.


Well, definitely feeling the new custom, woke up with a major erection :joy::joy:

Had many dreams also, one in particular was interesting, once in a while I dream of a big 3 stories house, for some reason that house scares me, specially the top floor. For some reason in the dreams I have to go there, I avoid it a s8uch as I can, sometimes I dont even go.

This time it was different, I remembered I was supposed to be affraid but wasnt, went all the way inside the house, to the top floor and back out no problems.


That is phenomenal! It’s the same house each time?


I intuitively know in the dreams its the same house, even though it always look somewhat different and is located somewhere else.


I get the same thing with my house dreams! I also had several dreams about a sort of “shopping mall” type thing thing. Always different areas but it intuitively seems like the same mall.


Of course Im already done with the first loop of Prometheus today, after a quick rest Im now listening to Agni.
I have a lot to do this morning, so as soon as Im ready with Agni Im going to the shower. Its 7:30 am here.
I woke up at 6am fully energized.


Im seeing great improvement in my guitar abilities, Limitless is great, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to change it for Quantum Limitless, but adding a multistage while using 2 custom seems like too much for me.

Why change it if its working great.


South America?


Thats correct!


What I forgot to say about my dream is that usually the house I dream of is pretty dark, old, humid, with a hounted house vibe.

Last night it was totally different, the house was pretty new, clean, beautifully designed with wood, metal and glass. It had lots of light and fresh air, the vibe was that of a beach house… relaxed and joyful.


Oh boy! Im being tested and purified by fire! I have MASSIVE amounts of sexual energy going through me, the arousal is unbeliavable.
Im not horny, I dont have an erection, its an energetic perception.


I began drinking coffee in the mornings a week ago, the last 2 days I couldnt drink more than 1 sip, because my stomach really hurts.
At first blamed coffee, but rhen realized I was worrying too much about my future, where Im gonna live, where Im gonna work, how leaving my now ex girlfriend will affect me economically.

So I made 2 decisions…

  • Make a plan and take action
  • No more coffee

I talked with the ex last night and we discussed some plans and rules on how to do the breaking up.
I now have a place to go and where to work… I feel much calmer as things are comming to a shape.


All Seeing

Developing your perception and your senses will help you see things others miss. Not only will you be able to easily read others intentions, thoughts and behaviors, you will also develop more and more all your senses.

This Module is awesome! The part in bold letters is an accurate description of what Ive been experiencing.


Anything happening with your other senses yet?also ive got a technique that i always wanted to learn this will help out alot


@NinjaFox I havent tested the other senses yet, Im solving lots of stuff right now in my life. What I can say is I have a much clearer sense of inner guidance, a solid “knowing” of the steps I need to take, even though the “end result” aint clear… or should I say, Im not consciously aware of it yet.


Things are opening up and opportunities are arising. What seemed like chaos a couple of days ago, now its a clear path.

We talked today with my ex and finally express our views in a way thats understandable for both of us… she is accepting the changes and taking action instead of being stuck suffering the loss.

We have core value differences and neither of us are willing to give up what we believe is important in life, so moving our paths in different directions is the logical step to take.

I feel free and calm, in the way that only doing what you know is right -even if its hard- can make you feel.


All Seeing, Manipulus, Stress Displacement and Love Without Attachment, are working wonders to help me during this period of change and keep my goals in sight.

Khan is giving me massive sexual drive, but Ive been able to drive it in a good way.

Today my ex was clearly provoking me sexually and no matter how high my sex drive is, I just was unreactive. I didnt ask anything, I didnt comment anything, I just remained in my own thing. To be honest having sex with her now would have a huge emotional cost, I rather channel that energy into other things or even masturbate.