Prometheus Rising


Agni Meditation day 17/30

I really like Diamond Ultima, I gave it a listen last night, I didnt have sex or anything, I just wanted to feel it.
I believe I still feel it… line an aura of sexiness and sexuality.


Nice wanted to know how it was, by any chance you get the other ultimas with it?


Yes I got SM Ultima and PSIT Ultima… havent test them out yet.


Agni Meditation day 18/30

Due to some stressful situation that triggered the inflamation of my finger, Ive been thinking about how long sgoukd I live with this pattern of holding emotions in and let my body ache and swollen.

I think Im gonna run Dragon Reborn starting in january, I need to heal those patterns and express emotions in a healthier way.


I ran PSITU with Libertine V1 in bed.


For what I understand PSITU has Libertine Aura on it, Im gonna read your post later, now Im kind of busy.


Lol I thought you meant “in bed” :wink: not while sleeping… anyway very interesting dream you had.


I woke up feeling super tired and a little overwhelmed… mi finger still hurts and even thought Im supposed to listen to my stack, I feel like resting.
Ive already listen to 1 loop of Agni and 1 of Prometheus, but Im calling it the day.


Agni Meditation day 19/30

I didnt want to meditate today… it felt so hard to get out of bed… but did it anyaway, the thought of starting the 30 days all over again was fuel enough to move my ass.
I took a shower then went meditating… it felt really good and boosted my mood a lot.
I still have some brain foginess, but Im in a much brighter mood.


Really find sensing feelings in my body difficult. Every emotion seems to be in my head.


42 days listening to Agni Q
29 days listening to Prometheus Q
15 days listening to Wolfgang Q Terminus.

Time flies… I feel great again so in a while Im gonna listen to a loop of Agni and Prometheus.
For now the main thing I get from Wolfgang is a very sexual attitude… In the best possible way, not needy but quite the opposite, I feel like I ooze sexuality and Im really comfortable with it.


Agni meditation day 20/30

Today is rest day… I have a long work day ahead of me, but then some holidays!

Ive noticed that Im expanding my consciousness, Im more aware of the consequences of my decisions and also of my emotions. Dont know exactly what sub/modules is/are giving me this effect.
Anyway I keep working on myself to heal from the causes of inflammation. Ive realized that Ive been holding emotions inside in a toxic way and Im venting and releasing, learning to express what I feel in a healthy way.

Whats fun is that Im not using healing subs, but to become the man I want to be expressing what I feel in a healthy way is requiered.


I thought the book “The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan” by Dr David Perlmutter had helpful ways to reduce inflammation.


Would be cool to know the modules in your customs, @Joa. Maybe edit the first or second post in this thread to show those details


Thats a good idea @raphael … will do that after work. :sunglasses:


Ive heard about that book, maybe its time to actually read it :joy::joy:


@raphael I cant edit my first posts, but Im putting the details of my customs and their respective modules here.


Alchemist ST4

Direct Influencing
Intuition Enhancer
Negative Energy Transmutation
Divine Will
The Architect.
Energetic Development
Dragons Tongue
The Spotlight
Total Nonchalance.
Lion IV
Financial Succes Reality Shifter
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Secrets of Akasha
Secret Source


Khan St4
Sex Mastery

Modules :
Iron Frame
Power Unleashed
Productivity Unleashed
Gratitude Embodiment
Love Without Attachement
Joie de Vivre
Spiritual Freedom
Alpha Body Language
Sexual Manifestation
Stress Displacement
The Flow
Trascendental Connection

Wolfgang Terminus

Primal Seduction

Charisma & Flirting Automatic Mentor/Improver
Emperor’s Voice
Sexual Manifestation
Sexiness Unbound
Physicality Shifter
Long-Range Seduction
Instant Spark
Instant Seducing Tactician
Gorgeous Manifestor
Focused Arousal
Seducer’s Gaze
Prevent Premature Ejaculation.
Lion IV
Dragon Tongue
Alpha Body Language
Male Enhancement


Agni Meditation day 21/30

Had an awful night last night, I was in pain my hand was swollen and hurting a lot. I wasnt in a mental place to do some self hypnosis or even listen to something.
This morning I felt better but I still have lots of inflammation.

Next monday Im booking an acupuncture session.


put it in the ‘about me’ section in your profile was the solution I found.


I will check if that section accepts the hidden text code, thanks for the suggestion.