Prometheus Rising


Agni Meditation day 6/30
Trauma Resolution day 3/5

I havent been able to watch Trauma resolution 1 day of videos everyday, mainly because I still have work to do and other chores, but I do as much as I can. Even though theres not much new stuff for me till the moment, its great to remember and refresh stuff that I know but I havent been using as much and regain love for those tools.

On the innerwork side of things, the trainning is very potent, the demos are strong and powerful for healing and I take time to guide myself though the emotional healing exercises.

I feel Im doing great!!


I had this realization… the more I listen to my customs and do the Trauma Resolution training, the less I really feel like doing Dragon Reborn.
The thing is I feel good about myself and about my ability to achieve what I want. I prefer to keep doing my customs for longer time.


I know its a little early to say something definitive, but this schedule of listenig 1 day on and 1 day off, seems to be working really good.
Lets see what the future brings.


Agni Meditation day 7/30
Trauma Resolution day 3/5 I will ginish day 3 today and maybe start day 4, otherwise I will start ot tomorrow.


My new custom is giving me dreams about very attractive, beautiful young woman. They are not explicitly sexual, they are more innuendo oriented.

The basic pattern is Im in some house and a beautiful young woman appears and we look at each other. She looks for an excuse to talk to me and I treat her as if we were in a relationship, with that calm security you have when you have been with a woman for years, that you know her deeply, but we are just meeting eachother in the dream.


30 days with Agni Q
17 days with Prometheus Q
3 days with the new custom Terminus (yet to be named)

Agni and Prometheus I listen 3 loops each every other day.
New Terminus 1 loop every other day.
Of course Im listening to the 3 sub on the same days to have full rest days.
The other days Im resting, which means absolutely 0 subliminal imput.


Ok, Ive just came with the name of my new custom… it fits perfectly with the vibe I get from it.

Wolfgang Q Terminus:

Primal Seduction
Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
Emperor’s Voice
Sexual Manifestation
Sexiness Unbound
Physicality Shifter
Long-Range Seduction
Instant Spark
Instant Seducing Tactician
Gorgeous Manifestor
Focused Arousal
Seducer’s Gaze
Prevent Premature Ejaculation.
Lion IV
Dragon Tongue
Alpha Body Language
Male Enhancement

The name is a combination of the Old High German words wolf , meaning “wolf”, and gang , meaning “path”, “journey”, “travel”.

Grimm ( Teutonic Mythology p. 1093) interpreted the name as that of a hero in front of whom walks the "wolf of victory".


What modules do you think are attributing to it?

And how is the combination of Khan + Daredevil working for you? What differences do you notice between Khan alone?


You know what… I cant really answer that question, its such a intuitive blend of modules designed to make me feel good, plus the raw sex vibe from Khan, Sex Mastery and Daredevil to some extent. Im unable to pinpoint specific modules.

I have never done Khan before, its my first time and went right in with st4, mainly because I have intense previous healing work and felt up for it. I wasnt wrong its been really pleasant, even when its time to make difficult decisions I still feel peaceful at the core. What I can say DareDevil makes me more social when I want to… mixed with Khan I feel at home with most people, every now and then I get someone who makes me feel insecure or afraid, but the first instinct is to release that and grow.


I am really loving this combo! Thanks for taking the time and writing such in-depth journal


Its an awesome combo!!!

My pleasure!! Feel free to visit as much as you like to and comment.


What effects did you notice from Secrets of Akasha - Wealth?


God your good with sub names.

Curious how male enhancement goes in Terminus
keep us updated.


Imagine how curious I am :rofl::rofl:


To be honest I had some money making ideas, but a little more than a couple of weeks ago I decided to end my relationship and all my energy got focused in that. Finding where to live, where to work.
I got the feeling that once Im stablished in a new place, things will blossom.



I’ll be sure to check back in frequently to monitor your growth on this thread


I feel I will definitely experience huge growth… im my life :joy::joy:


I bookmarked this module list for reference because it’s VERY close to a custom I figured I’d run if I were single :smiley: I wanna see what cums (lol) from this custom


Agni meditation day 8/30
Trauma Resolution day 4/5

Ive experienced 5 full regression sessions designed to banish and heal trauma from the root, in the last 2 days and I feel fucking good… very light and happy. Trauma Resolution is very good.


Agni Meditation day 9/30
Trauma Resolution day 5/5

I reorganized my listening schedule a little bit…

Im listening Agni and Prometheus 3 loops each, every other day and Wolfgang Terminus 1 loop, every other day.

Like this:

Day 1:
-8am/10am 1 loop Agni, then 1 loop Prometheus.
-14pm/16pm 1 loop Agni, then 1 loop Prometheus
-20pm/22pm 1 loop Agni, then 1 loop Prometheus.
Day 2:
Rest all day till 10 pm and then 1 loop of Wolfgang.
That gives me exactly 24 hours rest between day 1 and day 2.
Day 3: repeat day 1
That gives me about 9 hours rest between day 2 and day 3.
Day 4: repeat day 2.
24 more hours of processing and rest.

I prefer it this way, it gives me lots of processing time and I dont have to run 3 titles on the same day, which is a little taxing for my brain.