Prometheus Rising


just goes to show that the modules are doing there thing, hope later dream bring you some insight


Today we have “the talk” with my girlfriend, she told me she wants a baby, I told her I dont. Its not like we didnt know each other opinions about the baby subject, it that this time we actually talked about it instead of joking around.

Finally I told her that she needs to find out exactly how important having a baby is for her, because I cant see myself having one.
The talk went on pretty smoothly, but I cant shake the feeling that something got broken. Not necessarily that the relationship is going to end because of this, but theres a posibility that a break up could happen. Having a baby can be connected to core values and might totally change the game. Theres also the possibility that we can work things out somehow and grow as a couple.

Anyways, I believe this is the reason I wasnt that interested in sex lately and why she was, more than usual. You know you can feel peoples intentions unconsciously and react according to that information.

Its nothing personal with her, Ive always felt that Im not the kind of guy that likes to be a dad.


Its funny though that we had the talk now, after a month of Regeneration and Elixir, second day in the custom. To me thats a sign that this subject was a stone in the shoe for us in the relationship.

Now with proper healing we were able to talk about it.


Again crazy dreams last night and woke up about 3:45 am kind of disturbed by the dreams but to fed up to even care, went back to sleep.
My custom gave me crazy dreams the first time I used ir, so no surprises there.

Today Ive been feeling hopeless and insecure, so I decided to introspect, find and release the causes. When I was doing emotional release, both my arms began to shake strongly like I was having a seizure, specially the right one, then I felt something disgusting coming out of me and the shaking stopped.

Now I feel very relaxed and in peace.


Gonna listen to my loops of Limitless now, yesterday I finished the setup between my guitar, the amp emulator and the speakers and already came up with some amazing sounds.
Today I had a better setup idea thats more portable and high quality.


More guitar and Limitless for me now!!

On the girlfriend side of the story things are evolving in a deeply loving way, In posting later though, I just did my yoga practice and guitar is getting jealous.


lol got to make time for both, you learning new posses(is there any yoga base workout you plan to try)
and new songs(anything i might know)


I practice Ashtanga Yoga 4 times a week, about the guitar for now Im playing what comes out, chords and ideas while I recover the strenght in my hands, mainly Im focusing in rhythm.


Limitless is great, while I practice the guitar I intuitively remember scales and chords progressions, also my ear is fastly getting in shape and I can find out in which key a song is and figure out chords, nothing too fancy nor advanced, but pretty cool.
Like I said before, Im focusing in rhythm guitar for now.


look alight never tried it before

how is you recovery going?

its a bit like stream of consciousness


I have months of work ahead, but I can tell you it feels better than I expected, also it feels that is flowing faster.



On tuesday morning I started a Tantric Fire meditation and as soon as I invoke with the mantra I break a sweat, my whole body warms up in 2 seconds.
I got to do this practice every day for a month, if I skip a day, the month starts again. Then continue for 4 more months with rest days allowed.

Its a great sign that after I made the decision of changing to my custom with Alchemist, my tantric teacher calls me out of the blue, after 6 or 7 months to give me a new lesson.


Im taking the weekend off subs to rest and process.

Today with the lady we went trekking to the same mountain again, this time we went twice as far as the last time and we reached the next spot on the road at 1890 mts.

Now we are fucking tired but feeling really proud, we want to do this same road many more times in less time, until its not longer a challenge.


I havent posted this but since I started my custom I began seeing 1 and 4s combinations many times a day. 1144, 4411, 1414, etc.
A welcome message from the sub.


I feel really good overall, the feeling of being in the flow its there and to be honest theres a feeling that something is evolving, that changes are about to become noticeable.
I have seen some changes but I feel they are not in their final stage.

Im doing 1 loop of my custom a day and 2 or 3 of Limitless Q, that seem enough for me for the moment.


I had a couple of strong experiences this week in which I had the opportunity to keep my frame and demand respect.

I took both opportunities very succesfuly and whats better I felt good doing it. I didnt hesitated and I didnt let the other person manipulate me with anger, fear, nor with guilt.

One case ended up with an honest open hearted conversation which helped us resolve things, the other eneded up with that person offering me an apology.


Thats it, tonight Im doing a self hypnosis session. The goal is to go as deep as I can and do some DTI with the purpose of learning as much guitar as I can and make the process more dynamic, fun and pleasurable.
For the session I will be invoking Marty Friedman, Gurthrie Govan, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, each of those guys has/had particular set of skills I want to develop. In the session I will also use some fast learning strategies.

Tomorrow I will start a video course on rock guitar playing.


ok i want to hear how this goes, those are some big names, keep pushing


Well Im thinking looooong term here… anyway its a process I will be doing more than once, every once in a while.


feel like it will definitely has some effect on you subliminal benefits