Prometheus Rising


Lol i had to find out that by trying my mind eye terminus wont say it intense the result where there just that it came and went, some week i saw the improvement others little to nothing
And to think i wanted to put deus in a terminus build
Deus is the module that ill be putting in everthing next year guess ill be testing it to it fullest capabilities


I’d encourage you to start with Q for your custom.


Both my customs are Q power… the next one is gonna be Terminus, but its only 1 core and its Primal Seduction, which Ive already used in Terminus in a much denser sub.
So Im confident I can use it, starting slowly.

Thanks for the tip though @RVconsultant


You are welcome. Yes please, start slowly.


My plan is start with one loop every other day.


:+1:Yes, caution. I’ve been more inclined to take rest days and use some modules every other day as well.


Yesterday I listen to my customs only till 2pm aprox… then nothing else, I pretend to rest till sunday.
I feel I need to process.


For some reason as of late, I’ve noticed this more as well. Taking extended rests. I wonder if it has something to do with DR, but I’m not entirely sure at this point.


2nd day of rest and finally begin to feel really good. Last 2 days Ive experience headaches, mental foginess and overall tiredness.
Today I began to feel good, gonna keep resting from subs till monday morning.


Funny how i feel extremely tired on the second rest day…no matter what i eat or drink doesnt help


Me too man, like I was beaten up or something, then the 3rd day comes and its awesome, usually I resume listening on the 3rd day, today Im taking an extra rest day.


I feel zombie like …
Im going to take a 3rd day rest and see how i feel.


Let me tell you, 3rd day is getting better and better!!


Saint posted this somewhere else, Im copying it here as a reminder that starting tomorrow, I will use this approach.
2 titles, 2 loops each… every other day.


I think it’s two ultimas though --or 1 ultima and 1 Q.

I’d be surprised if it’s two Q’s

pretty sure it’s Primarch Ultima and renaissance man Ultima


I think you are right I remember reading something about 1 Q and 1 ultima, but 2 Q is what I will use… Im not listening to any ultimas for the moment, Im focusing on my 2 customs.
Anyway my plan is to try out the strategy Saint uses and see how it works for me.


Yesterday I started a 30 day meditation, Im keeping the count here
Today was day 2/30


Another reminder of how to properly use the subs and the differences between overload and reconciliation.
Turns out I was overloading too often.


Agni Meditation day 3/30
Agni is a Tantric Self Initiation Meditation, not to be confused with my custom sub named Agni.


This is my third rest day and i got a headache lol so again rest days are a must.