Prometheus Rising


After 1 and a 1/2 months Im taking Limitless out of my stack and focus only on my 2 customs Agni and Prometheus, using the recomendations from Saint.

2 loops each, every other day. Im doing 1 loop each, early in the morning and 1 loop each, starting about 4pm in kind of an intermitent fasting approach.


Sounds like overloadā€¦ I was getting it often, so Im trying a new approach.


Im inclined to use an Ultima title like 3 times a weekā€¦ could be Elixir, could be Sanguineā€¦


Last night I was reflecting on the sheer amount of red flags I decided to ignore at the beginning of the relationship with my ex, just because I was needy for love, affection and sex.

I was boiling in anger and decided that I needed to accept the fact that I did what I did and that the past cant be changed. Accepting the facts is what leads to a better feeling, to a deeper understanding and that leads to healing and change.

I didnt remember doing the process of accepting last night till a couple of hours after waking up, I feel way lighter.
Last night a lot of repressed emotion and unsolved issues came to consciousness to be accepted and healed.


I did my first loop for both customs from 10am to 12pm, I plan to do the 2nd and final loop from 17pm to 19pm.
I did felt a slight pressure in the temples for about an hour or so, after the first loop. Now its gone.


Ive just started ā€œTrauma Resolutionā€ a 5 day trainning with David Snyder on video.
It looks interesting, specially the part about learning how to heal and release the root causes of disease.


Agni Meditation day 4/30
Day 2/5 of Trauma Resolution


Today is a rest day for me with the new listening schedule.
At some point I felt like I needed to listen some loops or I be wasting my time, but then the feeling went away and now I feel pretty awesome.


28 days listening to the new enhanced Agni Q
18 days since the fights that led to the break up began
16 days since I formally ended the relationship with my ex
15 days listening to the new enhanced Prometheus Q
10 days since I left home and Im living with my brother.

You see, Ive been through pretty interesting and deep changes, which materialised on the outside pretty quickly.


Im on day 2 of Trauma Resolution by David Snyder and yesterday I released a huge amount of deep hidden emotional baggage.
Loneliness, anger, sadness and guilt mostly.


Agni Meditation day 5/30

Tantric meditation is helping me balance inner fire, sexual energy is much more in balance now.

Yesterday I had to go to my ex appartment for work, I was so sexually aroused due to Prometheus, that I decided to masturbate, so I was calm and non sexual when I saw her, that way I avoided any temptations.

Meditation is kicking in and Im able to manage my sexual energy better and channel it to other purposes.


Been meaning to start doing some meditation
You do any specisl type of meditation?


I practice Traditional Tantra, which has lots of Meditations, Pranayamas and Mantras.
Ive been doing it for a little more than 3 years and Im currently preparing myself to be initiated as an Agni Yogui.


I highly recommend Elixir everyday, no rest days. :slight_smile:


Im not doing any ultimas for now and Im very observant of my rest days with no subliminal input at all.
Elixir is such a great sub and Im definitely using it in the future, for now Im taking care of deep seated trauma and physical pain with Hypnosis.


Awesome. DR will be interesting.


Yeah indeed! Im planning my DR trip to start somewhere around march.


Iā€™m taking DR ST1 for a test drive.


Yesterday I recieved my new custom, tested it for a couple of loops and today is rest day.

Build Strength: Terminus
Primal Seduction
Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
Emperorā€™s Voice
Sexual Manifestation
Sexiness Unbound
Physicality Shifter
Long-Range Seduction
Instant Spark
Instant Seducing Tactician
Gorgeous Manifestor
Focused Arousal
Seducerā€™s Gaze
Prevent Premature Ejaculation.
Lion IV
Dragon Tongue
Alpha Body Language
Male Enhancement


Yesterday after the first loop of my new custom, my ex texted me saying that she misses me a lot. I took my time to respond saying that she will get over it eventually.
The shen started saying that Im acting so cold like I dont have any feelings, now that cant be true cause in that very moment I felt something, I felt pissed off!!

I told her that I dont appreciate being judge or criticized and that I was angry, that the conversation was over.

She said ok and then blocked meā€¦ whatever it takes to be left alone to be honest, we broke up, I dont want to know about her day and most certainly I dont want her judgementā€¦ thats one of the main reasons I left, being judged negatively for being me and behaving like me, instead of what she expected me to be/do was always a pain.