Prometheus Rising


Well Ive finished Trauma Resolution, did all the exercises more than once, some of them many times until I reached the desired result.
I now feel like a new man! Ive found a new level of inner peace and calmness.

The ground for my subs is now 10 times more fertile.

“Good things flows easily to me”.
“Easy comes… easily grows”.


Agni Meditation day 10/30

Last night I ended up doing more regressive work to release some stuff… lots of loneliness, anger and fear got released and I felt way more inner peace after.

Today I feel tired but very calmed, anyway today is rest day.


After a couple of weeks since I left home, theres been some times in which I missed my ex, sometimes in which I feel bad for putting her through this situation… but Ive been releasing those feelings and they are less likely to appear.

Most of the time I feel relieved, Ive had the oportunity to realize that many things that bothered me about her in our daily routine, feelings that I unsuccesfully tried to remove, were nothing more than symptoms, symptoms that I didnt want to be there anymore.


Agni Meditation day 11/30

Last night I had a dream in which I taked about the book The Serpent Power with somebody, I cant remember what it was all about, but I have the feeling it was important, like a revelation or an understanding.
Maybe I will read it again.


We went back to a semi lockdown 2 weeks ago… today the president will announce changes in that regard, the rumour I keep getting from different sources is that we will go back to full lockdown, from christmas to new year.


34 days listening to Agni Q
21 days listening to Prometheus Q
7 days listening to Wolfgang Q Terminus.

So far its been really good even though there are parts that are yet to kick in. Not in a hurry though, some things requieres more time.


Wow! Those are big changes in such a short time.


Pretty big changes, now that I read them again it feels great!!



Are colors brighter and sounds clearer?


Lots of relief! I feel lighter and life is more colorful…


Agni Meditation day 12/30
Today is subliminal rest day!

Ive been changing my exercise routine, Im lifting weights now, my brother has a lot of experience in that realm and his teaching me the basics.


Agni Meditation day 13/30

Today Im physically tired due to all the exercise…
Mentally Im pretty sharp, specially with clients in session, Ive been tranceing them out pretty quickly and very deep for some major life changes. Im really happy with the results.
Emotionally I feel clearer and calmer.


Trauma Resolution? Is this a program?


Yes @friday its a program by David Snyder… a very good one.


Emperor Fitness Supreme at the main store.


I have a custom with emperor fitness st4, I will use it in a while.


Agni Meditation day 14/30, almost half way in.

After a mature talk with the ex last night, I thought things were going fine, this morning she threw all her anger and frustration at me (on the phone) It affected me, but not even near of what it used to be.
I manage to keep calm, later she said she was sorry, the usual crap.

Every day Im happier for ending the relationship.

Lesson: when people try and fail to manipulate you, they are gonna call you selfish and cold. Im not cold, Im just not falling for the trap… Im selfish and Im happier this way.
Me first always! My mental/emotional well being come first, period.


So true just gotta leave that bag of problem where it is now. Dont touch it at all


Agni Meditation day 16/30

Last night I didnt sleep so well and today I have pain in one finger of my right hand, its swollen.
I feel its related to something I did yesterday, that unlocked some painful childhood memories.


Been having pain in my finger the whole day… Im not in the mood for deep dive healing right now. I took some analgesic and went to bed.

Out of curiosity Im listening to a loop of Diamond Ultima.