Prometheus Rising


21 days with the new Agni
8 days with the new Prometheus.

Already my life is significantly different and things have turned in unexpected ways… theres a lot more going on under the hood though.


Prometheus (Khan st4/Daredevil/Sex Mastery) feels so smooth and sexy, Im really loving it.

Plus this module combo is awesome!

Gratitude Embodiment
Love Without Attachement
Joie de Vivre
Spiritual Freedom
Stress Displacement
The Flow


What is Love Without Attachment doing for you?


Description from the Q Store:

Love can get boggled down by numerous beliefs, attachments, emotions. Use this if you desire a pure love, where you can easily let go if needed. Loving freely, without attachment, is the greatest gift you can give someone. It will also help you in seduction and in letting go of people, such as when a break up occurs.

Whats in bold is what I feel ocurring to me mostly… whats in italic is what Im aiming for.
Even though my recent break up after 3 years sometimes feels unbeliavably selfish of my part… thats surface level ego.
Deeper down I feel Im liberating her from someone that doesnt love her as she deserve as I open up space for someone new in my life when the time comes, to have a healthy loving relationship.

My ex wants to have kids really bad and she rejected that to be with me, even though I let her believe that was a possibility when we started dating, misleading her. Shes still young, she can fall in love again and have a family.
I dont want that.


I’m wondering if it also works on developing love towards others, similar to Blue Skies?


@Hermit It helps you get rid (at least in my experience) of negative beliefs about love and manipulation… so I feel it leads to a healthier way of expressing love, a more honest way of loving people, without expecting them to fulfill some list of expectations.
Wheter loving them means letting them go or letting them in.


Sexual energy has been flowing strong for about an hour, maybe a little bit more.
It starts between my legs, it feels like a spinning disc or a cone… in enters the body there and go upwards all the way to the brain and then back down, looping in a vertical way.

Its like my whole midline is a vortex of spinning energy.
It feels strongly sexual, vitalizing, energetic.


had a hard time falling to sleep last night, when I finally did, I had lots of dreams. I remember 1 in particular thats a recurring dream, I was walking the streets going home and playing the guitar… suddenly I realized that I didnt live in the same place anymore and there was like 3 other places that I could go, but wasnt really sure which one was home

I decided to walk to one of those and suddenly the streets are different, the stores are different, I cant quite recognize where I am

The things is in previous times when I had a dream like this, I felt kind of scared and confused. This time I didnt, this time I felt acceptance.


Listening to Prometheus right now, minute 20 and I already feel energized, calm and sexual energy flowing.
Feeling good!!


The sexual energy and arousal that Prometheus generates is so strong that its giving me a little trouble to tame it and putting it to good use.
The good thing is that it took me a little over a week to notice the phenomena and its effects, now Im steering it into a new direction.


Well talking about channeling the sexual energy… today I started lifting weights, my brother has a set and the experience, he offered to teach me while we practice together, so I did my yoga routine then some lifting. Im really tired right now, but in a very peaceful state.


Put the energy to good use, can help you solve done current goals in life


Also I did a lot of emotional release today, all related to my ex and the breakup, curiously enough this is the first day she doesnt text me at all. I take that as a sign that things are flowing in the right direction.


Thats exactly what Im doing @NinjaFox… it works awesome, like having extra fuel in the tank.


I woke up with a mild headache and some mental foginess, seems like I overdid it with the loops yesterday. Im gonna take it very slow today, maybe just 1 loop each.


I will drop Limitless at the 2 months mark (15 more days) and change it for my new Terminus custom, that I just ordered!


You listed out the module for this before?
Also what made you put it in terminus build?


I havent disclosed it yet… but its based in masculinity amd seduction, Im preparing for the future.
The reason for it being terminus is that Im gonna focus in my actual 2 customs… the new one I want to use it every other day or something like that, 1 loop. That way is gonna cook slowly.


Nice hmmm this is a decent strategy, was thinking about terminus 2 build but i figure deus in a q build would work better for me


I have never tried Deus myself, for some reason I always prefer something else. I wouldnt go Terminus² personally, too intense.